2022 Opening Plenary Speaker: Mr Stan Grant

Stan Grant is a Wiradjuri, Kamilaroi and Dharawal man. An accomplished journalist, author and filmmaker, Stan has written multiple books and documentaries and was a senior international correspondent for CNN for over a decade. He is now Principal Presenter with Al Jazeera English, a Professor of Global Affairs at Griffith University and an International Affairs Analyst at ABC News.

Stan’s extensive experience in researching and reporting on critical local and global issues will see him deliver a powerful opening plenary at the 2022 NEAS Management Conference. We are now calling for abstracts from any interested speakers who are invited to submit their interest below.

Speakers: Call for Abstracts

Going Glocal: Embracing ELT Communities of Practice

NEAS would like to hear from business owners, managers, Directors of Studies, teachers, education agents, service providers and students who have engaged with communities of practice to enhance their understanding and experience of Glocalisation.

  1. What does glocalisation mean to you? How have you experienced this in your workplace or classrooms?
  2. What communities of practice have you engaged with in the last twelve months and how has this enhanced your practice?
  3. What can NEAS do to promote further independent, industry-led, specialist Quality Assurance in English Language Teaching and Going Glocal?

Abstracts close on the 19th November 2021

Communities of Practice (COP) in ELT

  • School Preparation (HSP & PSP)
    This COP is for ELT professionals who would like to develop their knowledge and practices in school preparation programs. It provides an overview of the key features of school preparation programs and provides participants with practical tasks to apply to their centres. Topics of discussion in this area include welfare and pastoral support for students and transitioning to receiving (mainstream) school education. NEAS endorses a number of high schools as Quality Centres.

  • Arts Based Pedagogy in ELT
    This COP is for teaching professionals who would like to embed the arts and drama into their teaching repertoire. It introduces the benefits of alternative teaching methods in the ELT classroom and provides participants with a supportive structure to begin their journey into the world of the arts in ELT. Topics of discussion in this COP include the power of drama in teaching, reflective self-assessment and professional development opportunities in this space. NEAS CEO, Dr Patrick Pheasant has a keen interest in this area and is passionate about integrating modern and unique teaching methods into the discipline of ELT.

  • ELT Qualifications
    This COP is for ELT professionals who would like to explore further study options and learn more about ELT qualifications. This area recognises the stages of the teacher lifecycle, promotes further study in the ELT field and provides an overview of the different types of qualifications available. NEAS endorses a number of ELT Qualification providers across a variety of areas.

  • Education Agents
    This COP provides ELT professionals with an overview of the role of education agents in student recruitment. Participants in this COP will learn the advantages of working with education agents in student recruitment and learn how to recognise and build strong relationships between schools, centres and education agents. Topics of discussion in this area include the agent/student lifecycle and best practices in working with education agents. NEAS Endorsed Education Agents are measured against Quality Area J of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework.

  • Research in ELT
    This COP is for ELT professionals who would like to learn more about research in ELT. This COP presents an overview of the benefits of engaging in research and provides participants with practical tasks to encourage and support engagement in research. Topics in this area include the continuum of research and the role of others within ones research. The NEAS Endorsed Master Practitioner badge is awarded to industry professionals who undertake an area of research of their own specialist interest.

  • Leadership in ELT
    This is for ELT professionals who would like to develop leadership knowledge and skills. This COP presents a number of fundamental leadership theories and provides participants with practical tasks and techniques to apply to their professional context. Topics of discussion in this area include leadership styles and team management, team development and self-management. All NEAS Endorsed ELT Professionals have demonstrated Leadership in ELT and are aspirational individuals in the ELT community.

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