A Transformative Journey: Quality Assurance in a Multi-Campus Institution

A Transformative Journey: Quality Assurance in a Multi-Campus Institution

Date: Friday, 07 May 2021

Time: 08:47 - 09:25


The journey towards quality assurance in a multi-campus institution is made more challenging by the nature of its context. How does the institution maintain a balance between standardisation and meeting local needs? This is a challenge familiar to CQUEnglish, the English language provider for CQUniversity Australia, given its four campuses spread across three states, in both regional and metro settings. A strong focus on quality assurance has enabled CQUEnglish to deliver sustainable programs that not only meet the need of individual campuses, but which have been resilient to the disruptions of COVID-19.

This presentation will provide an overview of two key aspects of the strategy adopted at CQUEnglish: the curriculum, which has been designed specifically to ensure standardisation while meeting local needs; and the continuous improvement framework, which incorporates student and teacher feedback, and assessment validation to identify team projects. It will then show how these two key aspects have enabled CQUEnglish to adapt to online delivery in response to the challenges brought about by COVID-19. The session will be of value to anyone in a multi-campus institution, from teachers through to directors, who will leave equipped with ideas to transform the quality of their centres.


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