Awards Ceremony

Awards Ceremony

NEAS will present seven categories of awards in 2021

Date: Thursday, 06 May 2021

Time: 16:30 - 17:00

Join us in recognising the outstanding accomplishments of ELT professionals and distinguished organisations.

1) Quality Provider Award – New Member (Domestic)
2) Quality Provider Award – New Member (International)
A recently endorsed NEAS member that has shown dedication and commitment to striving for quality in the ELT sector. Recognised for:
• Commitment to quality outcomes for stakeholders in each of the NEAS Quality Areas
• Demonstrating quality in their programs and services

3) Quality Product / Service Offering Award
An organisation that has produced an outstanding product or service as an offering to the ELT community. Recognised for:
• The product or service’s contribution to the advancement of education
• The product or service’s demonstration of unique elements and innovation

4) Quality Education Agent Award
An Education Agent that has provided an outstanding service to the ELT community. Recognised for:
• Outstanding results on internal and external benchmarking on reliability, credibility and quality

5) NEAS Master Practitioner Award
Individuals that have completed the NEAS Master Practitioner course. This program sets the benchmark for understanding quality assurance, using qualified research into English language teaching and demonstration of knowledge of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework. The course comprises a capstone project which enables the participant to apply quality assurance principles to an area of interest and specialisation. The capstone project submission may take one of several forms such as an essay, research project, an experiential work or a multimedia presentation.

6) 25 Years of Quality Commitment Award
25 years of continuous Quality Endorsement with NEAS. Each recipient has demonstrated their commitment to quality through 25 years of membership with NEAS.

7) NEAS Lifetime Member Award


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