COP Workshop: Leadership in ELT

COP Workshop: Leadership in ELT

Date: Friday, 05 May 2023

Time: 08:45 - 09:20

North Wharf

Presenter: Convenor: Mr Benjamin Carkagis

Presenter: Co-convenor: Mr Jason West

Presenter: Ms Sophie O’Keefe

Presenter: Ms Sharon Leslie

Presenter: Mr Iain Mathieson

Presenter: Ms Sandra Pitronaci

Effective leadership in ELT requires a combination of strong management skills, knowledge of best practices in language teaching, and a commitment to continuous improvement. In this session, the Leadership in ELT COP will engage in a panel discussion where members will share their experiences in leading and managing their teams. Panel members will also provide an honest and affirming discussion on how to be a professional ELT leader.


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