Enhancing Collaboration With Your Future Students via Transnational Education

Enhancing Collaboration With Your Future Students via Transnational Education

Date: Friday, 07 May 2021

Time: 11:25 - 12:05


Presenter: Jason West

True transformation of the self or the organisation starts first on the inside and works it’s way out. Transformation occurs when you change the way you think, because it’s the way you think, that changes the way you do! In education, simply teaching students to the test, won’t cut it. Our students need the 21st Century skills that enable them to manage complexity, ambiguity and the challenges of a changing world. In a multicultural, plurilingual world, students with the cultural and language skills, will excel as global entrepreneurs and global citizens. UTS Insearch has been on its own transformative journey, commencing with self-reflection, listening to our students and teachers, and observing the changing landscape in English language teaching. This session shares valuable insights into the transformation of our ELT Curriculum, so that we can prepare students for
success now, at university, and into their working lives.

When we started our curriculum review process, we initially thought it was a case of taking our existing curriculum and refreshing the content, a new version if you like. What we’ve discovered, is that the transformation required, has influenced many parts of our organisation and has required some serious introspection; how to bring all parts of the organisation together to deliver best practice (NEAS) pedagogy, through cutting-edge curriculum design principles. We’ve also changed the way we think about our curriculum, explicitly stating the learning outcomes for students, ensuring that these outcomes are met and enhancing the student experience. Specifically, this session will share the salient steps in our transformation, some of the key lessons learned, and offer advice to other educators, on how to approach genuine transformational change, through your curriculum.


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