Transformational Technology in Thai Education

Transformational Technology in Thai Education

Date: Friday, 07 May 2021

Time: 13:35 - 14:15


Transformation is difficult. The education system of Thailand is in transition, and individual universities are undergoing their own organizational changes in response to an evolving economic and demographic landscape. Students embarking on their educational journeys face daunting uncertainty, particularly regarding the acquisition of marketable skills and eventual employment; however, these same students also have access to unprecedented opportunities. In this highly unsettled context, Mezirow’s (1991) framework of transformative learning is a valuable lens through which to understand the role of disorientation, dissatisfaction, and experimentation in effecting meaningful change. This presentation explores the interplay between the reform of higher education in Thailand, the internationalization of a specific government university, and the transformative journeys of students enrolled in an English-medium liberal arts program within the university, emphasizing the ways in which managing crises can enhance sustainability. The students’ experiences are discussed in relation to transformative learning theory. For teachers aiming to equip students for their journeys, understanding the transformative potential of adversity is a key to fostering student success.


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