Raising the Profile of the ELT Profession

Raising the Profile of the ELT Profession

Date: Thursday, 04 May 2023

Time: 11:15 - 11:50

North Wharf

Presenter: Professor Tyrone Carlin

Currently Vice Chancellor and President of Southern Cross University, Professor Tyrone Carlin also held the positions of director at CPA Australia and non-executive director of the Teachers Mutual bank. Professor Carlin is key to the development and maintenance of the chartered accountant profession in Australia. Previously, as Professor of Financial Reporting and Regulation and DVC Registrar at the University of Sydney, and Co-Dean of the University of Sydney Business School, Professor Carlin worked closely with international students at Sydney University. Now at Southern Cross University, he continues to support international students on their career journeys.

Professor Carlin will discuss his views on professionalism, ethics and competitiveness within English language teaching (ELT), with emphasis on the importance of being an English language teacher in today’s economic climate. He will provide us with some insights on how the ELT teachers professional profile can be raised.


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