Mr David Hill

Mr David Hill

Founder, ELT Support


Regulation, Ethics and Quality Assurance

Wednesday, Event 2: 14:30:00 - 15:00:00


ELT Support: How you can innovate in your organisation

Friday, Session 6: 11:50:00 - 12:25:00


David Hill is founder and Principal of ELT Support, a consultancy based in Sydney that helps clients with compliance, curriculum, assessment, materials writing and more. He has taught in the UK, Turkey, Japan and Australia, and held a variety of positions including Director of Studies. He holds an MA in Applied Linguistics amongst other qualifications. He has for several years worked closely with NEAS on the NEAS Assist scheme. He has also written a number of coursebooks through the Pearson Australia, USA and UK offices and helps writes international exams for Pearson. An example of a recent consulting project was to help an Edtech start-up with a product that became a finalist in the British Council ELTon awards.

David is also a Quality Assurance Assessor for NEAS Australia.

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