Jarrad Merlo

Jarrad Merlo

E2 Language


How to Increase Student Engagement in Online Learning Environments

Friday, : 08:47:00 - 09:25:00


Jarrad Merlo is co-founder and director of teaching and learning at E2Language, NEAS’ first “quality assured” online English language school. E2Language is a purpose-built website for IELTS, PTE-A, TOEFL and OET preparation that includes self-study courses, 1:1 online tutorials, live group classes and various assessments. It registers around 1,500 new users every day. Jarrad is also extremely knowledgeable about new media; his YouTube videos, for example, have been viewed tens of millions of times and his channels have half a million loyal subscribers. Evidently, Jarrad has considerable expertise in how to build and market online language learning courses and how to teach English online.

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