Ms Melanie Macfarlane

Ms Melanie Macfarlane



The Role of the Education Agent as a Bridge Between Institution and Student

Friday, : 12:10:00 - 12:50:00


In Focus: Education Agents

Friday, Session 5: 08:45:00 - 09:20:00


Melanie Macfarlane is a registered and practising Migration Agent with over 17 years’ experience securing visas for migrants to live, work and study in Australia. She has worked with individuals, families and employers from small to large-scale businesses, all with the same common goal – to explore new opportunities and create a happy world, one migrant at a time.

Melanie founded MMMigration & Recruitment and VETA Education & Migration in 2007 and has since grown the company to offices across 3 states in Australia as well as Colombia, Chile and Mexico. She’s built a passionate, like-minded team who embody her positive values, setting them apart as leaders in the migration industry. From MMMigration’s and VETA’s vibrant offices to their professional service, the team reduces the stress and confusion from the migration process, ensuring peace of mind and positive outcomes. To date, MMMigration and VETA have helped over 10,000 people with a 99% success rate in helping migrants gain visas and permanent residence in Australia.

A migrant herself, Melanie was born in Freetown, West Africa and grew up in Vanuatu and Indonesia where her diverse circle of friends gave her a good understanding around equality and opportunities to succeed. Her experience as an English language teacher in Indonesia, an education consultant and a recruiter in bringing chefs over from Peru, has created for her a solid network, particularly in her focus areas of childcare, hospitality, aged care, IT, engineering and agriculture.

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