Mr Lucas Chiusoli

Mr Lucas Chiusoli

ILSC Education Group

ILSC Education Group is a NEAS Quality Endorsed Centre.


The Building of ELT as a Profession

Friday, Session 7: 13:50:00 - 14:25:00


In Focus: The Multi-Site Institution

Friday, Session 5: 09:25:00 - 10:00:00


Lucas Chiusoli has been working in the International Education sector since 2004. He is currently the National Director, ELICOS & Higher Education Pathways at ILSC, where he has the overall responsibility for the growth, profitability, leadership, and management of the Australian schools.
Lucas holds a BA in Business Management, Cambridge DELTA and other TESOL and Training qualifications. He is committed to professional development, having started as an English teacher and building to Senior Management roles.
Lucas’s background in business and his previous professional experiences have provided him with a deeper understanding of how businesses operate and given him the skill set to understand and address the needs of different stakeholders. He is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of challenging the status quo by successfully designing, presenting and implementing innovative ideas and solutions, and highly skilled at solving problems and managing projects in alignment with the organisational goals.
Lucas also serves on the Board of English Australia as an elected Director and Delegate for NSW, representing state college members and engaging with several industry stakeholders.
Lucas has a true passion for education and its ability to transform lives and empower people.

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