Ms Ashley Gan

Ms Ashley Gan


International Panel of Leading Professionals

Thursday, Session 3: 14:20:00 - 14:55:00


Ashley Gan is a Senior Teacher at ELC Malaysia, an English language institute with programs at University of Wollongong Malaysia, the National University of Malaysia and at its main campus in Kuala Lumpur. At ELC Malaysia, she collaborates with teachers to develop and implement strategies to improve educational experiences and learning outcomes for international students. As an educator with a multilingual and multicultural background, she advocates for diversity and representation in the ELT sector while also promoting inclusion in school culture and curriculum.

A teacher-learner, she is a postgraduate student in education at the University of Nottingham Malaysia where her academic research interests include language assessment, teacher training and materials development. She holds a PGCert in TESOL and a BA (Hons) in English Language and Linguistics.

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