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NEAS Quality Products & Services are high-quality products and services that benefit the ELT community. These products and services achieve the NEAS Quality Products and Services endorsement by providing demonstrated quality outcomes in the ELT community.

Endorsed Quality Products and Services further distinguish themselves through an independent Quality Review and a demonstration of aspirational standards in innovation and best practice.

Endorsed Products and Services are measured against Quality Area K of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework.

Ascent One

Ascent One

VIC, Australia




Easy Agent

A verified agent database that covers 3 levels of agent data: Global Head, Location Head, Counsellor. Data is verified quarterly to ensure the details remain up-to-date. Users can search agents by roles or other fields, the downloadable data is time stamped. Currently housing 11,000 verified agents across the world the data can integrate with current legacy systems.

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