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NEAS Quality Products & Services are high-quality products and services that benefit the ELT community. These products and services achieve the NEAS Quality Products and Services endorsement by providing demonstrated quality outcomes in the ELT community.

Endorsed Quality Products and Services further distinguish themselves through an independent Quality Review and a demonstration of aspirational standards in innovation and best practice.

Endorsed Products and Services are measured against Quality Area K of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework.

Guided E Learning (GEL)

Guided E Learning (GEL)

United Kingdom



EFL Blended Learning and IELTS Test Preparation

Guided e-Learning provides online blended learning solutions to EFL schools and IELTS test preparation. Our school platform, GELnet, combines detailed data analytics and content from Oxford University Press to deliver blended learning mapped to a school’s syllabus. Our GEL IELTS prep system offers comprehensive IELTS prep packages used by test centres and schools.

This service is available online.

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