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NEAS Online workshops are designed to support the ELT community in facilitating continuous improvement and achieving quality goals.

  • Free to NEAS members.  
  • Delivered in an online format and support ELT managers, teachers and professional staff in achieving their continuous improvement goals. 
  • Each course aligns with one of the Quality Principles in the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework. 
  • Facilitated courses feature a tutor and are open for one month.
  • 365 courses are open all year. Register any time and complete at your own pace.

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Assessing Against Learning Outcomes 365

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This workshop gives participants the opportunity to work with commercially available assessments to develop skills in adapting assessment tools for use within their centre.

Participants will be provided with the knowledge, tools and strategies to evaluate and design effective assessment instruments.

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Enhancing the Student Experience 365

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In this workshop, participants will explore the principles and features of systems designed to collect robust feedback that can help them add value to the student experience.

Participants will then workshop a number of ideas that they may be able to take back to their own centres and start implementing without having to spend too much time or money.

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Leadership in ELT 365

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In this workshop you will participate in an interactive course on effective ELT leadership.

The course will be conducted in a flipped mode. In this course there are four modules: The Library (Leaders are readers), The Café (Learning is social), The Playground (Learning as play) and The Assessment Centre (Formative and Summative).

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Strategy, Risk and Governance 365

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NEAS has launched a new self-paced workshop version of their recently released course, Strategy, Risk and Governance on NEAS Online.

The course includes interactive quizzes, activities, discussion forums and a chat function for real time communication.

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Welfare of Students Aged Under 18 Years

Date: September 30, 2019

Understanding the welfare for students under 18 is vital for any ELT professional working in a college that has underage students. This online course will go through Area F of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework to help ELT professionals understand important facts about quality welfare and explore concepts including:

Accommodation services
Welfare arrangements
Environment and supervision
Attendance monitoring
Online networks

Advantages of participating in this course will allow you to further understand the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework and explore ways to improve your facilitation of students under 18. This course is suitable for teachers, managers and administration staff.

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Online Delivery in ELT 365

Date: October 8, 2019

What are the essential qualities for effective online learning?

Aligned with NEAS Quality Assurance Framework H this online course explores a number of approaches business owners and managers in International Education and Training can take to understand and create a quality approach to their online delivery of courses

This course will cover such concepts as user experience, scaffolding technology and report integration. Participants are also invited to network and share their experiences in managing an ELT centre.

This workshop is open for NEAS Associate and full Members Only.

It is recommended to all professional staff and teachers who aspire to management positions.

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Administration, Management and Staffing

Date: February 3, 2020