NEAS 2024 Professional Development Schedule NOW AVAILABLE!

NEAS Professional Development (PD) advances the quality of the English Language Teaching (ELT) sector by:

  • facilitating continuous improvement
  • supporting ELT professionals to meet their quality goals
  • strengthening the ELT sector’s professional development capacity

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NEAS PD offers a range of online courses to build the knowledge and skills of all staff in the ELT community and is available to everyone.

NEAS Online: Core Courses

  • Short courses relevant to managers, teachers and professional staff in the ELT community, anywhere in the world

  • Aligned to the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework, NEAS Core Courses are modular and comprise self-paced activities including videos, readings, quizzes and tasks

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NEAS Online: Specialisations

  • Courses which provide specialised information and insights into an area of quality ELT practice

  • Practical information, skills and guidance in applying quality assurance principles to the professional context

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NEAS Online: Capstone

NEAS Master Practitioner in ELT (QA)

  • A specialist course for the experienced ELT professional who is working, teaching or studying in the ELT field and who would like to apply quality assurance principles to an area of interest and specialisation.

  • Enrolment is available to individuals who have completed all NEAS Core Courses and one Specialisation, are employed by a NEAS endorsed centre or are an associate member of NEAS. The course comprises the completion of a capstone project.

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QLS Workshops

  • Offered throughout the year in both face-to-face or online modes

  • Practical professional development in areas which align to the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework. 

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NEAS Webinars

  • NEAS Webinars provide an interactive space to explore issues and practices with professional peers in real time

  • The Toolbox Series shares tools and approaches to teaching, learning and assessment practices which build skills and knowledge in teaching and management staff.

  • The QA 101 Series focus on best practices in quality assurance and include support in applying for NEAS Endorsement.

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Missed a NEAS Webinar? Catch-ups comprising a video, accompanying slides and a quiz, are available anytime at


  • How much do the courses cost?
    Core Courses, QLS Workshops, Webinars and Catchups are free to anyone working at a NEAS Endorsed centre and NEAS associate members. Specialisations cost $29 + GST and the Master Practitioner Course is $325 + GST.

  • Are there any pre-requisites?
    Only for the Specialisations and Master Practitioner. Specialisations are open to anyone who has completed all Core Courses.  The Master Practitioner is open to those professionals who have completed the NEAS Core Courses and at least one Specialisation.

  • What will I learn?
    All NEAS PD courses provide information and tools to build knowledge and skills in areas which align to the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework.

  • Is there a time limit in which I have to complete the course?
    Enrolment for each activity is open for 12 months.

  • Is there a limit to how many courses I can enrol in?

  • Do I get a certificate of completion?
    Yes – once you have completed each of the course requirements.

  • Can more than one person from a NEAS Endorsed Centre enrol in a course?
    Yes, anyone from a NEAS Endorsed Centre can enrol and complete NEAS Professional Development courses.

  • Is there a Help Desk to help me?
    Yes, you can contact us at

  • How do I enrol?
    Enrolment is easy.  Go to

  • Where can I get more information?
    Email the NEAS Team at

“NEAS Online is a very useful tool to network and share ideas with other managers as we all experience the same kind of issues.”