Green on Green Course is now endorsed as a Quality Product / Service.

Wolston Correctional Centre on achieving NEAS Quality Endorsement of its Green on Green Course as a Quality Product / Service. The course is innovative and tailored to provide a distinctive solution to adult education and training in the penitentiary environment, extending beyond the traditional ELT ecosystem.

Holistic and self-contained, the course makes use of Peer Tutors, themselves drawn from the inmate population, to be trained and empowered to deliver classes without the presence of external facilitators. This is a pioneering scheme, and the opportunity is presented to develop the course further and expand its use in a wider geography. 

Congratulations Education Queensland International (EQI) on online course endorsement!

Education Queensland International (EQI) is the international branch of the Queensland Department of Education. Three EQI schools, Mitchelton State High School, Whites Hill State College, and Indooroopilly State High School, have formed a cooperating alliance during the ongoing border closure to achieve efficiencies in its online delivery. The alliance uses the same Learning Management Systems and identical curriculum. Teachers and students are shared. All three NEAS Member Schools benefitted from a Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) initiative to enhance the delivery and marketing of online courses.

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PEARSON Versant English Language Tests Endorsed as Quality Product / Service.

Pearson English on achieving NEAS Quality Endorsement of the Pearson Versant English Language Tests as a Quality Product / Service. NEAS Quality Products and Services benefit the ELT community by delivering aspirational standards in innovation and best practice. This endorsement covers a range of five English tests: the Versant English Test; the Versant Writing Test; the Versant English Placement Test; the Versant Business English Test; and the Versant 4 Skills Essential Test. The NEAS Endorsement Committee was impressed with the products’ use of ground-breaking AI technology and automated test scoring. The flexibility of product application enables users to achieve efficiencies in cost and administration. The products are shaped by extensive research and development and supported through ongoing collaboration with independent international experts for validation studies and updates.

Congratulations to Victorian Institute of Technology (VIT) Melbourne!

Congratulations to: Victorian Institute of Technology (VIT) Melbourne for becoming the latest Quality Endorsed Member Centre, successfully progressing from Pending status. VIT completed its Quality Review after a series of onsite meetings and focus groups, led by a NEAS Quality Assessor. VIT is an established provider of VET and Higher Education programs with a compact ELICOS Centre, located in the Melbourne CBD. It offers General English, EAP and IELTS Preparation courses; most of its current students hail from East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Benefitting from the instruction of highly qualified and experienced teachers, one student commented through an anonymised survey that: ‘VIT is a good learning environment with enthusiastic teachers’. VIT takes great pride in providing high value services to its students, and this is reflected in the structured manner in which the Centre collates and uses feedback from its leaners to drive ongoing improvements. VIT draws on the expertise of multiple governance committees in delivering excellent education and training outcomes.

TOEFL iBT Home Edition.

A message from a 2021 NEAS Management Conference Sponsor – ETS Toefl

In 2021, the ETS Research Division released a report on the comparability and reliability of remote proctored tests. The TOEFL iBT Home Edition was launched in April 2020, shortly after the global pandemic took hold. Several hundred thousand test takers have successfully undertaken remote proctored tests offered by ETS over the last year, which has provided the ETS research division with a significant volume of data with which to compare its test centre delivered iBT and its remote proctored iBT Home Edition.

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University of Queensland: Responding to COVID-19 disruption

You can register via this link.

Date: May 26, 2021

Time: 3:00pm

Time Zone: AEST

In this webinar, James Hourn, Head of Enterprise Sales at ReadyTech, will interview Julian Wilson, Director, Institute of Continuing and TESOL Education at the University of Queensland (UQ).

James and Julian will unpack some critical areas of discussion in the current fragile international education sector, including:

  1. COVID-19’s impact and how UQ is navigating through this period of change.
  2. How UQ aims to leverage technology and innovation in their regeneration plan for the next two years.
  3. Why UQ chose their current student management system, JR Plus (A ReadyTech brand), as their technology partner.

Julian Wilson

Director, Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education, The University of Queensland

Julian has over 20 years of experience, including the establishment of schools and colleges throughout in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Australia.

As Director of ICTE, Julian is strategically focused on developing the Institute’s capacity business scope, and human capital to expand and diversify operations to keep abreast of new developments within the dynamic international education environment.

Julian has held several leadership positions, as a director, head of school, and deputy principal of schools and colleges in both the domestic and international environment across secondary, tertiary and higher education sectors. Julian’s education includes a degree in Economics from Cardiff University, teaching qualification and two subsequent Masters Degrees in International Economics and Management at Warwick University in the United Kingdom and Massey University in New Zealand. He is also a recent Graduate of the Executive Leadership Program at the UQ Business School.

James Hourn

Head of Enterprise Sales, Education, ReadyTech

James Hourn is a senior business leader in ReadyTech’s fast-growing education business and has over a decade’s worth of experience growing and developing the reach and impact of technology solutions for both education providers and their students.

A former commercial director and business development manager with JobReady (a ReadyTech brand), James has advised hundreds of educators on student management transformation projects across the vocational education, international education and higher education markets.

As Head of Enterprise Sales for Education, James has been instrumental in ReadyTech’s growth in the international education and TAFE markets. His focus is on helping educators enhance student experiences and drive business results with future-focused technology.

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This webinar will be run in partnership with ReadyTech

FLEX – your new online content platform

A message from one of our 2021 NEAS Management Conference Sponsors – Copyright Agency.

As 2021 is well underway and the COVID-19 changes keep transforming the Australian education landscape, the popularity of online training programs continues with many providers looking to permanently integrate this element into their business. To facilitate this drive and assist your organisation in managing their copyright compliance, Copyright Agency has developed a platform called FLEX – a cloud-based library that makes using third party book and journal excerpts under the Statutory Education Licence easier and faster.

Your organisation has an obligation to comply with all relevant legislation, including the Copyright Act 1968. The Statutory Education Licence is a blanket licence under the Copyright Act that allows educational institutions including ELICOS providers to copy and share both hardcopy and digital third party text and images for educational purposes without obtaining individual approvals from the copyright owners.

The FLEX platform is automatically available to all ELICOS providers with a Statutory Education Licence agreement in place with Copyright Agency. Many educational institutions around Australia are already using FLEX to simplify the time-consuming task of preparing course materials each study period.

FLEX works with existing learning management systems and enables you to:

  • simply store and access your own book and journal extracts and use scanned copies uploaded by other providers
  • automatically check copyright compliance and quickly compile in a single, central location
  • access high quality digital resources directly from leading textbook publishers
  • easily assign content to students
  • receive detailed student engagement and usage reporting.

Find out more about FLEX here, and head off here to be granted access to the platform.
Not sure if your organisation is covered by the Statutory Education Licence? Check here.

Copyright Agency and FLEX will be exhibiting at the 2021 NEAS Management Conference on 6th and 7th May at Doltone House, Sydney

Congratulations to ACU English Language Centre

Congratulations to ACU English Language Centre on the successful quality endorsement of its two new online writing courses. Offering quality English language programmes in Brisbane, Melbourne and North Sydney, ACU English Language Centre provides a dynamic and supportive learning environment for students of all beliefs and backgrounds.

The development and use of these courses serve a collaborative project between ACU and the Pontifical Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies (PISAI), and embody the sharing of academic resources to build capacity in inter-religious dialogue. Initially purpose-designed for higher degree research students at PISAI, ACU continues to calibrate and enhance further this series of online writing courses, and develop them to serve PhD candidates at ACU and other universities.

This quality endorsement exercise was proudly supported by Trade and Investment Queensland, through a dedicated grant to NEAS.

Congratulations to English Unlimited Brisbane!

Congratulations to English Unlimited Brisbane on the successful completion of its 2021 NEAS Quality Review! In addition to it central location in Brisbane, English Unlimited also has campuses in Melbourne and Sydney. Students benefit from English Unlimited’ s modern facilities and its team of caring and passionate staff.

The centre immediately and effectively switched to online delivery via its Virtual Learning Environment platform from the onset of the pandemic, and students have since been integrated into national classes, where they engage with and learn from peers and teachers of the organisation’s three Australia-wide campuses. Even with the challenges of the ongoing border closure, English Unlimited continues to enrol new onshore students, often via word-of-mouth recommendations.

Working for an Endorsed Centre, English Unlimited teachers also benefit from access to the NEAS Quality ELT Professional Listing. To join the register of Quality ELT professionals, please visit the NEAS website here.

Highlighting the importance of real-life conversations

A message from the 2021 NEAS Management Premium Sponsor IELTS

2020 was a challenging and unexpected year as the pandemic forced everyone to work and study from home. Our days were spent staring at screens and speaking into computers. The longer the pandemic went on the more we missed our real-life interactions.

The year highlighted the importance of, and our need for human connections and experiences. IELTS reflected this in a recent brand campaign that focused on the importance of real-life conversations. Reaching 18 million people globally and inspired by stories of IELTS test takers, the campaign highlighted interactions that were part of their study, career, and migration journeys. Unlike other tests that rely on technology, IELTS Speaking test uses human examiners. The test mirrors real-life conversations giving organisations and test takers confidence in their English language proficiency.

As we move forward into 2021, there is hope that we will see the return of human experience through on-site learning, meeting with friends, and in-person events. No matter the outcome, IELTS will continue to focus on people having confidence in their English language and in doing so empowering them to have the conversations they need for their future.