Australian NEAS members benefit from bilateral co-operation with Ukraine

Ukraine Workshop Series(Live Webinar): Tuesday 18 April, 9:00 am to 10:30 am (Ukraine time)/4:00 pm to 5:30 pm (Sydney time). Registration: FREE. CPD Points: 6

English is a powerful tool. Generally accepted as the lingua franca it connects people globally in business, socially and academically. It is common these days for students anywhere in the world to be studying their chosen subject via the vehicle that is English – their second, third and sometimes fourth language.

At NEAS, we have students and education at the core of our focus and, as an Australian Charity and independent, industry-led and expert Quality Assurance provider, we are enhancing bilateral relationships between English Language Centres all over the world. Our Australian members now have an opportunity to connect and create meaningful partnerships with the ELT community in Ukraine. The Ukraine Workshop Series is in support of displaced teachers and students and is aimed at helping maintain the quality of English language teaching during times of crisis, while increasing and strengthening ties between Australian NEAS members and their counterparts overseas. This workshop is for strategic ELT decision-makers and teaching professionals in Ukraine and Australia. The Ukraine Workshop Series coincides with this year’s NEAS Management Conference, where the Ukrainian Ambassador, His Excellency Mr. Vasyl Myroshnychenko will be the Closing Plenary speaker.   

The workshop in April will be centred around trauma-informed practice and teaching, maintaining student and teacher motivation and mental health, and building resilience. It will be an opportunity for sharing teaching and learning innovations and quality assurance activities of High Schools, Vocational Colleges, Universities, and English Language Centres, that are either operating in Australia or Ukraine. This workshop is in partnership with GoGlobal, which is an initiative of Global Office NGO aimed at promoting language learning and the volunteer movement in Ukraine. 

In the weeks leading up to this workshop, NEAS will release pre-recorded presentations addressing the themes with presentations from keynote speakers from both countries sharing their expertise and practical techniques and the live workshop will be held on Tuesday 18 April from 9:00 am to 10:30 am (Ukraine Time) 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm (Sydney Time). The workshop will feature a live virtual panel with panellists His Excellency Mr Vasyl Myroshnychenko, Ambassador of Ukraine to Australia and New Zealand; Dr. Patrick Pheasant, CEO NEAS Australia and Ms Liubov Zaliubovska-Head of Education at GoGlobal NGO.

Making it happen (left to right):
Ms Liubov Zaliubovska, Head of Education at GoGlobal NGO; Patrick Pheasant, CEO NEAS and His Excellency Mr Vasyl Myroshnychenko, Ambassador of Ukraine to Australia and New Zealand.

February 2023

Speaker Spotlight – Education Agents

This year’s NEAS Management Conference brings us a lot of diversity with speakers from all areas of the ELT sector. This week we are throwing the Spotlight on Education Agents and those who work closely with agents from schools, colleges and English Language centres, as they all play a significant roll in bringing English language students to our Australian shores.

At the conference there will two discussion panels where there will be a focus on Education Agents and the importance of the work they do.

At the In Focus: Education Agents session with: Sylvain Lolley, Melanie MacFalane and Guaravdeep (GD) Signh, agents will talk about their work in helping students choose education institutions to suit their needs.

At the COP Workshop: Education Agents session, with Gavin Dowling, Shirley Sun, Youngeun Song and Leisl Bruhn who are from different education establishments around Australia you will hear insights into the importance of Education Agents and their important role in student recruitment.

In Focus: Education Agents

Melanie MacFarlane

Melanie Macfarlane is a registered and practising Migration Agent with over 17 years’ experience securing visas for migrants to live, work and study in Australia. She has worked with individuals, families and employers from small to large-scale businesses, all with the same common goal – to explore new opportunities and create a happy world, one migrant at a time. 

Melanie founded MMMigration & Recruitment and VETA Education & Migration in 2007 and has since grown the company to offices across 3 states in Australia as well as Colombia, Chile and Mexico. At MMMigration and VETA the team reduces the stress and confusion from the migration process, ensuring peace of mind and positive outcomes. 

Sylvain Lolley

In 2016, Sylvain Lolley founded Catch-Up Education and offer numerous education opportunities to people of all ages, backgrounds and origins. 

After more than 20 years in the Pacific (Tahiti, New Caledonia) in the marketing and communication sector, Sylvain joined the education sector by becoming Sales Manager for a French-speaking education agency based in Sydney, Australia. When he created Catch-Up Education in 2016, Sylvain already had a strong network of contacts within the industry. In 2019, Catch-up Education joined ICEF as an education agency and in 2020, Catch-up Education received the KISS Rock Award from ILAC Canada for the quality of its services to students and its involvement during the Covid-19 period. The same year, Sylvain received the Quality Agent endorsement from NEAS and Sylvain believes this distinction is a guarantee of seriousness and quality for any support agency.

Guaravdeep (GD) Singh

Guaravdeep (fondly known as GD) is the CEO & MD of Apply 4 Study & also the Representative of Migration Alliance, (Australian Professional Lobby for Migration Practitioners) for Indian Subcontinent & Australian Education Sector. I have been working in Education Industry for over 18 years & have rich experience at Senior level management, particularly in areas of HRM, Training, Migration Law & Marketing.

GD’s key areas of focus are global expansion, brand building, collaborations, acquisitions & mergers. Finalist at Australian Business Champion awards, winner of the Best Inbound Education Consultancy by Corporate Vision, AI Publishing UK, winner of CEO of the Year 2022 Skill India Business Awards, New Delhi India & an eminent Indian Australian entrepreneur figure in Global education space.

COP Workshop: Education Agents

Leisl Bruhn

Leisl is the Dean of International Students at Ivanhoe Grammar, which includes being the Academic Manager of the ELICOS Program, teaching VCE EAL and pastoral care responsibilities for the School’s international students.  Leisl began her teaching career in the East End of London and for the past 6 years she has held the very rewarding position as EAL Mentor for Ivanhoe’s VCE Offshore Programs which has given her the privilege of working alongside and sharing EAL teaching practices with highly experienced and professional colleagues. Leisl is also Convenor for the Education Agents COP at this year’s NEAS Management Conference.

Shirley Sun

Shirley was appointed the Head of St John’s International College in 2006. Prior to the Head of College position, she was the Marketing Manager as well as a teacher within the college, then known as Forest Lake College.

Shirley has been working closely with education agents for more than 20 years. Due to the age of the high school students, she has to delve deeper into the complexities of connecting the agents with the parents.

Youngeun Song

Youngeun is Principal Executive Officer of APC Education Group currently comprises English Unlimited and Australian Pacific College and is responsible for overseeing the operation and strategic movements for the group. 

Youngeun started her career in education as owner director of a childcare centre in Seoul, South Korea. Since arriving in Australia 2003, Youngeun has been taking on multiple management and executive roles in the international education industry for private ELICOS centres and Vocational Education and Training colleges. 

APC Education Group is a multiple award winning private education provider that has been operating since 2004 and currently operates 13 campuses on the eastern seaboard and South Australia.

Gavin Dowling

Gavin is Chief Operating Officer at Education Centre of Australia, responsible for university partnerships, marketing, admissions, sales, HR, IT and the colleges within the ECA Group. 

He has more than 20 years’ experience in the international education sector in the UK and Australia with significant experience in student acquisition, strategic management and leadership.

After an earlier career working in marketing agencies for a broad range of clients in London, he moved into the high growth international education sector in late 1990’s working for small and large organisations; consulting; and establishing and running two successful education marketing businesses.

March 2023

Four popping professional development opportunities in March and April!

Communities of Practice: Arts Based Pedagogy 

This COP workshop introduces the benefits of alternative teaching methods in the ELT classroom. Topics of discussion in this COP include the power of drama in teaching, as well as the use of drawing and puppetry. This workshop features NEAS’ own Dr Pheasant and Ms Lechte as presenters and over 30 participants have already signed up – it’s promising to be a day of valuable, hearty interaction!

Understanding the NEAS CPD Framework

NEAS supports and encourages Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and
earning CPD points through NEAS PD activities validates quality learning for teachers, managers and ELT professionals. Micro-credentialing for ELT professionals and how to access and share your online badges will be explained during this webinar too.

Ukraine Workshop Series

NEAS is presenting this workshop around trauma-informed practice and teaching, maintaining student and teacher motivation and mental health, as well as building resilience in ELT in times of crises. 

Maintaining resilience in students is crucial for their academic success and personal growth as it helps students to bounce back from setbacks, adapt to new situations, and manage stress effectively; to stay motivated, persevere through challenges, and maintain a positive attitude. Building ongoing resilience will enable students to cope with and overcome obstacles and succeed in their academic and personal lives. It is the foundation for a successful and fulfilling future, and educators should prioritise resilience-building in their teaching strategies.

Industry Webinar Series: PeopleCert

PeopleCert delivers exams in more than 200 countries, in 25 languages, through its state-of-the-art assessment technology, enabling professionals to reach their full potential and realise their life ambitions through certifications and learning. This webinar will explain how this assessment technology works and why it is so successful.

March 2023

NEAS Endorsement News

Congratulations to Duolingo English Test!

The Duolingo English Test is a fast and convenient way to certify a candidate’s English language proficiency for academic studies or professional use. The test is taken online, and results are available within 48 hours. It assesses reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, and is accepted by thousands of universities and institutions around the world. Since 2020, Duolingo English Test has been accepted by the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service.

NEAS is pleased to assess and endorse the Duolingo English Test in the category of Quality Products and Services (Area K). The Quality Principles of Area K focus on these features of the target Product and Service: its underlying research; its fulfilment of purpose; its processes for maintaining quality; its uniqueness and innovation; and its contribution to the ELT community. Detailed information on Area K of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework can be referenced here: 

 The developers of the Duolingo English Test publish extensively on their research in computer adaptive test-taking and engage widely with stakeholders in discussions regarding the requirements for security and psychometric quality. The clear benefit to candidates is the removal of barriers to test taking. The “take anywhere, anytime” ethos of the Duolingo English Test results in impressive time efficiencies, achieved through automated, adaptive selection of questions, tailored specifically to the candidate’s performance. 

 Use of AI to generate the test items is cutting edge. Subject matter experts leverage machine learning models to create a deep pool of items. As part of the question item generation process, all content is reviewed by a panel for fairness and bias. Test score reliability is checked through an analysis of repeat candidate results and an AI quality assurance system monitors each test administration. Ongoing research is undertaken to compare the validity of Duolingo English Test scores against major tests used in market. Test validity is analysed according to the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. It was notable that Duolingo’s Access Program waives its fees for eligible low-income and refugee candidates.

March 2023

Conference Speaker Spotlight

Joanna Kelly

Joanna Kelly is the General Manager, English at Academies Australasia, a publicly listed education group. Within that role she is running ELICOS operations at Discover English in Melbourne and Language Links International in Perth. Additionally, she is the CEO of Academies Australasia Polytechnic, a private VET and HE provider. Joanna has been the General Delegate on the board of English Australia since 2019. She has a comprehensive understanding of the core issues facing the international education industry and is an active contributor to submissions to government on policy changes. She is committed to enhancing Australia’s reputation as a preferred destination for international students.

Lucas Chiusoli

Lucas Chiusoli has been working in the International Education sector since 2004. He is currently the National Director, ELICOS & Higher Education Pathways at ILSC, where he has the overall responsibility for the growth, profitability, leadership, and management of the Australian schools. Lucas holds a BA in Business Management, Cambridge DELTA and other TESOL and Training qualifications. He is committed to professional development, having started as an English teacher and building to Senior Management roles. Lucas’s background in business and his previous professional experiences have provided him with a deeper understanding of how businesses operate and given him the skill set to understand and address the needs of different stakeholders. He is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of challenging the status quo by successfully designing, presenting and implementing innovative ideas and solutions, and highly skilled at solving problems and managing projects in alignment with the organisational goals. Lucas also serves on the Board of English Australia as an elected Director and Delegate for NSW, representing state college members and engaging with several industry stakeholders. Lucas has a true passion for education and its ability to transform lives and empower people.

Sarah Huaraka

Sarah Huaraka completed a Bachelor of Arts from Lyon University (France), a Master’s degree in Language and Literature from Reading University (UK) and a Master’s degree in Intercultural Management from SIT in Vermont (USA). 

Passionate about teaching and learning, Sarah completed her Post-Graduate Certificate in Education in 2003 from Greenwich University (UK). She has over 20 years’ experience in teaching and educational leadership, both in TAFEs and at University. Sarah has a strong interest in Foundation studies, Teacher Training and TESOL.

March 2023

DAY ONE (3 May): Professional Academic Manager Training

With only six weeks before the start of the 2023 NEAS Management Conference we are excited to highlight DAY ONE of the conference – Wednesday 3 May.

Day one has been set aside to focus solely on Academic Managers – new, emerging and aspirational. This special full-day Professional Academic Manager Training Workshop worth 10 CPD points, at UTS College, Ultimo, Sydney.

If you are new to academic management or aspiring to become involved in academic management, as your ELT professional career progresses, then this is the workshop for you! This interactive day will facilitate you with exceptional management skills and equip you with strategies to become a formidable, respected and capable leader. The cost for the whole day is just $175 (+GST) for NEAS members, $275 (+GST) for non-NEAS members and places are limited to 25 – so get in quick! 

To register, please complete the JotForm.

March 2023

Pearson PTE we congratulate you!

PTE Academic is a high stakes test accepted by the Australian, UK, and New Zealand governments for visa purposes. Australia’s Department of Home Affairs (DHA) accepts PTE Academic for all visa applications, including Permanent Residency, Employer-Sponsored/Work Visas, and Student Visas. There is also wide recognition of the test by Australian universities for study, as well as by professional associations and state government departments for work and migration. 

NEAS was pleased to assess and endorse PTE Academic in the category of Quality Products and Services (Area K). The Quality Principles of Area K focus on these features of the target Product and Service: its underlying research; its fulfilment of purpose; its processes for maintaining quality; its uniqueness and innovation; and its contribution to the ELT community. Detailed information on Area K of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework can be referenced here:

PTE Academic has undergone rigorous construct validity from the inception of the test. Three main features stand out as examples of best practice in test design. First, a regime of item writer training to a standardised set of item specifications is clearly evident. In addition, a comprehensive, logically sequenced network diagram is deployed to ensure that a detailed quality assurance process is maintained before test items go live. Finally, initial pilot testing is carried out to compare test scores of native and non-native speakers, which further validate the test. In both approach and design, Pearson takes great care in guiding test users and candidates. In addition, the reliability of scoring in the speaking component (human versus machine) is well-informed. The inclusion of expansive data sets to inform machine scoring is impressive. PTE Academic exemplifies a high degree of efficiency in both design and implementation, ensuring a streamlined product for industry stakeholders. All elements of the test can be taken online, both in an official PTE test centre or remotely via online proctoring.

March 2023

Read all about it!

Both at home and globally, NEAS has been engaged in a plethora of activity on behalf of its valued members.

On the home front we have been deep-diving into our 2023 – 2026 Strategic Plan to be discussed further at this year’s NEAS Management Conference. Our Member Engagement Strategy was launched at the beginning of this year 2023 and has produced independent, informative insights into the ELT sector’s wellbeing and integrity. Some areas of good health and recommendations for further nourishment have been identified and NEAS’ response is underway.

Within our ELT community at home, the COPs are thriving, and the QA Standards are being upheld via fruitful discussion. Don’t forget that you too can get involved and become part of any of the COPs, which you will find on the NEAS website here.

In the lead up to the conference, the free Ukraine Workshop Series scheduled for 18 April 2023 is coming together and elements of the Workshop Series will be released from mid-March. This is part of a three-pronged engagement plan in support of Ukraine and we will be meeting the Ambassador of Ukraine, His Excellency Mr Vasyl Myroshnychenko there as well as at the NEAS Management Conference, where he will present the Closing Plenary.  

Overseas, our NEAS CEO, Dr Patrick Pheasant, conducted Management Meetings and Onsite Visits to the campuses of the Australian Centre for Education (ACE) in Cambodia, during a recent visit in February that also involved Dr Pheasant’s speaking engagement at the annual CamTESOL Conference. NEAS was the proud sponsor of this year’s CamTESOL Conference, which featured presentations by local and international experts, researchers and teachers of English.

Next week in Bangkok, Thailand Dr Pheasant will be presenting at the Asia-Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE) Conference, which is being held in partnership with Mahidol University from 13-17 March 2023. At the conference delegates from around the world will share best practice and learn more about the innovative ways in which Asia Pacific universities are partnering across the region and with the world. Dr Pheasant will be presenting on behalf of NEAS together with AUN Secretariat Dr Choltis Dhirathiti and Mr Michael Faye from Asian Australian Education Dialogue (AAED). The theme of their presentation is Partnering with Purpose, chaired by Julie Wilkens McMahon, Regional Director (APAC),Times Higher Education, Australia.

March 2023

Congratulations to Australian Centre for Education (ACE) Cambodia!

An initiative of IDP Education, ACE has established its position as the premier provider of English Language Teaching (ELT) in Cambodia. Now operating six campuses (five in Phnom Penh and one in Siem Reap), ACE was the first ELT college in Cambodia to achieve NEAS Quality Endorsement. The Centres deliver a wide range of English language courses to students of different ages, from younger learners to adults. The campuses returned to face-to-face delivery at the start of 2022 and total enrolments have returned to 2019 figures. Approximately 25,000 students are currently enrolled, with some 70% being Under 18. The campuses benefit from active and effective marketing, as well as a strong social media presence. Drawing on 30 years of distinguished operations, ACE has established its reputation as a leading ELT provider in the country.

Congratulations to ACE on its continued growth and success!

March 2023

Conference Countdown – 7 weeks away!

NEAS Lifetime Member Award

With just seven weeks before the start of the 2023 NEAS Management Conference we are excited to throw this spotlight on the NEAS Lifetime Member Award.

The annual NEAS Management Conference sees the presentation of many different awards, but the most prestigious award is the NEAS Lifetime Member Award. Since its inauguration in 2019 there have been four, highly regarded recipients. They are NEAS members who have shown distinguished, meritorious, and sustained service to the ELT Sector and to NEAS and its Quality Endorsement and Assurance process in ELT. 

By popular demand we have extended this year’s Lifetime Award nomination period to 31 March 2023!

This award reflects the quality ideals that NEAS stands for and if you are thinking about nominating someone for this award, we would like to propose the following guidelines – they are by no means prescriptive, but that may help you nominate. 

For example, your nominee should have at least 15 years of English language teaching, leadership and contribution to the ELT community; a demonstrated impact (over time or distance) on building capacity, communication or advocacy by upholding the NEAS quality assurance standards; achieved something significant, such as a great outcome overcoming resistance or challenge while delivering great QA results; driven QA initiatives across multiple NEAS QA Areas, influencing significant cultural change; contributed to and/or delivered a legacy item for the ELT industry. 

Let’s not miss any silent achievers that we know of, in the nomination process! Legacy is one thing that you can’t buy but is important to many intellectuals and teachers who want to know that in the end ‘they made a difference’. 

To assist you in articulating reasons for your choice, you could start with: ”This life member has lived the NEAS values/standards by……”

To nominate your confidential suggestion for the Lifetime Award for 2023, please complete the attached JotForm and submit it by Friday 31 March 2023. Please note the NEAS Board makes the final decision on the recipient/s and all nominations remain in-confidence.

Remember, if you are coming in person, don’t forget to purchase your Gala Dinner tickets here, so that you can enjoy the entertainment, gourmet menu as well as the Awards Ceremony.

March 2023

Conference Countdown – 8 weeks and counting!

Speaker Spotlight – A Strong ASEAN Representation!

Our Speaker Spotlight this week throws the light on the International Panel of Leading Professionals. It is our great pleasure to remind you that  Dr Choltis Dhirathiti, the Executive Director of the AUN Secretariat who currently also lectures in Politics at the Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, will be presenting on The Importance of the ELT Profession in Bilateral Relations among Southeast Asian Nations and the Rest of the World at this year’s NEAS Management Conference at Doltone House, Darling Harbour, Sydney, 3 – 5 May. As an eminent speaker in this panel Dr Dhirathiti will be joined by Ms Pamela Arumynathan, a Senior Teacher at James Cook University, Singapore and currently completing a PhD in Education, and Dr Alexander Nanni, Associate Dean for International Affairs at Mahidol University International College (MUIC). Their discussion promises to provide professional insight into the ELT profession and the importance of global ties. 

With just eight weeks before the conference, our Australian members are starting to benefit from strong international ties in the ASEAN Region. 

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) University Network (AUN) Secretariat continues to collaborate with NEAS as the recognised QA body in the region. A number of ASEAN ELT centres are set to start engaging with Australia and NEAS, in Bangkok on 14 March 2023. While fostering bilateral opportunities in business for our Australian members and ELT centres in the region, this initiative will ensure high quality ELT delivery. As always, the NEAS Standards will be the backbone of all QA activity, and as ASEAN member centres become endorsed, they will become important additions to the NEAS network in a global ELT community. This benefits Australia in many ways, not least in terms of Australia’s global reach in its search for high-quality employees proficient in English. We are, together with you, building a truly Global Profession of English Language Teaching organisations and professionals.

Remember, if you are coming in person, don’t forget to purchase your Gala Dinner tickets here, so that you can enjoy the entertainment, gourmet menu as well as the Awards Ceremony.

February 2023