We are pleased to announce our special networking event at the Australian International Education Conference (AIEC) to celebrate the new Homestay Service Provider Standards: Quality Area O that we have co-developed with industry practitioners and stakeholders.

We cordially invite you to join NEAS Australia at AIEC for the:

Industry Networking Event for Homestay Service Providers and Stakeholders

Thursday 12 October at 12:30 pm

Booth #14

Should you be present at AIEC we would love to see you! – please be sure to register and join us by clicking on this link and inputting your details: 

At NEAS, the team would like to thank all stakeholders for their enthusiastic participation in the virtual workshops and in-person forum conducted between May and August 2023. These encounters led to the formation of the Homestay Service Provider standards Quality Area O. You are welcome to view early adopters here and the standards here.

NEAS is a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity. We recognise that some Homestay Service Providers may continue to be adversely impacted by COVID-19. In acknowledgement of these challenges, we are developing special arrangements for businesses wishing to apply for Quality Endorsement, that are not in a position to pay the application fee. Please contact NEAS if you wish to discuss a tailored solution to support your business.

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We look forward to seeing you at AIEC!

September 2023

NEAS at Australia-China Business Council Symposium (ACBC)

The Australia – China Business Council (ACBC) Symposium will be held from 24-25 October 2023 at Sydney Town hall. This is an Education/Tourism Symposium with a theme of ‘New Beginnings’.  The forum specifically addresses the unique needs of Chinese international students, Australia’s most important student cohort. Joining universities, there will be vocational education providers and representatives of the broader ecosystem as best practice is examined in addressing new challenges and providing a world-class education experience to Chinese international students. This year, a sub-theme will be Synergies Between the Education and Tourism Sectors.

NEAS CEO, Dr Pheasant will be moderating the session: Migration – Impact of Policy Reforms with representatives of the Federal Government, Brett Blacker (CEO, English Australia) and James Flannagan (Director – International TAFE NSW).



From 10 – 13 October 2023 Dr Patrick Pheasant, NEAS CEO and the rest of the NEAS team look forward to welcoming you to NEAS Booth #14 at this year’s Australian International Education Conference (AIEC)! 

Dr Patrick Pheasant will be convening a panel discussion with Katherine Olston (University of Sydney), Michael Bos (Moreton Bay College) and David Boycroft (Australian Homestay Network) on the theme: English language teaching’s role in supporting a quality international student journey. Thiswill prove to be an interesting and stimulating discussion as these expert practitioners take a deep-dive into this important topic.

September 2023

Industry Webinar Series

We are excited at NEAS to be announcing three upcoming Industry Webinars over the upcoming weeks on 28 Sep, 5 Oct, 19 Oct 2023. This is an open invitation to everyone to attend and please pass this information onto your mailing lists!

Our Online Industry-led Webinar Series with Cambridge, Duolingo and Pearson are open to everyone and absolutely free to participants. You can register for all or any of the webinar series and expand and update the currency of your knowledge at no cost. These webinars promise to be interesting, stimulating and informative as they showcase new and upcoming initiatives in the ELT sector. Select one or all of the webinars – whatever your preference – and register here.

September 2023

Update on NEAS Events Activity

The NEAS Communications Manager, Peetra Lechte, presented last week at the ASEAN University Network – Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) conference in Bangkok, with a focus on strengthening bilateral relationships between the ASEAN region and Australia.

With the theme: Driving True Quality in Education: AUN-QA International Conference 2023, the AUN-QA International Conference 2023 took place on 6 and 7 September 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand. This conference provided the opportunity to gather practitioners of quality assurance from around the world with a drive toward true quality in education and real innovative changes in Quality Assurance. With international speakers and experts, there was a plethora of excellent practices, experiences, and discussions. AUN-QA is keen for knowledge, practices and experiences to be accessible to everyone, as it encourages all universities, not just in ASEAN, but across the world to improve their QA processes and improve education quality for the betterment of students. 

NEAS wholeheartedly supports Quality Assurance both nationally and internationally and encourages all our members to seek international benchmarking.

September 2023

Times Academy

Congratulations to Times Academy on completing a successful Quality Review activity with NEAS.

Times Academy is attractively appointed in a high-rise office building and is centrally located near transport, food outlets and entertainment venues. 

During the quality review visit, teachers in the Focus Group noted that courses were “very well organised” and “easily accessible”. The support provided to them was also highly praised, with teachers describing management as a source of consistent encouragement and always open to constructive discussions. 

Students in the Focus Group and surveys agreed that they were happy with their learning experience at Times Academy. Students stated that teachers “explain carefully with details” and that they “clearly organise the topic of the lesson”. Students also advised that they were pleased with the technology used in the classroom. 

Assessment is both summative and formative and students were able to clearly describe the process. Students enjoyed the provision of ongoing in-person and written feedback by teachers.

August 2023

Endorsement News: Holmesglen

NEAS congratulates Holmesglen English Language Centre on completing a successful Quality Review Activity.

As part of Holmesglen Institute of TAFE, the Language Centre is well-equipped to cater to the needs of its international students. It provides a range of essential student services, such as the Information Office, the International Centre, a modern library, a bookshop and a cafeteria. Additionally, international students benefit from dedicated support services, including a student wellbeing office, a medical centre and a recreational area. The campus boasts well-furnished breakout areas and well-equipped classrooms. Staff also have access to a spacious well resourced staffroom, along with dedicated offices for managers.

Students come to Holmesglen English Language Centre from many countries including Japan, Vietnam, and Mongolia. In addition to the regular class timetable, Holmesglen offers students face-to-face support. Students can benefit from study skills sessions held in the library and facilitated by a designated librarian, which are available after class hours to further enhance their learning journey.

Holmesglen English Language Centre, situated in Chadstone, Melbourne, offers students a convenient and easily accessible location, with public transport connections through buses and train services. The strategic location ensures that students have access to various amenities, including cafes, local restaurants, and Chadstone Shopping Centre.

August 2023

Endorsement News: Nova Institute of Technology

Congratulations to NOVA Institute of Technology for successfully completing a Self-Assessment Activity with NEAS.

The Centre conducted its Self-Assessment against three key Quality Areas:

                         A: Teaching, Learning, and Assessment,

                         B: The Student Experience, and

                         C: Resources and Facilities.

Within each Quality Area, a comprehensive evaluation against all Quality Principles took place.

The Center has shown proficiency in developing plans for continuous improvement, with a particular emphasis on enhancing Quality Principles within Areas A, B, and C. This commitment to ongoing development ensures that NOVA Institute of Technology maintains its dedication to providing a high-quality educational experience for its students.

August 2023

Endorsement News: ILSC Melbourne

NEAS recently held a management meeting at ILSC Melbourne, further contributing to the institution’s commitment to quality.

Situated across from Southern Cross station, in Melbourne’s CBD the Centre enjoys convenient access to transportation, catering hubs, and shopping. The ILSC campus at 120 Spencer Street occupies three floors, with classrooms on levels 7, 9, and 16. The main reception is located on level 7.

The Student body is diverse with students coming from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, France, Spain and Turkey.

A commendable practice at ILSC Melbourne is the regular administration of student surveys. These surveys address various aspects of courses, classes, and teachers. Additionally, an exit survey is conducted for every student leaving ILSC Melbourne. These constructive surveys hold significant value as they actively inform and shape the ongoing development of the curriculum.

Promoting a well-rounded experience, the Centre features a team of Activity Coordinators and Pathway Coordinators. These coordinators curate extracurricular activities, both on-campus and off-campus. Moreover, they orchestrate tours of partner colleges and universities, enhancing overall student engagement.

August 2023

NEAS Endorsement News: CQU Sydney

Congratulations to CQU Sydney on Completing a successful Quality Review Activity with NEAS!

CQU Sydney, strategically located at 400 Kent Street, is dedicated to providing students transitioning to mainstream CQUniversity courses with the English Language Skills required to thrive at university. 

The campus is conducive to learning and provides spacious breakout areas that cater for student needs, facilitating collaborative learning and relaxation. A well-equipped open computer lab is also available for self-study. ELICOS students have the advantage of accessing the university’s extensive library where a dedicated section is reserved for ELICOS books. 

In line with CQ University’s commitment to supporting students throughout their academic journey, CQU Sydney offers a host of comprehensive support services. This includes on campus IT support and information resource on how to access support. Moreover, a dedicated office for the well-being coordinator provides students with a direct avenue for seeking emotional and mental support.

August 2023