American Learning Lab

NEAS congratulates American Learning Lab (ALAB) for becoming the latest Quality Endorsed Member. With a dedicated focus on teaching young learners in Vietnam, ALAB has partnered with global education company, Visang, to deliver English language programs to students aged three to six (Kindergarten English) and to students aged six to 11 (Elementary English).

With multiple Centres in different districts of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), NEAS Quality Endorsement has been awarded to four ALAB Centres in the following HCMC locations:

  • 3rd Floor, Crescent Mall, 101 Ton Dat Tien Street, District 7;
  • Ground Floor, Cong Hoa Garden, 20 Cong Hoa Street, Tan Binh District;
  • 176 Hoa Binh Street, Tan Phu District; and
  • 3rd Floor, Vincom Plaza, 12 Phan Van Tri Street, Go Vap District.

Over the past months, NEAS’s Quality Assessor completed an in-depth assessment of ALAB’s application and supporting documents, and followed up with a Virtual Quality Endorsement exercise. Alongside structured meetings and interviews with ALAB management, teachers and operational staff, class observations also formed part of the quality audit.

Since May 2021, teaching has been delivered online only and this is likely to continue until February 2022. The programs contain interactive activities, which are purposely designed for young learners, and delivered exclusively by ALAB within Vietnam.

ALAB has appointed a Teacher Quality Manager (a role that does not have a teaching load) to oversee teaching. NEAS commends ALAB for deploying effective systems (including a Parent App) to engage and inform its valued customers and stakeholders. ALAB Education Consultants provide updated information regarding student performance to ensure parents enjoy complete knowledge of their children’s progress.

2022 Academic Speaker Announced!

The 2022 NEAS Management Conference Academic speaker has been decided. We would like to welcome David Nunan to present on 5-6 May 2022.

David Nunan is Professor Emeritus of Applied Linguistics at the University of Hong Kong, President Emeritus and Distinguished Research Professor at Anaheim University, California, and Visiting Professor in Education at UNSW, Sydney. He is a former President of TESOL International and is currently on the Executive Committee of The International Research Foundation for Language Education (TIRF). He is a member of the UNSW Sydney Foundation Board (Hong Kong chapter).

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Community Of Practice Convenor

Interested in leading a Community of Practice? Being a Convenor will give you opportunities to lead and be a part of a unique community.

The convenor role will be required to do the following:

  1. Lead and develop their Community of Practice
  2. Moderate and facilitate a COP workshop After Conference
  3. Run social media community

Nominated Convenors will receive a free ticket to the NEAS Management Conference.

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Avalon College

Avalon College delivers English language and school preparation programs with a full boarding school experience for primary and secondary students, aged 10 to 17 years. The College is situated on a historic, rural property by the sea, and its students are well cared for by experienced and dedicated professionals. We congratulate Avalon College on the successful Quality Endorsement of its two courses: Online English Language Preparation for Primary Schools and Online English Language Preparation for Secondary Schools. Traditional face-to-face courses were redesigned to be delivered online through the ClassIn application, a bilingual Learning Management System (LMS), which has been configured to cater for young learners and also to service the students’ parents, guardians and agents. International students are currently engaged remotely from China and Thailand and are also learning locally. Course design and delivery is geared towards helping students succeed in mainstream school programs.

The ClassIn application was seen to be working well in the observation lessons. Of particular note was the thorough staged and scaffolded online orientation, which includes email introductions, pre-registration forms, and confirmation checklists. The online programs benefit from good navigation and signposting, as well as a variety of learning tasks and modes. Additional learning technologies, such as Vocaroo, Kahoot and WeChat, have been implemented into the courses to engage students’ differing technical skills. There is also provision for team teaching using breakout rooms, which is highly commendable.

Mahidol University International College (MUIC) online endorsement

Established in 1986, Mahidol University International College (MUIC) is Thailand’s first public international college and part of Mahidol University, widely considered to be the best university in Thailand. MUIC’s Preparation Center for Languages and Mathematics (PC) was formed to enhance the English language skills of students and prepare them for mainstream studies at MUIC. The Centre delivers four levels of English language instruction, from Elementary to Upper-Intermediate, and in addition to enrolling Thai students, attracts international students from Asia, Europe and the United States.

We congratulate MUIC – PC on the successful Quality Endorsement of its two online courses: General English and English for Academic Purposes (EAP). The Centre rapidly transitioned to an online learning environment in 2020 and has successfully used Google Classroom to create and integrate online content. The Zoom application has been employed to deliver synchronous lessons of 20-24 hours per week. A rigorous and secure online exam system has been implemented through the use of and by using students’ mobile devices to proctor exams. Where students required additional support, after hours online workshops are held to focus on developing further particular skills. Integration of the Turnitin plagiarism detection service into the online experience has given students insights into and practice understanding academic integrity. Clear navigation and signposting are consistent features of the courses, and students expressed their appreciation for the personalised academic counselling they received online as part of their program

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Congratulations Aspire English in Online Endorsement

Aspire English supports international students and prepares them for success by enhancing further their English language proficiency, focussing on the strengthening of skills in academic writing, presentation, and critical thinking. We congratulate Aspire English on the successful Quality Endorsement of its online General English (GE) and English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses. Delivered via the Zoom application, the GE course builds learner capability from a beginner level to intermediate proficiency, enabling them to progress to the EAP program

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Congratulations on Online Endorsement UNE!

Located on the Armidale campus, the University of New England (UNE) Language Centre provides pathways into University courses across all levels of study. The Centre’s accredited English language courses focus on the learning needs and the experience of international students, and are taught by highly qualified and experienced English language instructors. Congratulations to UNE on the successful Quality Endorsement of its online English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program (Levels 1 to 5). 

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OET launches free migration guide for you to share with your students

OET, the English language test for healthcare professionals, has produced a comprehensive guide for overseas-trained nurses and midwives seeking to live and work in Australia. The guide is freely available for you to share with any of your students who may find it useful.

Endorsed by the Migration Institute of Australia, the 22-page publication is titled Live and Work in Australia as an overseas-trained nurse: A guide to registration, immigration and settlement. It covers the following topics in-depth and in plain English for the non-native speaker:

  • Key organisations they will come across
  • Nursing registration standards and qualification criteria
  • Applying for registration
  • Applying for migration
  • Looking for work
  • Getting settled.

The guide also includes links to useful information, from employment and real estate sites to migration agents and the Australian Tax Office.

You can download the guide for free from the OET Website and share it with students or even order printed copies to have available at the end of classes. Printed copies will be sent directly to your nominated address within three weeks of you placing your order.

Quality Benchmarking – NEAS Assist

NEAS Assist is the consultancy arm of NEAS Australia, providing tailored solutions to support the ELT community. In recent months, NEAS has been invited to deliver specialist services in assessing ELT curricula and providing detailed, evidenced-based reporting on course outcomes that align to equivalencies in international English language test scores. Through the provision of independent analyses respected by decisionmakers, NEAS plays a critical role in supporting Centres to demonstrate achievement and excellence in their work.

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