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The end of the year is rushing upon us and for those of you who have been unable to attend a previous webinar about IELTS One Skill Retake, we’re squeezing a couple more in before 2024.

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12 December 2023, 2pm AEDT

14 December 2023, 11am AEDT

ACTION REQUIRED: Your organisation will need to let us know you want to receive and verify IELTS One Skill Retake results. Find out more at the webinar.

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About IELTS One Skill Retake

One Skill Retake allows test takers to retake one section of the IELTS test. This will give applicants who may not have performed to the best of their ability on test day another opportunity to meet an organisation’s language requirements without needing to retake a full IELTS test.

IELTS One Skill Retake is currently available for test takers in over 90 countries and will continue to be launched around the world where the IELTS test is available.

IELTS One Skill Retake is accepted by the immigration authorities in Australia and UK. A growing number of professional associations, universities and other education institutions globally also use IELTS One Skill Retake to attract the broadest range of high-quality applicants.

This webinar is for organisations that use IELTS results for admission and registration purposes.

 Information provided will include:

  • What IELTS One Skill Retake is
  • The benefits of IELTS One Skill Retake for test takers and organisations
  • An example of an IELTS One Skill Retake Test Report Form

December 2023

NEAS Congratulates The University of Newcastle Language Centre!

The University of Newcastle Language Centre is conveniently located within the expansive grounds of the university, surrounded by native bushland amidst other university buildings. The Centre is a popular choice for students from various countries, including Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Vietnam, and India.

In a recent NEAS Quality Review visit, students expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the courses and how they helped them prepare for upcoming university courses. They also appreciated the Centre’s responsiveness to their feedback. One student mentioned that the Centre provides “high-quality teaching, assessment, and management of learning. “Students also liked the teaching and study spaces and praised the provision of a 24-hour main library, offering a convenient place to study before and after classes.

In addition, teachers at the University of Newcastle Language Centre spoke positively about the management, highlighting their “highly supportive” nature and “open-door policy.” This collaborative approach has contributed to the positive learning environment at the Centre.

November 2023

NEAS congratulates The English Language School (TELS)!

NEAS congratulates The English Language School (TELS) for becoming the latest Quality Endorsed Member. As the English language teaching division of The Business School Pty Ltd, TELS is a newly established ELICOS provider situated in the Sydney suburb of Campsie. TELS offers English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and General English (GE) courses, emphasising its commitment to quality education. Additionally, The Business School provides accredited vocational education programs, specialising in areas like business, leadership, and social media marketing, among others. TELS is experiencing a steady increase in enrolments, and the Centre actively strives to admit students from diverse backgrounds, fostering a multicultural and inclusive learning environment.

Implementing a 360-degree stakeholder feedback approach, NEAS gathers input from a broad spectrum of stakeholders as part of its Quality Endorsement process. During recent Focus Group sessions at TELS, teachers emphasised that the courses have been thoughtfully designed to integrate a range of instructional methods. This approach has proven effective in meeting the diverse learning requirements of students and accommodating the distinctive teaching styles of educators. During a dedicated interview session, students expressed that the teachers were “friendly” and displayed a deep understanding of the learning process, which contributed significantly to effective teaching.

The Centre offers a diverse range of teaching and assessment resources, with teachers actively enhancing these materials to align with the curriculum’s intended theme. The assessment process at the Centre incorporates both summative and formative components, and students receive valuable verbal feedback from teachers regarding their learning progress. TELS has deployed a custom-designed Student Management System, created by an external consultant, for recording results and notes. Both the Academic Manager and the teaching staff highly endorse this system. The Centre provides a welcoming and comfortable environment, promoting positive staff-student interactions.

November 2023

Congratulations to TAFE Queensland Southbank Campus!

TAFE Queensland’s English Language Centre, situated at the Southbank campus, offers daily instruction for its English for Academic Purposes and General English courses across two shifts. Moreover, the Centre is in the process of launching Cambridge and IELTS preparation programs in the last quarter of 2023.

We extend our congratulations to TAFE Queensland for the successful completion of the NEAS Quality Review for 2023. This comprehensive review involved structured meetings and Focus Group discussions with participation from management, students, teachers, and professional staff. Additionally, anonymised Quality Principles Surveys were instrumental in identifying key areas of focus during the Quality Review process. The analysis of stakeholder feedback was aligned with the key Principles and Drivers of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework. For more detailed information on the Quality Assurance Framework, we invite you to visit this section of the NEAS website:

TAFE Queensland provides a wide range of extracurricular activities offered on Friday afternoons, allowing students to engage in their chosen areas of interest. Additionally, the library services support ongoing learning needs. Two dedicated ELICOS Student Engagement Officers play a vital role in assisting students with their transition to studying and living in Brisbane. Upon arrival, students receive a comprehensive orientation to TAFE, and ELICOS-specific program details are shared by the Engagement Officers. The ELICOS staff are conveniently located on two floors with well-equipped spaces for meetings, preparation, and refreshment. Being part of the larger Southbank TAFE campus provides students with access to a wide range of facilities and events, such as the popular showcases by Hospitality Studies students.

November 2023

University of Wollongong College (UOW) – NEAS congratulates you!

UOW College is nestled among the trees, gardens, and buildings that constitute the UOW campus in North Wollongong. Building 30 serves as the hub for delivering English language courses to international students. Currently, students come from a diverse range of countries with a majority originating from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, and a smaller number of students coming from China, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and Mongolia. In addition, the Centre regularly hosts study tours from Japan.

Classrooms, relaxation and learning spaces, as well as administration and staff rooms, are set over approximately 2.5 floors which have been renovated, since the last NEAS Quality Review, creating a flowing campus with plenty of light and space. The Centre is delivering ten courses including English for Tertiary Study, Direct Entry Programs, EAP, IELTS and General English.

Teachers advised that the orientation program was well planned and very thorough and students in the Focus Group agreed. As part of that program teachers run a workshop entitled “Settling into Studies” which includes sessions on meeting new friends, controlling emotions, and addressing negative feelings. UOW College also provides students access to various student activities and keeps them informed through student newsletters about activities available at the campus-based student clubs.

Students reported being happy with the quality of teachers and were also keen to talk about the role of their teachers in promoting the Centre. One student said, “Teachers have taught here for a long time” and are “very serious about helping us improve.” Students were also satisfied with the amount of feedback they received and noted that teachers would often advise them about their progress and their level of confidence. Students also advised that they enrolled in the Centre because “the school has good education.”

November 2023

NEAS congratulates English Unlimited

NEAS congratulates English Unlimited for completing a successful quality review activity! 

English Unlimited Sydney is situated at 189 Kent Street, Sydney, and benefits from its proximity to Wynard Station and Barangaroo. Students come to English Unlimited Sydney from various regions, including Thailand, Korea, and South America, enrolling in General English courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels, as well as Cambridge B1 and IELTS courses, available on either morning or evening schedules. The College has cultivated strong relationships with marketing agents and has also gained students through word-of-mouth recommendations, contributing to healthy student enrollments.

The Centre boasts a robust Student Care department, which places significant focus on the well-being of its students and their integration into the Centre’s social life through a variety of engaging extracurricular activities. Students and teachers expressed their positive feedback regarding these activities.

English Unlimited Sydney employs highly qualified and experienced teachers, which greatly contributes to the quality of teaching and learning. This has ultimately resulted in high student satisfaction, as reflected in the feedback gathered from focus group sessions and surveys. Students reported contentment with their courses, teachers, the support provided by the management, and their overall learning experience at English Unlimited.

November 2023

Congratulations to the International Institute of Business and Technology (IIBT)

The International Institute of Business and Technology (IIBT) is situated in the heart of Central Sydney CBD. The Centre caters to students from various countries, including India, Nepal, Vietnam, and China. At IIBT, students have access to a range of English language courses, including General English (GE), English for Academic Purposes (EAP), and IELTS preparation.

IIBT provides ELICOS students with pathway options into its Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses, spanning from Certificate III to Diploma levels including courses in Accounting, Information Technology, Leadership, and Management.

IIBT has also established an enduring partnership with Federation University, a collaboration that has thrived for 22 years. This partnership enables students to seamlessly transition from their English language studies (ELICOS programs) to both VET and Higher Education courses.

Students at IIBT expressed their satisfaction with the teaching and support they receive. They appreciate the well-prepared lessons and clear explanations provided by their teachers. In the NEAS Focus Group discussion, students were particularly positive about their teachers, describing them as “very friendly.” They also highlighted the effective feedback process, which allows for one-on-one time with their instructors after assessments.

In surveys and feedback, the teachers at IIBT have praised the ease of teaching and following the course materials, emphasising the ready availability and accessibility of all the necessary information. 

The professional staff at IIBT hold a strong sense of confidence in promoting the institution and are delighted with the welcoming atmosphere and favorable working conditions. As one staff member put it, “It’s like a family, and we are part of the student life.”

November 2023

Myanmar English Language College Seeks Australian Foundation Partner


We are a quality English language college seeking to connect with a NEAS Member Centre to deliver a University Foundation Program in our Centre in Myanmar.

Who we are

STARFISH Education is the first NEAS Member Centre in Myanmar. Established in 2008, STARFISH Education has consistently demonstrated its commitment to enhancing the English language proficiency of Myanmar’s young learners.

Before the pandemic, STARFISH Education maintained four physical Centres in Yangon and Mandalay. These Centres were dedicated to offering English language Proficiency courses and Test Preparation Courses such as IELTS, TOEFL and SAT.

Over the past three years, STARFISH Education has made a significant transition to become a proficient online English language provider and now offers education in a hybrid virtual and in-person format.

Partnership request

STARFISH Education trains and educates numerous high school students, many of whom aspire to pursue studies abroad in English-speaking countries, including Australia, the UK, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Singapore.

In our commitment to prepare and acculturate students for overseas learning, we are in the initial phases of developing a University Foundation Program, designed to elevate both their English language proficiency and study skills.

Our goal is to assist students transition successfully to higher education overseas. With this in mind, we aim to commence our efforts in Australia and establish our inaugural pathway partnership with an Australian education provider.

Please connect with me

We would be thrilled to hear from you. For additional details on partnership opportunities, please feel free to contact me directly:

Mr Daniel Sang, CEO and Founder, STARFISH Education


T:  +959782006953 (Myanmar) | +66639394461 (Thailand)

Transnational Delivery Success for UOW College since 2018

In May 2022, UOW College Australia successfully completed a special pilot initiative introduced by NEAS for its new Area M, focusing on the Quality Endorsement of Transnational Delivery. UOW College Australia became the inaugural NEAS Centre to receive Quality Endorsement in the Transnational Delivery category, specifically for its English for Tertiary Studies (ETS) International Program.

The ETS International Program was developed at the request of the University of Wollongong (UOW)-Central China Normal University (CCNU) Joint Institute in Wuhan, China to enhance further the connection between the two universities. Based on the onshore (UOW College Australia) ETS Program, a direct entry English course for undergraduate and postgraduate studies at UOW, the ETS International Program was developed collaboratively by senior professionals of the UOW-CCNU Joint Institute, UOW, and UOW College Australia, and has been in operation since 2018.

Heather Thomas, Director of Global Programs and Deputy General Manager at UOW College Australia, visited CCNU in early November 2023, marking her first visit since the pandemic. She expressed delight in observing CCNU proudly showcasing the NEAS Quality Endorsement of the ETS International Program as a significant milestone achievement for the University.

November 2023

Thank you and Farewell to Dr Patrick Pheasant!

It is with sincere gratitude that we farewell Dr Patrick Pheasant as NEAS Australia’s outgoing Chief Executive Officer.  

Patrick has been an exemplary leader over the past seven years – for our organisation, our members, and the sector. Patrick’s focus on Quality Assurance (QA) has upheld the integrity and reputation of English Language Teaching (ELT) in Australia and internationally, during uniquely challenging times. 

Led by Patrick’s advocacy, NEAS has influenced national policy conversations that have shaped the future of our sector and represented our members. Through his development and expansion of the NEAS Advisory Council, being a founding member of the global Quality Assurance in Language Education Network (QALEN) and introducing the NEAS Capstone Course: Master Practitioner in ELT (Quality Assurance) and Communities of Practice, Patrick has skilfully balanced innovation and QA throughout his tenure. 

Patrick’s focus on relationships with providers and overseas partners has solidified the reputation of the Australian ELT sector at home and abroad. This has been exemplified through the design, development, and delivery of nine additional QA framework areas including ELT Qualifications, Endorsed Education Agents, Homestay Providers and ELT Products & Services.

In guiding us to become a global network with a flagship annual conference, expanding our professional development programs and introducing a hybrid service delivery model, Patrick’s passion for connection created opportunities for members to learn and grow with each other, resulting in the confidence to deliver quality ELT. 

Demonstrating stoicism and wisdom when the world as we knew it changed, Patrick guided us through a response plan and strategic pivots that led the organisational transformation to what NEAS is today.  

We wish Patrick the best in his future pursuits and look forward to staying connected for years to come. 

During the leadership transition, our long-standing team continues to serve our members. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Daniel Yuen (Operations Manager), Rima Ibrahim (Education Manager) and Peetra Lechte (Communications Manager) for support.  

November 2023