Congratulations to the University of Technology (UTS) College!

Congratulations to the University of Technology (UTS) College for completing a quality review activity with NEAS.

UTS College is located at 645 Harris Street Ultimo, one of four UTS locations that can accommodate students for language classes, academic support and student common areas. The common areas promote social interaction between students during their class breaks. Students mentioned that there were also plenty of opportunities to study before and after class in the UTS library.

A proud NEAS member since 1989, UTS College has been a gateway for students aiming for direct entry into UTS. The current student body is primarily from China, with others from Southeast Asia, Japan, and Korea. In a recent Focus Group, students expressed their satisfaction with the support and information they receive, sharing sentiments like, “everyone can help, and teachers help me a lot” and “I now have fewer problems in my life.” They described their teachers as “happy,” “friendly,” “funny,” and “caring,” and felt that they were making solid progress in their studies, gaining confidence along the way.

During Welcome Week, students are informed about various opportunities to enhance their learning experience. They learn about joining campus clubs and groups, and how to access support services like the HELPS (Higher Ed Learning and Pathways Support) centre and online resources.

Teachers in the Focus Group expressed confidence that students are well-integrated into university life, with ample chances to join over 100 clubs across the wider university campus.

July 2024

Congratulations to Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI)!

NEAS congratulates Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI) for successfully completing a Quality Review activity.  

DUELI’s diverse cohort includes students from Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and Cambodia. These students benefit from comprehensive access to Deakin University’s services and facilities, including the library, medical centre, and fitness centre. They also receive membership to the Deakin University Student Association (DUSA), further integrating them into the university community. 

DUELI students also enjoy a designated conversation room, computer lab, and the Independent Learning Centre (ILC). The ILC is equipped with online resources for language development, CDs and DVDs to enhance listening and comprehension skills, pronunciation and listening comprehension tools, daily newspapers, magazines, books, and complimentary photocopying services. 

Teachers at DUELI are matched to classes based on their teaching experience, ensuring a high standard of education. Student feedback reflects this dedication, with the majority expressing high satisfaction with the course delivery, assessment methods, and teaching strategies. Students have also confirmed receiving adequate feedback on assessments and course progression. Focus Group participants reported feeling well supported by DUELI’s teachers, professional staff, and management, with one student noting significant academic progress. 

To further support student success, DUELI offers a variety of workshops including pronunciation workshops, grammar games classes, and EAP researching workshops, all strategically designed to enhance learning outcomes. 

July 2024

Congratulations to CQUEnglish Sydney!

Congratulations to CQUEnglish Sydney for completing a Self-Assessment quality review activity. 

The Self-Assessment is a structured activity that supports the centre in reviewing its most recent NEAS Quality Review report, internal review and evaluation observations, feedback from students and other stakeholders, the centre’s strategic plan, and external factors such as industry intelligence or current media issues. CQUEnglish Sydney conducted a self-assessment against four key Quality Principles from the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework, chosen based on their relevance to the centre. 

Principle A1: Course design supports quality learning outcomes, was chosen based on feedback from students and staff. The centre plans to update its materials and introduce surveys that gather insights on course design, materials, and assessments. 

Under Principle A5: Students are encouraged to take control of their language learning, CQUEnglish Sydney plans to re-evaluate and redesign its Independent Learning to incorporate flipped learning, demonstrating a forward-thinking approach to educational enhancement. Additionally, the centre aims to increase the involvement of higher education staff with ELICOS students through regular information sessions, creating a more supportive and integrated learning environment to enhance student engagement and success. 

For Principle B2: Students have the information and support needed to adjust to living and studying in this country, the centre will enhance information provided to students about life in Australia and wellbeing throughout each course.  

Considering recommendations from previous quality review reports, the centre selected Principle D4: The Centre supports a performance and development culture for all staff. This initiative aims to diversify how teachers share ideas and resources, including hosting online seminars by CQUniversity experts on topics like Artificial Intelligence and Academic Integrity Literacy. These efforts will equip teachers with knowledge on ethical AI use in learning and reduce instances of academic misconduct. 

The Centre is commended for integrating feedback from previous NEAS Quality Review activities into its ongoing planning for continuous improvement. This demonstrates its dedication to excellence and ongoing development. 

July 2024

Congratulations to Ivanhoe Grammar School!

NEAS congratulates Ivanhoe Grammar School on completing a recent quality review activity.

Ivanhoe Grammar School, based in Melbourne, offers a NEAS endorsed intensive English Language program at its Ridgeway Campus. The school conducted a Self-Assessment activity, which supports members in evaluating the quality of their operations against the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework. This assessment includes reviewing current practices and planning for continuous improvement.

Ivanhoe Grammar School has carefully self-reflected on its current practices and presented plans for continuous improvement in three Quality Areas: C, D, and F.

For Quality Area C: Student Facilities and Services Foster Community, in pursuit of fostering community within the student body, the school is actively enhancing various facilities and services. This includes improving the safety and functionality of the Recreation Area, ensuring timely maintenance and cleaning during school holidays, promoting cultural celebrations, diversifying cafeteria food options, and updating the furniture and layout of the International Centre.

To address Quality Area D: The Centre Has an Organisational Structure That Effectively Supports the Provision of Services to Students, the school has devised a comprehensive plan that involves conducting regular staff meetings to provide updates on international student matters, coordinating efforts among key leaders to implement policies, offering detailed orientation for new teachers that covers international student welfare, briefing the psychology team on the specific needs of international students, and providing necessary psychological support services.

In relation to Quality Area F: The ELT Centre Supports Effective Welfare Arrangements for All Students, to ensure effective welfare arrangements for all students, the school has outlined several strategic initiatives. These include integrating valuable student feedback into marketing materials, reintroducing in-country parent-teacher interviews to enhance communication channels, equipping the Dean of International Students with advanced communication technology, and bolstering overall safety measures and welfare arrangements.

NEAS commends Ivanhoe Grammar School for presenting a well-thought-out and thorough self-assessment activity, providing valuable insights and a clear roadmap for enhancing the quality and effectiveness of its programs and services, reinforcing its commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in education.

July 2024

Congratulations to Study Vision!

Study Vision, part of Consteam (Australia) Asia Pacific Pty Ltd, specialises in providing homestay and student accommodation services to international students. The company focuses on creating safe and supportive environments, particularly for students under 18. Study Vision places students from diverse backgrounds into appropriate accommodation and offers 24/7 support. The company prides itself on maintaining strict safety and quality standards. Its comprehensive recruitment, screening, and training of homestay hosts have established it as a preferred accommodation provider. Headquartered in Sydney, Study Vision’s services extend across major Australian and New Zealand cities, offering accommodation, airport pickup services, and guardianship for students in leading educational institutions.

NEAS is pleased to assess and endorse Study Vision in the category of Quality Products and Services (Area O – Homestay Service Providers). The Quality Principles of Area O focus on the following critical aspects of the vendor’s service: its governance and management practices; the provision of a safe and comfortable living environment for students; its support for student welfare arrangements; and the training of host families for student welfare and wellbeing. Detailed information on Area O of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework can be referenced here:

Study Vision’s comprehensive General Guidelines for hosts and students ensure smooth placements, with clear payment arrangements and no additional fees. Regular bi-weekly emails to host families and students confirm placements, gather feedback, and include reminders about rules. For students under 18, Study Vision provides a Local Caregiver who communicates with students, hosts, and parents, attends school meetings, and reports back, benefiting busy host families. NEAS employs a 360-degree stakeholder feedback model for quality assurance assessments. Anonymised feedback highlighted positive experiences with Study Vision. Students praised their assistance in finding and booking homestays, expressing satisfaction with their experiences. Hosts commended Study Vision for its organised approach in homestay placements, emphasising ongoing relationships with former students and their families. They appreciated Study Vision’s facilitation of enjoyable homestay experiences for both hosts and students and commended the organisation for its professionalism and continuous support.

July 2024

Congratulations to Macquarie University Department of Linguistics!

NEAS congratulates Macquarie University Department of Linguistics on the successful completion of a quality review activity.

NEAS endorses the Graduate Certificate of TESOL and the Master of Applied Linguistics and TESOL, both of which were redesigned in 2023 to align with graduate capabilities and new Course Learning Outcomes. The Department’s innovative design includes a new TESOL Methodologies Unit that is highly practical, utilising flipped learning and authentic assessment tasks to foster collaboration and feedback literacy. Other course highlights include the Second Language Acquisition unit, which aligns with professional settings, and the incorporation of flipped and dialogic learning in Linguistics and Language Teaching.

The Department’s strengths are evident in its learning and teaching-focused research projects, which inform unit design and teaching methods, allowing for evidence-based practices in sustainable language teacher education and dialogic teaching.

The Graduate Certificate in TESOL has also been recognised by the industry, with NSW TAFE granting equivalency to Certificate IV in TAE. This recognition enhances the course’s appeal to new language teachers and supports new teaching positions in TAFE.

The Department has recently been honoured with several awards, including Faculty Learning and Teaching Awards, Vice Chancellor’s Learning and Teaching Awards, and Senior Fellow recognition from HEA, further demonstrating outstanding achievements in education and innovative language teacher training.

July 2024

Congratulations to ILSC Brisbane!

ILSC Brisbane, one of five ILSC Education Group campuses in Australia, is situated in a refurbished heritage building in the centre of Brisbane, alongside Greystone College, ILSC’s VET School. The centre offers a variety of courses, including General English, English for Academic Purposes, IELTS, and Cambridge Mastery. In addition to core skills, students can choose from a wide range of electives such as English through Music, English through Film, Cafe Work Skills, English for Business, and Presentation Skills.

The review found that teachers felt there was sufficient “space” in the curriculum to design activities tailored to their students’ needs. Students appreciated that during the first week of their course, teachers gathered information about their aims and expectations to make necessary adjustments. Students also spoke highly of the teachers’ tips for using their language skills outside the classroom and the recommended materials, noting that their confidence in communication had grown significantly since starting at ILSC. They felt that the school met their expectations. A student noted, “We are more than just a number, teachers and staff show concern”.

Students praised the ease of accessing information and support through the school’s mix of QR codes and e-services, which seamlessly integrated with mobile devices. An Activity Coordinator ensures a vibrant calendar of local activities and internal events, including charity drives and special experiences for some electives, such as visits to a retirement village to share a concert and chat.

Ongoing Professional Development (PD) is a key part of the culture at ILSC Brisbane. Staff members accrue CPD points, and external PD opportunities include events and sessions offered by NEAS, EA, and QATESOL, along with knowledge sharing from colleagues in Canada and the USA.

July 2024

Congratulations to AEMG’s Shandong University (SDU) branch!

Congratulations to Shandong University for achieving Quality Endorsement with NEAS. 

Australia Education Management Group (AEMG) is an established global facilitator that fosters collaboration among partner institutions in education, research, professional development, and student services. Registered in Australia, AEMG focuses on promoting international education and cross-cultural communication. Since its inception in 2001, the group’s mission has been to promote cultural diversity and educational exchange. AEMG has facilitated cooperation between educational institutions and research centres in China, New Zealand, America, and Europe. 

AEMG’s Shandong University (SDU) branch in China has recently achieved quality endorsement with NEAS. SDU is a public research university under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education of China. In 2017, SDU was chosen as one of the first groups of China’s high-level universities to be listed in the Double First-Class University program released by the central government of China. 

At the appropriate point in their course at SDU, students can transfer to one of the Australian partner universities – University of Western Australia (UWA), Australian National University (ANU), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), or Swinburne University – to complete their studies. 

SDU exhibits a strong culture of care and professionalism with clear lines of communication, enabling staff and students to engage comfortably with each other. Students have ample opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities such as ‘English Corner,’ ‘Coffee Time,’ and tutorials with in-house teachers or visiting staff from Australian partner universities. 

Staff demonstrate a clear understanding of assessment, academic integrity, and the integration of skills. Students are engaged in sound academic preparation, including critical analysis, writing academic essays, and giving presentations. Students have praised the curriculum, noting that it is well-balanced, allows free expression of opinions, and is well-paced. Student satisfaction is reflected in comments such as, “Our courses are excellent and rich. The teacher prepares the lesson adequately, and the teaching logic is clear,” and, “My college has provided me with a lot of help in all aspects, and I never regret choosing this college.” Students appreciate the support they receive, reporting that, “my college has provided me with a lot of help in all aspects, and I never regret choosing this college,” and, “teachers often ask if we can follow them … they are friendly and approachable.” 

Teachers are delighted to be part of the AEMG Shandong branch, as evidenced by comments such as, “I am proud to be a part of the AEMG Shandong Team,” and, “I am very pleased with our AEMG Shandong Branch. My colleagues and I are dedicated to providing high-quality courses and teaching. We strive to help more students gain opportunities to study abroad, thereby broadening their horizons and achieving academic success.” 

June 2024

Congratulations to Moreton Bay Colleges International!

Moreton Bay Colleges International emphasises academic excellence, cultural integration, and holistic development. Its programs are designed to equip young learners with the foundational skills and support necessary for success in an international educational setting. The college offers a rigorous curriculum, experienced faculty, and a supportive community, creating an environment where students can develop their full potential. 

In 2024, the centre pursued quality endorsement of its Primary School Preparation (PSP) course through a customised NEAS quality assurance initiative. The PSP course features a comprehensive curriculum that meets NEAS standards and aligns with ELICOS requirements. The course is also supported by a detailed syllabus and teacher guide outlining weekly plans, learning outcomes, and activities. These outcomes are aligned with CEFR levels, and formative assessments are used to track student progress. Teachers have access to extensive resources via the Cambridge University Press platform and receive mentoring support. The PSP program emphasises integration with mainstream classes, facilitating student participation in school activities and their transition. All teachers are qualified and registered to teach primary school children in Queensland, ensuring consistent and high-quality instruction and support. 

The NEAS Quality Assessor assessed the PSP course using the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework. A formal letter confirmed the completion of the quality assurance process and the course’s endorsement. Moreton Bay Colleges International has shown dedication to independent quality assurance and offers high-quality English language programs that support students in their academic endeavours and future aspirations. 

June 2024

Congratulations to Talkabout Homestay!

Talkabout Homestay, established in 1999 by English teachers Liz Franklyn and Tim Massey, offers a unique combination of cultural immersion and educational experiences in Perth, Western Australia. The company specialises in homestay services, matching international students with local families to enhance their English learning while exploring the region. In response to changing times, Talkabout Homestay has also transitioned to virtual homestay and tour experiences, maintaining valuable connections between students and host families. Known for their eco-friendly practices and exceptional customer service, Talkabout Homestay ensures an enjoyable, educational, and memorable stay in Perth, adhering to their principle of “Leave no footprint.” 

NEAS is pleased to assess and endorse Talkabout Homestay in the category of Quality Products and Services (Area O – Homestay Service Providers). The Quality Principles of Area O focus on the following critical aspects of the vendor’s service: its governance and management practices; the provision of a safe and comfortable living environment for students; its support for student welfare arrangements; and the training of host families for student welfare and wellbeing. Detailed information on Area O of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework can be referenced here:   

Talkabout Homestay is commended for its clearly presented quality endorsement application, which highlights the implementation of new procedures as part of the application process, effectively reviewing current practices. The company ensures that the International Student Alliance (ISA) is involved in under-18 cases to maintain consistent service. Before departure, students receive a Homestay Placement summary detailing their host family. Additionally, the Student Guide and House Rules document provides essential information in a clear and well-organised format. The comprehensive homestay family information includes details about airport transfers, and hosts are given access to the Transperth website. During the initial visit and in the student introduction letter, hosts are informed about the need to orient students within the neighbourhood and familiarise them with bus routes to school. 

NEAS applies a 360-degree stakeholder feedback model for its quality assurance assessments. Anonymised student feedback from this exercise included comments such as, “I am happy with my homestay because I feel very free and in addition I have my privacy.” One host family noted, “Management is very caring, which makes for a relaxed approach to being a homestay.” Another host remarked on their clear understanding of hosting responsibilities and appreciated the good communication and relevant information provided by Talkabout Homestay before committing to hosting.

June 2024