We congratulate Vietnam USA Society English Centres (VUS)

NEAS congratulates Anh Van Hoi Viet My VUS (Vietnam USA Society English Centres – VUS) for its continued growth and successful completion of its recent Quality Endorsement exercise for eight new Additional Centres.

VUS holds a prominent position as a leading education company for English Language Teaching in Vietnam. Their campuses are located in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Hanoi, and other major cities in Vietnam. The newly-endorsed VUS Centres are: Nguyen Kiem Branch; Thuan An Branch; Nguyen Huu Tri Branch; Nguyen Oanh Branch; Phan Van Hon Branch; Green River Branch; Pham Van Dong Branch; and Vo Van Ngan Branch.

VUS has a strong culture of creating a sense of family among students, parents, and teachers. This connection is fostered through social media, face-to-face interactions, and their exclusive Smart Learning Space: V-Hub. Many teachers and staff members have been a part of the VUS community for 10 – 20 years, underscoring the positive working conditions and supportive culture they provide.

Through anonymised surveys and focus group interviews, students showed strong positivity towards course delivery, assessment, and teaching methods. All teachers possess appropriate qualifications, with the majority having more than five years of teaching experience, and around half boasting over a decade of expertise.

Records of course delivery, attendance, and assessments are maintained within V-Hub, enabling stakeholders, including parents, to access progress updates easily. V-Hub also facilitates homework completion outside of class time and encourages students to engage in preparatory activities like vocabulary and pronunciation exercises.

VUS is supported by an Academic Team responsible for developing, reviewing, and evaluating courses and assessments. An effective communication system ensures clear transmission of course requirements to teachers and gathers their feedback, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and currency in course content.

September 2023

Central Queensland University Brisbane

NEAS Congratulates CQU Brisbane on the successful completion of their Quality Review Activity. 

CQU Brisbane campus enjoys a strategic location within the heart of Brisbane City. It stands in proximity to key transportation hubs, including the King George Square busway station, Central Station Queensland Rail (QR) station, and the Roma Street QR station and busway. The Centre’s surroundings are rich with culinary and retail options, as well as cultural attractions such as the iconic Brisbane City Hall and the engaging Museum of Brisbane (MoB).

CQU Brisbane is seamlessly integrated into the broader CQU city campus framework, allowing students to tap into the support services offered to the larger CQU student community. This vibrant learning environment encompasses classrooms, student support services, and student areas spread across various sections of the Brisbane CBD office building.

CQU English Brisbane caters to diverse educational needs of students on pathway to higher education courses, offering three levels of English for Academic Purposes (EAP), EAP 1, 2, and 3. The Centre also offers IELTS Preparation courses and occasionally hosts Study Tour Programs.

In the focus group discussions, teachers emphasised the alignment of their teaching strategies and professional development with the objectives of the three EAP courses. They recognised the importance of equipping students with the necessary academic discourse skills for success in their future faculty courses at CQU. CQU English offers its teachers tailored professional development sessions designed to address the specific language backgrounds of students that might pose challenges to their academic progress.

Students participating in the focus group praised their teachers for providing clear models of course expectations and  course goals and the alignment of these goals with the desired learning outcomes across all courses.

September 2023

Crown Institute of Higher Education – we congratulate you!

Congratulations to Crown Institute of Higher Education (CIHE) for achieving Quality Endorsement with NEAS.

CIHE, conveniently located on the Pacific Highway in North Sydney, offers easy access to public transportation and nearby food facilities. The Centre caters to both ELICOS and Higher Education students and is providing EAP classes as a pathway to Higher Education courses at CIHE.

At CIHE, a warm and welcoming atmosphere prevails, providing students with a comprehensive and inclusive learning experience. Students described staff as approachable and helpful, while teachers were recognised for their thorough teaching methods and caring approach to students. The College actively fosters a sense of community by organizing cultural events, college-wide barbecues, and graduation ceremonies.

Students appreciate the feedback they receive and the personalised attention from teachers. One student mentioned, “I like the way teachers correct my mistakes.” Students also appreciated the provision of a dedicated librarian who guides ELICOS students in using the online library, helping them prepare for future university studies.

Teachers at CIHE expressed satisfaction with the courses and available resources. The collegiality among the teaching team, coupled with the ongoing support, contributes to making CIHE an enjoyable place to work.

September 2023

Aspire English

Congratulations to Aspire English on completing a successful Quality Review Activity with NEAS!

Aspire English is an ELT Centre nestled within the stunning sandstone campus in Manly, offering breath-taking views of the iconic beachfront.

Currently, Aspire English is offering General English (GE) and Cambridge B2 First to students from various countries including Vietnam, China, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Hong Kong. Aspire English students are on pathways to various courses at the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) and Higher Education programs

Students in the focus group responded very positively about their course which they found interesting and described their teachers as “well prepared” and could “explain things clearly”. Additionally, students were satisfied with the provision of workshops four days a week and the access to dedicated in-house student support services. Students also expressed satisfaction with the number of excursion opportunities to explore various Sydney attractions.

Teachers at Aspire Institute had positive opinions of their managers and described them as highly cooperative, especially in terms of resource allocation. This, in turn, contributed to the overall perception of Aspire Institute as “a great place to work.”

September 2023

We Congratulate Curtin University!

Curtin English operates as a part of Curtin Global and is situated on the Bentley campus. The Bentley campus offers a spacious and accessible environment, and it is well-connected to public transportation options such as the Trans Perth bus station and nearby rail connections. Various amenities including food services, recreational facilities, and student counselling are available on campus and are thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse student population.

Curtin English has established a structured approach to familiarise students with university life, ensuring access to all facilities of Curtin University from the beginning of their enrolment. The English courses offered by Curtin are categorised based on specific disciplines, aiding students in engaging with and preparing for their chosen faculty pathways. These courses primarily emphasise academic proficiency and cultural awareness, essential for success in subsequent pathway and faculty-specific studies.

The teacher focus groups have positively acknowledged the logical course design implemented by Curtin English, attributing it to the achievement of favourable learning outcomes for students. In parallel, students who participated in focus groups and surveys have conveyed contentment with both their instructors’ teaching methods and the university’s facilities.

September 2023

English Language School in Sydney (ELSIS) Brisbane

Congratulations to the English Language School in Sydney (ELSIS) Brisbane for successfully completing the 2023 Quality Review – Self-Assessment. This achievement reaffirms the Centre’s commitment to providing quality education. Aligned with the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework, the Self-Assessment process empowers the Center to evaluate its operations and establish plans for continuous improvement.

The English language education division of the Education Centre of Australia, ELSIS has been delivering high-quality English courses to students from all over the world in Sydney since 1991. In 2014 and 2016, two additional ELSIS campuses were opened in Melbourne and Brisbane, respectively. ELSIS Brisbane is commended for its considered self-reflection of current practices. It has showcased its proficiency in developing plans for continuous improvement, with a specific focus on these important Principles of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework: A3. Students are enrolled in courses and levels that reflect their language proficiency and learning goals; B2. Students have the information and support needed to adjust to living and studying in this country; and C1. The Centre’s premises reflect a professional workplace. As part of its Self-Assessment lodgement, the Centre presented specific action plans to: enhance its English language placement test; improve its orientation program; and optimise the provision of customer service in its reception area.

September 2023

Congratulations to Cairns College of English and Business!

NEAS congratulates Cairns College of English on completing a successful Quality Review Activity. Cairns College of English and Business (CCEB) boasts state-of-the-art facilities at its newly acquired premises on Aplin Street. This strategically located campus offers students the convenience of being within walking distance of Cairns’ renowned attractions and services, including the Cairns Esplanade, Aquarium, Performing Arts Centre, and more. Spread across two levels, the campus ensures accessibility for all, with a street-level café adding to its appeal.

The innovative design of the second level enhances the student experience, featuring a spacious central student area that can be adapted for various student activities. Students come to CCEB from diverse regions such as Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia. Switzerland and Japan are of particular interest due to the institution’s well-established ties with these countries.

CCEB prides itself on the support it provides to both teachers and students. Instructors in the focus group praised the comprehensive teacher handbook and the central resource drive. Students echoed this sentiment, expressing gratitude for their teachers’ helpfulness, responsiveness to questions, and genuine concern for their daily lives and concerns.

To further aid student success, CCEB has implemented a one-hour self-study session at the end of each day, where two dedicated teachers are available to address students’ language-related queries from their daily lessons. Additionally, the college organizes Friday afternoon activities, facilitating student interaction with both peers and members of the Cairns community to enhance their spoken English skills.

The reception staff at CCEB have garnered praise from students for their unwavering support. The Centre Director maintains an open-door policy, welcoming students who wish to discuss study pathways or any other concerns they may have, ensuring a holistic and supportive learning environment.

September 2023

Charlton Brown

NEAS congratulates Charlton Brown for for achieving Quality Endorsement with NEAS!  A division of the NIET Group, Charlton Brown oversees the implementation of NIET’s High School Preparation (HSP) operations. The Centre has forged robust partnerships with vital HSP stakeholders throughout Queensland, including Education Queensland International (EQI) and independent schools. These collaborations inform the Centre’s HSP policies and practices, facilitating a smooth transition for their students.

The Charlton Brown HSP curriculum ensures strong learning outcomes by focusing on quality course design. Core elements include literacy, numeracy, and the ability to analyse written content for inferences, while also building computer literacy. The program’s partnerships allow for seamless progression to mainstream high school programs at specific points. Aligned with language acquisition theory, each level corresponds to the CEFR framework, spanning from below A1 to B1+. Lessons follow themes and a formative approach, promoting personalised feedback and skill improvement.

The NEAS Quality Assessor noted a good balance of student interaction and teacher corrective feedback during class observations. There was a focus on vocabulary building strategies using interactive games (such as laminated cards). This encourages students to build confidence in speaking in a controlled, scaffolded way, and is an example of best practice strategy to engage young learners. Centre staff are well qualified and experienced for their roles at Charlton Brown. Teacher observations are regularly performed. Teachers and administration staff engage with other HSP providers through joint professional development events.

September 2023


We are pleased to announce our special networking event at the Australian International Education Conference (AIEC) to celebrate the new Homestay Service Provider Standards: Quality Area O that we have co-developed with industry practitioners and stakeholders.

We cordially invite you to join NEAS Australia at AIEC for the:

Industry Networking Event for Homestay Service Providers and Stakeholders

Thursday 12 October at 12:30 pm

Booth #14

Should you be present at AIEC we would love to see you! – please be sure to register and join us by clicking on this link and inputting your details: 

At NEAS, the team would like to thank all stakeholders for their enthusiastic participation in the virtual workshops and in-person forum conducted between May and August 2023. These encounters led to the formation of the Homestay Service Provider standards Quality Area O. You are welcome to view early adopters here and the standards here.

NEAS is a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity. We recognise that some Homestay Service Providers may continue to be adversely impacted by COVID-19. In acknowledgement of these challenges, we are developing special arrangements for businesses wishing to apply for Quality Endorsement, that are not in a position to pay the application fee. Please contact NEAS if you wish to discuss a tailored solution to support your business.

If you would like to stay connected and be informed of our Industry Networking Event for Homestay Service Providers and Stakeholders and all our other activities throughout the year, please sign up to our free e-newsletter here.

We look forward to seeing you at AIEC!

September 2023

NEAS at Australia-China Business Council Symposium (ACBC)

The Australia – China Business Council (ACBC) Symposium will be held from 24-25 October 2023 at Sydney Town hall. This is an Education/Tourism Symposium with a theme of ‘New Beginnings’.  The forum specifically addresses the unique needs of Chinese international students, Australia’s most important student cohort. Joining universities, there will be vocational education providers and representatives of the broader ecosystem as best practice is examined in addressing new challenges and providing a world-class education experience to Chinese international students. This year, a sub-theme will be Synergies Between the Education and Tourism Sectors.

NEAS CEO, Dr Pheasant will be moderating the session: Migration – Impact of Policy Reforms with representatives of the Federal Government, Brett Blacker (CEO, English Australia) and James Flannagan (Director – International TAFE NSW).