Congratulations to Albright Institute of Business and Language

NEAS congratulates the Albright Institute of Business and Language for becoming the latest Quality Endorsed Member Centre. Established in 2017, the Albright Institute delivers a range of English language and VET courses in prime locations across four major cities: Melbourne (the Main Centre), Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide. NEAS completed an in-depth assessment of Albright Institute’s application and supporting documents, and followed up with a Virtual Quality Review exercise. NEAS Quality Endorsement is granted and maintained through its 360-degree stakeholder-driven feedback model.

A NEAS Quality Assessor was assigned to conduct structured online meetings and focus group sessions with Albright Institute’s management team, students, teachers, and professional staff. Benefitting from an active marketing department and close links with agents, the Albright Institute continues to recruit onshore students vigorously and showcases a diverse mix of learners from South America, South Asia, and East Asia. The Centre has successfully cultivated a strong sense of community among students and teachers through its social media channels and face-to-face engagement. The Quality Assessor opined: “There is a strong sense that students are well cared for by teachers, professional staff, agents and management. There are plenty of avenues for communication between students and teachers and students and staff members …”


NEAS was thrilled to host its first online agent conference (NEAS-ST Alphito) on 15 July, in partnership with StudyTravel. NEAS thanks ST for their fantastic support in this event.

Seven participating NEAS Member Centres engaged with decision-makers from 24 education agents hailing from around the world, including Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Central Asia, and the Americas. 

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The Future of International Student Lifecycle Management

The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has made the future of international education in Australia uncertain. With forced border closures temporarily halting international student mobility and the need to enforce social distancing, the crisis has caused education providers to question everything, from how they deliver learning, right through to their core underlying business models.

We understand this period will shape the future of international education, and it will be significantly different from the past. Download  this whitepaper to learn:

  1. How to manage your student learning journeys in an age of change
  2. The five focal points of transformation in the international student lifecycle
  3. Why agility, coherence, relevance, and transformation through technology will be critical to leveraging the changing market to secure your future.

For more information about ReadyTech and their next-generation student management system, JR Plus, please visit .

Completing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for your ELT Professional Listing

Did you know that each NEAS Professional Development offering awards you with CPD points? Whiz through our 8, fast-paced core courses and earn 14 CPD points! Then move onto a specialisation area course of your interest to earn another 10! You could easily achieve your yearly 20 CPD point requirement in no time. CPD points are also awarded for engaging with our online content such as webinars, the Quality Learning Series and all the sessions from the NEAS 2021 Conference. And don’t worry about losing track of your points, your tally is calculated by us and added to your ELT Professionals Listing (are you listed yet?). See who’s on the CPD leader board here!

DFAT Grant – NEAS Activity Update

Last month, NEAS was awarded a dedicated grant from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), as part of the Australia-Vietnam Enhanced Economic Engagement Grant (AVEG) Pilot Program. The grant supports NEAS in demonstrating Australian expertise in quality assurance of virtual delivery of English language courses to key Vietnamese Ministries. NEAS has recently drafted its conceptual framework for the specialist workshops to be delivered as part of the program.

NEAS is scheduling a second appointment with decisionmakers in the National Foreign Languages Project (NFLP) to discuss the workshop agenda in detail, ensuring that format and content are tailored to NFLP’s priority needs. NEAS CEO, Dr Patrick Pheasant, is commencing filming as part of his guest appearance for an upcoming TV episode produced in Vietnam, titled, “Preparing for successful study abroad: ELICOS and Pathway programs”. This initiative is part of the Austrade-led “Shine with Australia” campaign, which showcases Australia’s eminence as a preferred study abroad destination. NEAS expresses its deep thanks to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, and Austrade for their ongoing support of NEAS’s work.

Green on Green Course is now endorsed as a Quality Product / Service.

Wolston Correctional Centre on achieving NEAS Quality Endorsement of its Green on Green Course as a Quality Product / Service. The course is innovative and tailored to provide a distinctive solution to adult education and training in the penitentiary environment, extending beyond the traditional ELT ecosystem.

Holistic and self-contained, the course makes use of Peer Tutors, themselves drawn from the inmate population, to be trained and empowered to deliver classes without the presence of external facilitators. This is a pioneering scheme, and the opportunity is presented to develop the course further and expand its use in a wider geography. 

Congratulations ST John’s International College on online course endorsement!

St John’s International College is the international section of St John’s Anglican College, a co-educational Christian school located at Forest Lake, Brisbane. The International College welcomes overseas students aged 6 to 18 years. With the support of a dedicated Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) grant, NEAS reviewed and endorsed St John’s Anglican College’s Online High School Preparation Program. The virtual course benefits from a flexible design that caters to the individual needs and motivations of learners and aligns with the College’s intention to offer lessons to students who may come and go between in-person and online classes. Lessons are planned in detail from the College’s High School Preparation Program, with learning outcomes clearly articulated.

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Congratulations Education Queensland International (EQI) on online course endorsement!

Education Queensland International (EQI) is the international branch of the Queensland Department of Education. Three EQI schools, Mitchelton State High School, Whites Hill State College, and Indooroopilly State High School, have formed a cooperating alliance during the ongoing border closure to achieve efficiencies in its online delivery. The alliance uses the same Learning Management Systems and identical curriculum. Teachers and students are shared. All three NEAS Member Schools benefitted from a Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) initiative to enhance the delivery and marketing of online courses.

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PEARSON Versant English Language Tests Endorsed as Quality Product / Service.

Pearson English on achieving NEAS Quality Endorsement of the Pearson Versant English Language Tests as a Quality Product / Service. NEAS Quality Products and Services benefit the ELT community by delivering aspirational standards in innovation and best practice. This endorsement covers a range of five English tests: the Versant English Test; the Versant Writing Test; the Versant English Placement Test; the Versant Business English Test; and the Versant 4 Skills Essential Test. The NEAS Endorsement Committee was impressed with the products’ use of ground-breaking AI technology and automated test scoring. The flexibility of product application enables users to achieve efficiencies in cost and administration. The products are shaped by extensive research and development and supported through ongoing collaboration with independent international experts for validation studies and updates.

Congratulations to Victorian Institute of Technology (VIT) Melbourne!

Congratulations to: Victorian Institute of Technology (VIT) Melbourne for becoming the latest Quality Endorsed Member Centre, successfully progressing from Pending status. VIT completed its Quality Review after a series of onsite meetings and focus groups, led by a NEAS Quality Assessor. VIT is an established provider of VET and Higher Education programs with a compact ELICOS Centre, located in the Melbourne CBD. It offers General English, EAP and IELTS Preparation courses; most of its current students hail from East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Benefitting from the instruction of highly qualified and experienced teachers, one student commented through an anonymised survey that: ‘VIT is a good learning environment with enthusiastic teachers’. VIT takes great pride in providing high value services to its students, and this is reflected in the structured manner in which the Centre collates and uses feedback from its leaners to drive ongoing improvements. VIT draws on the expertise of multiple governance committees in delivering excellent education and training outcomes.