COVID-19 information and advice

Updated 01 April 2020

NEAS is committed to supporting the ELT community through the COVID-19 outbreak and is providing the following information and advice to help our members:

Support from the Sector to our ELT Community

NEAS is acutely aware of the multiple challenges that are facing all our members currently. With so many variables around staff being tech savvy, technological impediments and best practice for online delivery, sharing of ideas among members is key. Please be generous with your experiences and do not hesitate to contact NEAS for support or to give valuable feedback. Additionally, let us not forget the mental wellbeing of staff and students, which is being tested in this environment.

Throughout these unprecedented times, NEAS is sharing support from specialists within the ELT community and providing resources that can benefit your centre and your staff. See the following communications from the sector, and explore new options that can impact how you operate in this new landscape:


IDP Education has introduced a free online professional development tool for English language teachers. The IELTS Teacher training program covers training for the speaking and writing sections of the popular English language test and is delivered online using official IELTS test samples.

Learn more here.

Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press has provided you a list of our free online resources which have been developed to support teachers around the world.”

Click here for more information on those resources


In this important LinkedIn article, Jarrad Merlo, co-founder and director of teaching and learning at E2Language, explains why quick-fixes such as screensharing documents using Zoom won’t hold for very long and may jeopardize your school, especially if COVID lockdowns extend beyond a month.

Along with some useful online teaching tips, he urges schools to move sooner rather than later to a proper long term online solution and recommends E2Language’s new white-label platform called E2Classroom, which he describes as a purpose-built “digital language school in a box”. 

Click here for more information

The Pie News

Entries for The PIEoneer Awards 2020 are open until 24 April. Enter for your chance to gain global recognition for your work!

Click here for more information


Keep in constant contact with your existing and potential students and agents via sms, email and student portal. Verify who is attending classes, separate potential students (make sure they are not entered as debtors) from genuine starters and check your cash-flow.

Use efficiencies like online payments. VET USI version 3 has arrived.

Read more from the CEO of eBECAS

Meshed Group

At Meshed Group, we provide solutions to support your ELICOS College’s Online Learning Strategies. Talk to one of our consultants to know how we can help you.

Click here for more information


As the world’s only international English language test specifically for healthcare professionals, OET is supporting our community of healthcare professionals and English-language teachers with free English preparation content.

Just like healthcare professionals, we care!

Learn more about how we’re supporting our community.

2020 NEAS Management Conference Update

Each year, we look forward to hosting our members, partners and stakeholders at the NEAS Management Conference to advance global quality assurance in English Language Teaching and come together as a community.

Over the past few weeks, we have been closely monitoring and evaluating the situation around COVID-19 to ensure we take the necessary measures to protect the health and wellbeing of attendees. As a result of the government’s recent banning of events of over 100 people, we have been obliged to enact force majeure and postpone our 2020 conference.

While we are disappointed that we will not be able to run the conference this year, we have commenced plans to bring you a bigger and better event in 2021. Your ticket for this year’s conference can be refunded, transferred or donated to NEAS.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2021 NEAS Management Conference.

Member Information

NEAS is committed to supporting the ELT community through the COVID-19 outbreak and is providing the following information and advice to help our members:

Stay up to date with government advice:

Department of Health

Study in Australia

Department of Education, Skills and Employment

Department of Home Affairs



How centres can be best prepared:

  1. Communicate regularly with students, families, staff, agents and homestay providers on the measures being taken by the centre
  2. Regularly clean surfaces and objects which are touched frequently
  3. Provide sanitisers across your entire centre
  4. Practise social distancing
  5. Cancel excursions and large gatherings
  6. Prepare working-from-home policies, review risk policies and strategies
  7. Appoint a COVID-19 management team or committee to coordinate your centre’s response
  8. Keep records of all decisions, feedback, data, recommendations and outcomes
  9. Notify your regulator (eg ASQA, TEQSA) of your strategies

Provide flexible delivery:

  1. Deliver by phone, email, video conferencing or an online delivery platform
  2. Use flexible attendance monitoring strategies
  3. Identify key learning outcomes and assessment tasks, then modify to suit flexible delivery
  4. Keep records for each student
  5. Train, mentor and coach teachers in online or distance delivery
  6. Explore online ELT providers and the solutions they offer


  1. Take care of your own and your team’s physical and mental health by being supportive
  2. Reach out for help if you need it, ask those around you if they are OK and if they need some help

What NEAS is doing to support the ELT community:

  1. NEAS is hosting upcoming QLS workshops via the online conferencing tool, Zoom
  2. Our next webinar will focus on the COVID-19 response
  3. We are publishing regular Member Alerts and updates
  4. NEAS is exploring providing quality assurance services online
  5. NEAS is here to help with advice, information and solutions