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IELTS has launched a new online test to support students impacted by Covid-19 restrictions

IELTS has launched IELTS Indicator, an online English language test for students not able to attend an IELTS test centre due to the Covid-19 related restrictions.

IELTS Indicator will assess a student’s English language skills in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking in a timed, online test from the comfort of their home.

Ensuring the test focuses on real-life conversation skills, students will conduct their speaking test face to face with a trained IELTS Examiner via video call.

IELTS Indicator content has been developed using the same high-quality standards as for all IELTS tests and has the same format and timing as the in-person IELTS. Tests will be marked by official IELTS Examiners.

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Wednesday, 22 April 02:30pm

Friday, 24 April 11:30am

Tuesday, 28 April 02:30pm

Christine Nuttall, Managing Director IELTS at Cambridge Assessment English, said IELTS Indicator will help both students and education providers during this period of disruption.

“We know that many students have been affected globally by the suspension of in-person testing, with their international education aspirations delayed by Covid-19,” Ms Nuttall said.

“In response to this, the IELTS Partners have developed a test that retains the quality and accuracy of IELTS to give education providers a clear indication of an applicant’s English language skills.

“While it is not intended to replace IELTS, education institutions will be able to use IELTS Indicator results to help assess students’ applications during this period of suspended in-person testing. 

“We recognise this is a difficult time and we want to ensure that education providers are still able to progress students’ applications. IELTS Indicator will provide a reliable, interim measure.

“Once test centres are able to re-open we will work to offer IELTS testing as soon as possible and have programs in place to help address additional demand,” she said.

The Indicator test will be available in selected locations where it is not currently possible to deliver in-person IELTS testing.

In these selected locations, the IELTS Indicator test will be delivered online once a week at scheduled times.

Bookings open from 22 April.

To learn more about IELTS Indicator, please visit or contact IDP Education on

Online IELTS Teacher Training Program by IDP Education

IELTS has launch new online test to support students impacted by Covid-19 restrictions

English language teachers in Australia can now access a professional development program developed by experts from IDP Education.

The ‘IELTS Teacher Training Program’ is free to all Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) who have an interest in helping students prepare for IELTS.

The program covers training for the speaking and writing sections of the popular English language test and is delivered online using official IELTS test samples to demonstrate how tests are marked.

The free program allows TESOL teachers to understand how to use the IELTS public band descriptors as a teaching tool. Importantly, it will assist in teachers understanding the common mistakes preventing some test takers from achieving their desired score. The materials are relevant for both paper and computer delivered IELTS.

“The IELTS Teacher Training Program is yet another way of supporting the English language teaching community,” said Warwick Freeland, Managing Director – IELTS, IDP Education.

“The IELTS Writing and Speaking training courses have been designed to further enhance teachers’ performance and effectiveness as IELTS Speaking and Writing teachers,” Mr Freeland said.

“IELTS is not only is the most respected test of English in the world, but we also offer more free practice material than any other language test.”

“The Teacher Training Program is a perfect way of supporting teachers that support IELTS test takers to achieve their study, work and migration goals,” he said.

At the completion of the course, teachers receive a certificate from IDP IELTS Australia which they can then use as proof of professional development.

For more information about the IELTS Teacher Training Program see: