NEAS Quality Assurance for Education Agents

NEAS Australia is a global leader in quality assurance for the English Language Teaching (ELT) sector and, as such, is widely recognised and respected. NEAS Australia has, for more than 30 years, demonstrated its commitment to professionalism, ethical practices, and high standards in assisting students with their education journey. As an independent body, NEAS continuously improves the Quality Assurance (QA) Framework based on industry-wide research and input. The NEAS standards for  Education Agents can be seen as a benchmark for QA in Australia and beyond. 

NEAS Quality Education Agents are checked and measured by both external and internal benchmarking mechanisms on reliability, credibility and quality through the NEAS Australia Quality Assurance Framework, thus proving their commitment to aspirational quality standards. The endorsement process is a thorough 360-degree evaluation of processes, documentation, staff and training, which can highlight areas for improvement and provide guidance for enhancing the overall quality of Education Agent services. 

NEAS Australia quality endorsed Education Agents are measured against Quality Area J of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework. To qualify for NEAS endorsement Education Agent must demonstrate

1.  an ethical framework that underpins the practices of the agency and its counsellors.

2.  the provision of information to stakeholders that is ethical, accurate and consistent.

3.    effective and transparent governance structures.

4.    a management that supports a performance development culture for counsellors and staff.

5.    that systematic risk management processes are in place.

NEAS Quality Agents are checked and measured by both external and internal benchmarking mechanisms on reliability, credibility and quality through the NEAS Australia Quality Assurance Framework, showing a commitment to aspirational quality standards.

May 2023

Endorsement News – ELSIS

Congratulations to the English Language School in Sydney (ELSIS) on its successful completion of a Quality Assurance Management Meeting, which confirms the Centre’s continued Quality Endorsement.

A structured Management Meeting was conducted as part of an Onsite Visit by the assigned NEAS Quality Assessor. Management Meetings are integral to the ongoing Quality Review cycle. The review exercise covered core areas of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework and additional areas of significance for the Centre. ELSIS has been providing quality English language education for over 30 years and offers a range of courses, including General English, English for Academic Purposes, and Exam Preparation courses. With over 20 teachers employed across two shifts, the Centre has seen a rapid increase in enrolments from students around the world, including Colombia, Brazil, Thailand, Argentina, Korea, Japan, Spain, and Mongolia. Located in the heart of Sydney, ELSIS is dedicated to providing students with high-quality language education.

May 2023

Endorsement News – Academy of English

NEAS congratulates Academy of English for successfully completing a Quality Review Activity. 

Academy of English sits under the Academies Australasia Group, a listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange. Academy of English attracts students from a range of countries including Mongolia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Colombia. The college currently offers General English, EAP and IELTS classes in the morning and evening. Furthermore, students have the option to participate in self-study focused language support classes and practice testing. 

Teachers are allocated to classes based on their experience and qualifications and are supported with regular professional development. Teachers provide consistent feedback to students and students expressed their satisfaction with the way teachers gave feedback and made corrections during class. The students also appreciated the ease with which they can communicate with teachers and Academic Manager regarding concerns and complaints. Students also made positive comments about their experiences going on school excursions. 

Teaching staff strongly felt that they were actively involved in promoting the centre by helping to build its reputation. They spoke about the importance of “building a strong rapport with the students”, “performing our duties well as teachers” and “creating a sense of community for the students to belong to”.

May 2023

Endorsement News – UNSW College

NEAS congratulates UNSW College for becoming our latest Quality Endorsed Member. A division of the University of New South Wales (UNSW), UNSW College delivers preparatory courses to international students aspiring to attend university. UNSW College’s commitment to international and transnational education is evident in its pioneering efforts, including introducing the country’s inaugural Foundation Studies Program and establishing the first university language centre in Australia. Alongside this, UNSW College provides assessment and research services that assist educational institutions, governments, and organisations worldwide. NEAS is pleased to welcome back UNSW College, which first achieved NEAS Accreditation in 1991.

May 2023

Endorsement News – University of New England

The English Language Centre (ELC) at the University of New England (UNE) delivers English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses for students intending to enter a primary course at the University, for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs. Located in Armidale, New South Wales, the Centre is committed to providing a supportive learning environment that encourages students to develop their language skills and achieve success in their studies and beyond. 

Congratulations to UNE on successfully completing the NEAS Quality Review exercise for 2023! This involved structured meetings and focus group discussions with management, students, teachers and professional staff. Anonymised Health Check surveys were used to develop areas of focus for the conduct of the Quality Review, and comprehensive stakeholder feedback was triangulated and mapped to key Principles and Drivers of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework. As part of this onsite assessment, the Centre forwarded videos of recent lessons, and this proved to be useful in observing how the courses are delivered and how the students interact with their teachers and the learning content. For more information on the Quality Assurance Framework, please refer to this section of the NEAS website:  

Students in the Focus Group all agreed that the course was enjoyable and was helping them with their future studies. Students also advised that they were “very happy with my teacher” and that the teachers prepared “very nice lessons for us”. In addition, students were able to talk confidently about the course rubrics and how the teachers “explained them very well”. Teachers were positive about the amount of support they receive from the Centre’s Director and Academic Manager. The Centre has successfully utilised the application of assessment rubrics, which are drawn from the Learning Indicators and Learning Outcomes mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The Centre has excellent ongoing course evaluation processes in place which incorporate teacher and student feedback.

May 2023

Endorsement News – ELT Support

Congratulations to ELT Support for achieving NEAS Endorsement as a Quality Product and Service in the Consulting category. As a consultancy group of experienced English Language Teaching (ELT) professionals, ELT Support is committed to supporting ELICOS colleges and other ELT organisations to establish and maintain best practices to benefit the business, the staff and the students. Drawing on the wealth of knowledge of its staff and actively engaging with industry stakeholders, ELT Support ensures its clients receive the most up-to-date and effective solutions that are aligned with their needs.

NEAS reviewed ELT Support’s professional services using Quality Area K of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework, which focuses on research, purpose, quality maintenance processes, uniqueness and innovation, and contributions to the ELT community. The diligence of ELT Support’s project management methodology and their ability to customise projects to meet their clients’ direct needs were particularly impressive. ELT Support has also exhibited a strong commitment to stakeholder feedback, which informs a continuous cycle of improvement. The organisation’s staff is commended for their active engagement in industry outreach roles and presenting at industry forums.

For further information on Quality Area K and the NEAS Quality Framework, please visit  ELT Support’s achievement of NEAS Endorsement is a testament to their dedication to providing high-quality services to the ELT community.

May 2023

NEAS Endorsement News – TPL

Congratulations to TPL Education on achieving NEAS Endorsement in the Quality Education Agent category. An Australian-registered education and consultant agency, TPL Education began recruiting international students in 2021 and now has two offices in two countries (Melbourne, Australia and Bangkok, Thailand), recruiting students exclusively from Thailand. TPL Education has partnership agreements with 22 Australian education providers (some of which are NEAS Quality Endorsed Centres). TPL Education is a registered member of the Professional International Education Resources (PIER) platform. It is also a member of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA).

NEAS assessed TPL Education’s application using Quality Area J of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework, focussing on these important principles: the presence of an ethical framework underpinning the practices of the agency and its counsellors; provision of information to stakeholders that is ethical, accurate and consistent; use of governance structures that are effective and transparent; supporting a performance and development culture for staff; implementing systematic risk management processes; routinely obtaining stakeholder feedback to inform the continuous improvement of services. More information on Area J can be referenced here:  

NEAS applies a 360-degree stakeholder feedback model in its review processes. Commendably, students interviewed as part of the review highlighted that TPL Education staff were professional, quick to respond and assisted them throughout the entire journey from enquiring about the course to induction into the environment of their target destination. The partner providers and students interviewed confirmed that TPL Education seeks regular feedback from them regarding their services. The interviewed students also mentioned the helpful support services that were offered to them by TPL Education.

May 2023

University Queensland College

NEAS Congratulates the University of Queensland College (UQ College) on the endorsement of The International Diploma in Language Teaching Management IDLTM as an Online Product.

IDLTM is a seven-month postgraduate qualification designed for experienced ELT managers and prospective managers who are seeking practical management skills and relevant workplace understanding. This course is suitable for experienced professionals working in positions that include operational management responsibilities.

IDLTM was originally developed by the former Institute of Continuing and TESOL Education (ICTE) at the University of Queensland in collaboration with SIT Graduate Institute, USA and Cambridge English. Since its initial launch in 2001, various changes to the course have been instituted to ensure it remains current and able to meet the changing needs of academic managers over time.

In a recent response to the COVID-19 pandemic and following two major curriculum reviews, the course has developed through changes to material and training approaches and has been relaunched in a new entirely online format.

The new, online format incorporates recorded video input sessions for asynchronous viewing, coupled with live synchronous online sessions using, broadly, a flipped classroom approach in an innovative way to replace the previously face-to-face training room sessions. Initial feedback regarding this approach from participants in the first such group has been very positive. One student said ‘’ I’m getting enormous benefits from the IDLTM. It’s as engaging and varied in its interactions and modes of study as I’d hoped it would be, and it’s even more relevant and practical in relation to my work than I’d expected.”, another student commented: “what I’m learning is enlightening, applicable to my situation, and will continue to be useful as I progress in my career”.

February 2023

Congratulations to Macquarie University

Congratulations to Macquarie University on achieving NEAS Endorsement for its English Medium Instruction (EMI) Course Suite, offered by the Macquarie University EMI Centre. The EMI Centre focuses on designing and delivering bespoke programs for higher education providers using English as the medium of instruction. As part of its customised services, the EMI Centre specialises in developing the English language proficiency of educators, as well as methodology and best practice for teaching in English.

NEAS reviewed the EMI Course Suite using Quality Area K of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework, focussing the assessment on these key features of the target program: its underlying research; its fulfilment of purpose; its processes for maintaining quality; its uniqueness and innovation; and its contribution to the English Language Teaching (ELT) community. More information on Area K can be referenced here:  

The EMI Course Suite was commended for the extensive research undertaken, and the expertise of its staff. The comprehensive needs analysis of the varying markets in Asia Pacific and Latin America, and the flexibility in the development and delivery of bespoke programs to suit client needs, were noted highlights. An EMI Centre Advisory Board has been established to provide ongoing guidance to quality assure the EMI Course Suite, and best practice industry standards are used to validate decisions and design. The EMI Course Suite aims to assist educational institutions globally to address the gap between policy and practice in the delivery of courses in English and enhance the skills of professionals within the client institutions.

February 2023

Get ahead and plan your future PD!

Communities of Practice: Arts Based Pedagogy

When: 24 March, 15:00 AEDT
Type: In-person Workshop
Registration: $10
CPD Points: 10

Arts based pedagogy in English language teaching (ELT) incorporates visual and performing arts into the learning process to engage students in a creative and dynamic way. This approach recognizes the power of art to foster critical thinking, cultural awareness, and emotional intelligence. By using art as a tool for language development, students can experience the joy of expression and build a deeper connection to the language. Arts based pedagogy also encourages collaboration, communication, and the development of intercultural competencies, making it an effective and enriching addition to any ELT curriculum.

Drama is a powerful tool that can be used in English language teaching (ELT) to help students develop their language skills and cultural awareness in a fun and engaging way. Drama activities such as role-plays, improvisations, and scripted scenes can provide students with opportunities to practice their language skills in meaningful and authentic contexts. It can also help students build confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills, while promoting collaboration, social interaction and keeping students engaged and motivated. 

This Arts Based Pedagogy Community of Practice (COP) Workshop is for teaching professionals who would like to embed the arts and drama into their teaching repertoire. The workshop will shine a spotlight on the benefits of alternative teaching methods in the ELT classroom and provides participants with a supportive structure to begin their journey into the world of the arts in ELT. 

Topics up for investigation in this COP include 

·      the power of the arts and drama in teaching 

·      reflective self-assessment 

·      further professional development opportunities

So, what are you waiting for? Book your place here to avoid disappointment!