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Change Management: Leading Transformation of Teacher Observations

In this session explore innovative approaches to teacher observation, including ways in which evaluative assessments may be tailored to professional development opportunities fostering comprehensive teacher growth.

Gain insights into leading teachers through communication strategies, training and phased implementation.

Building Resilient ELT Institutions

Discover the critical role of organisational resilience in ELT institutions and explore essential strategies for fostering resilience both at the institutional level and within individual teams, facilitating adaptability and perseverance in the face of challenges.

Explore innovative approaches to building a resilient culture, empowering staff members to embrace change, overcome adversity, and drive continuous improvement.

Understand the fundamental principles of organisational resilience and its significance in ensuring the long-term success of ELT institutions. Discover how resilient organisations can effectively navigate uncertainties, adapt to changing circumstances, and thrive in dynamic educational landscapes.

Building a Quality Culture: Leadership’s Role in Institutional Transformation

Join us in this workshop as we explore the role of leadership in driving institutional transformation by fostering a culture of quality. Drawing from her experience, our presenter will provide insights into the strategies employed, the challenges encountered, and the keys to success in sustaining a quality-centric culture during times of change.

Attendees will gain practical knowledge and actionable strategies to promote a culture of quality within their own organisations, empowering them to navigate change effectively. Don’t miss this opportunity to leverage these insights to drive meaningful transformation within your institution.

March 2024

Congratulations to Universal English (UE)!

NEAS extends congratulations to Universal English (UE) for the successful completion of a Quality Review Activity. Located in Melbourne CBD, Universal English (UE) serves as the central office for the Universal Learning Group, comprising the Universal Institute of Technology, The William Light Institute, and Universal Higher Education.

The campus features well-equipped facilities, including computer labs, a library, comfortable breakout areas on each level, a dining area, and a cafe-like space offering barista courses and coffee services. UE’s student body is diverse, welcoming students from many countries, including Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Turkey, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, and Mongolia. These students are enrolled in a variety of courses including General English, Cambridge FCE, IELTS Exam Preparation, and the unique UE Active Conversation in English (ACE) course.

Committed to enhancing oral communication skills and fostering cultural integration, UE organises Active English weeks and various social activities, showcasing dedication to holistic language education.

March 2024

Congratulations to ReadyTeacher!

ReadyTeacher is a dynamic technology platform connecting educators with top-tier institutions offering ELICOS and VET programs, both in-person and online, including offshore courses. ReadyTeacher’s mission is to revolutionise the way education providers find specialised teachers, making it as simple as a click of a button.

NEAS is pleased to assess and endorse ReadyTeacher in the category of Quality Products and Services (Area K). The Quality Principles of Area K focus on these features of the target Product and Service: its underlying research; its fulfilment of purpose; its processes for maintaining quality; its uniqueness and innovation; and its contribution to the ELT community. Detailed information on Area K of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework can be referenced here:

ReadyTeacher was developed after identifying gaps in on-demand teacher hiring and feedback from stakeholders requesting a centralised pool of qualified teachers. It benefits teachers with flexible work and diverse experiences, centres with streamlined hiring and teacher quality, and the ELT industry with improved reputation and recruitment practices. Software developers were engaged from the start to ensure compliance and suitability of the technology.

ReadyTeacher offers a comprehensive platform for client centres, including payroll management, lesson planning, and professional development. It provides a 90-minute turnaround for teacher relief and access to a wide pool of on-demand teachers across major cities through its user-friendly mobile app. Pricing is competitive, saving on payroll and recruitment costs. The service also offers biweekly lesson planning support and mandatory professional development for teachers.

NEAS was particularly impressed with the quantity and quality of research and development, industry consultation and stakeholder feedback that has gone into ReadyTeacher. The involvement of software developers and early adopters in the initial development and piloting phase is also to be commended. NEAS notes ReadyTeacher’s aim as a transformative resource geared towards innovative 21st century solutions to a persistent issue within the ELT and other educational settings.

March 2024

Congratulations to ILSC Sydney!

Congratulations to ILSC Sydney on the successful completion of its Quality Review activity with NEAS.

ILSC Sydney is part of the wider ILSC group, established 31 years ago, with a global presence including colleges in Canada, the USA, India, and Australia. The Sydney campus is strategically located on George Street within the iconic Woolworths Building. The two-floor facility serves as a vibrant hub for English language teaching and learning. ILSC Sydney offers courses in General English, FCE, CAE, IELTS Mastery, and EAP, accommodating over 1,000 students across three shifts.

Participants in the Student Focus Group expressed satisfaction with their learning outcomes, highlighting the quality of instruction and describing their experience as ‘very good’. Beyond the classroom, students enjoy diverse opportunities to enhance their language skills through activities such as job clubs, foosball games in common areas, and informal gatherings in the lounge/kitchen spaces, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Teachers in the Focus Group are pleased to be part of the ILSC teaching team. They appreciated the wealth of resources available and their seamless access to instant IT support during teaching sessions.

Management’s commitment to fostering a “school ethos” and a “community feel” is evident in their efforts to promote coordination and networking among colleagues. This initiative aims to create a supportive environment where professionals can build a rewarding career path within the ILSC community.

March 2024

Congratulations to Acknowledge Education (AE) Melbourne!

Congratulations to Acknowledge Education (AE) Melbourne centre on successfully completing a Quality Review Activity with NEAS.

Since merging under the Acknowledge Education umbrella in June 2022, AE has undergone significant restructuring, including a rebrand. All four education institutions – Melbourne Language Centre, Stott’s College, Front Cooking School, and Acknowledge Creativity – have seamlessly merged under the unified logo of Acknowledge Education (AE). As part of this transformation, the centre has implemented a formal and scheduled system for assessment validation and moderation, established a more structured professional development program for staff, and transitioned to an online format for student feedback, aligning with NEAS recommendations.
Catering to a diverse student body primarily from China and Vietnam, alongside students from India, Thailand, and the Philippines, AE offers High School Preparation (HSP) to under 18s at its Exhibition Street campus, while its Bourke Street Campus focuses on General English (GE) for adults.
AE’s dedication to student welfare is exemplified through initiatives like the Your Care Team and the provision of counselling services.
The centre’s commitment to continual improvement underscores its dedication to delivering an enhanced ELT experience for both students and teachers.

March 2024

Conference Countdown: Only 7 More Weeks!


With a focus on wellbeing and mental health, this panel discussion highlights the importance of sustaining the wellbeing of students and teachers in the ELT sector, making it especially relevant in today’s context. Our esteemed panellists, experts in the industry, will share valuable insights and explore effective strategies to support the wellbeing of educators and learners.

In the dynamic landscape of the ELT industry, the mental health and wellbeing of educators and international students are paramount. As the sector changes and evolves, educators and students face increasing pressure and stress. This panel discussion serves as a platform to address these challenges, offering practical solutions and fostering a supportive community.

One of the ways on which we serve our members at NEAS is to frame discussion and create a space for knowledge sharing. We expect this session to have an influence over education support for teachers and students in the community. 

March 2024

NEAS Connects with ASEAN and Its Region – AUN-QA Roundtable

Back on Australian soil NEAS Australia’s CEO Adam Kilburn attended the AUN-QA Roundtable in Melbourne on 1 March and will be going to the APAIE in Perth next week 4 – 8 March 2024.

Here with Dr Choltis Dhirathiti of the ASEAN University Network and Michael Fay, Director of ASEAN Focus Group (AFG) Venture Group, NEAS CEO Adam Kilburn has spent time discussing partnerships between the ASEAN University Network and Victorian Universities at this important roundtable.

Discussions around emphasising the importance of multilateral, global relationships will continue at the APAIE conference in Perth. Adam will be speaking to many of our ASEAN partners there.

March 2024

NEAS Connects with ASEAN and Its Region – CamTESOL Conference

At CamTESOL Phnom Penh, Peetra Lechte, NEAS’ Communications Manager was joined by Adam Kilburn, CEO to present on QA and Leadership is the New Normal, highlighting the importance of Quality Assurance in the ELT sector.

QA & Leadership have become part of our everyday existence; we no longer resist the idea of ‘auditing’ or see it as some kind of punishment. Instead, we have come to understand that it is indeed a beneficial part of a reflective practice. Without a QA framework and expert leaders to guide us, we would not know what or how to improve.

In order to strengthen multilateral relationships between ASEAN, Australia and internationally, with English as the lingua franca, the importance of English language proficiency is constantly intensifying. It is commonly recognised that good quality English language tuition is central to career capital and that by possessing good English language proficiency, international employment and further study prospects will expand, lifestyles can be elevated and healthy competition in the world of jobseekers will be bolstered.

March 2024

NEAS Connects with ASEAN and Its Region – GPEX Partners Conference

Last week saw NEAS represented at the GPEX Conference in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and at CamTESOL in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

At the GPEX Partners Conference NEAS CEO, Adam Kilburn and Education Manager, Rima Ibrahim, presented on the importance of Teacher Training through ongoing Professional Development, mentoring programs and support from management. Their focus included throwing a spotlight on the importance of teacher training to quality. By ensuring teachers receive comprehensive PD, the quality of their teaching will elevate, resulting in a quality learning experience for students.

This presentation also explored the evolution of English Language Teaching, witnessing NEAS dynamically adapt its quality standards to the changing educational landscape. From traditional chalkboards to cutting-edge chatbots, NEAS facilitates excellence, guiding ELT’s transformative journey with insight and adaptability.

March 2024

Changing of the guard

We’re making some changes at NEAS, including with our staffing.  Silvia Loss is moving into the Communications role vacated by Peetra Lechte. 

Although Peetra will be stepping down from this full-time post, she will continue her activity in the Quality Assurance space as an experienced Quality Assessor. She looks forward to catching up with you there!

In addition, Peetra will be progressing NEAS’ international connections and projects and is excited to nurture the friendships she has established between NEAS and overseas partners in the ASEAN region and the Middle East. So, please don’t consider her gone, but simply as taking a side-step. 

Silvia comes to NEAS with solid experience in the ELT sector and is excited to embark on this new chapter in her career – we welcome her with open arms!

March 2024