NEAS Management Conference 2024

Quality Revolution: Rethinking, Reshaping, and Redefining Excellence in ELT

This theme challenges the traditional notions of quality assurance in English Language Teaching (ELT), management, and leadership, urging participants to envision and drive a paradigm shift in how we perceive and ensure excellence in English language education.

It encourages a deep dive into innovative approaches, disruptive strategies, and transformative frameworks that redefine quality assurance practices. It aims to inspire provocative discussions, ignite change-driven thinking, and propel participants towards reimagining and reshaping the future of ELT quality assurance.

January 2024


Wishing you a joyous and exuberant New Year and may this year be a vibrant tapestry of delightful moments and incredible adventures. Here’s to new beginnings, cherished memories, and an abundance of positivity that will brighten your days throughout the year ahead. Happy New Year!

As 2024 bounces its way in, we are thrilled to welcome you all back from what was hopefully a cosy and enjoyable end-of-year break.

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January 2024

Happy Holidays!

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The NEAS Office will be closed Monday 25 Dec 2023 – Friday 5 Jan 2024 (inclusive)

NEAS congratulates Moreton Bay College (MBC) International on successfully completing a quality review activity!

MBC International conducted a Self-Assessment activity, focusing on evaluating current practices and formulating strategies for continuous improvement. This process aligns with NEAS’s Quality Assurance Framework, enabling members to assess their operations against established standards. MBC International is commended for reflecting on three chosen Quality Principles and developing action plans with specificity, measurability, achievability, relevance, and time-bound criteria.

Student and staff surveys conducted during this period will serve as metrics to measure improvements. MBC International’s Self-Assessment, characterised by strategic planning and a commitment to continuous improvement, reflects the Centre’s dedication to maintaining high standards in line with the NEAS Standards.

December 2023

Congratulations to Southern Cross University (SCU) for successfully completing a quality review activity with NEAS!

Three key action items were identified in the Self-Assessment exercise, pertaining to Quality Areas A: Teaching, Learning, and Assessment; C: Resources and Facilities; and D: Administration Management and Staffing of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework.

The selection of Quality Principles was based on feedback from the Centre’s previous NEAS Quality Review in 2022 and its significant application to the Centre’s strategic planning.

This Self-reflection activity reveals that the SCU has implemented some of the advice provided by NEAS during the Quality Review in 2022, emphasising the Centre’s commitment to continuous improvement and responsiveness to feedback.

December 2023

Congratulations to Australian Catholic University (ACU) Sydney on completing a successful NEAS quality review activity.  

ACU Sydney is located in a picturesque suburb of North Sydney boasting stunning views of Sydney Harbour. The English Language Centre, located on Level 4, 8-20 Napier Street, features a newly renovated floor and modern classrooms.

The Centre grants students access to facilities and services within the wider university, including a modern library and sports facilities. Welcoming students from diverse countries including India, Nepal, Vietnam, Kenya, and South Asia, ACU Sydney fosters a multicultural learning environment. 

ACU Sydney offers students extensive support services and maintains a dedicated emphasis on student wellbeing. Students can access support through virtual and face-to-face avenues. The University further facilitates student safety through the ‘Safe Zone’ app allowing students to promptly notify the university of their location in case they feel unsafe on or off campus.

Teachers at the Centre expressed satisfaction with the management’s approachable style and felt supported and well-resourced to deliver engaging lessons. 

Students in the focus group spoke about caring teachers, excellent courses, and an environment where students are looked after and respected. 

December 2023

NEAS congratulates Hills Language College on successfully completing a quality review activity.

NEAS congratulates Hills Language College on successfully completing a quality review activity.

Hills Language College conducted a self-assessment, evaluating practices across three quality areas aligned with the Centre’s strategic goals for 2023/2024. The action items in the self-assessment focused on internal review and evaluation processes, emphasising their impact on the Centre’s strategic planning.

This self-reflection highlights the Centre’s dedication to continuous improvement, the well-being and success of its students, and its pivotal role in delivering quality education to international students.

December 2023

NEAS congratulates Union Institute of Language (UIL)!

Union Institute of Language (UIL) is situated in Springfield, Brisbane, was acquired by the University of Southern Queensland (Uni SQ) in late 2022. Despite the ownership change, the day-to-day operations remain the responsibility of the previous owners, preserving the college’s distinctive culture. The institution places a strong emphasis on programs designed for students under 18, and recent adjustments have been implemented to enrich pathways for students on university pathways. 

UIL prioritises the well-being of students under 18, exemplified by the arrangement of a UIL employee to welcome all new students upon their arrival at Brisbane airport, providing transportation to their designated homestay placements. This personalised welcome not only ensures a smooth transition but also includes part orientation during the drive. 

UIL offers a varied selection of games and equipment for activity days, enhancing students’ social experiences at school. Teachers have expressed satisfaction with the Centre’s encouragement to explore innovative resources, as well as the office space that facilitates collaborative and creative development of teaching materials.

Activity days for Under-18s are integral to the UIL’s curriculum, contributing to student motivation and aiding in the adjustment to the Australian schooling system.

December 2023

NEAS congratulates Global Experience on its endorsement in the category of Quality Products and Services – Homestay Service Providers

NEAS is pleased to assess and endorse Global Experience in the category of Quality Products and Services (Area O – Homestay Service Providers). The Quality Principles of Area O focus on the following critical aspects of the vendor’s service: its governance and management practices; the provision of a safe and comfortable living environment for students; its support for student welfare arrangements; and the training of host families for student welfare and wellbeing. Detailed information on Area O of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework can be referenced here:  

Established in 1999, Global Experience provides homestay solutions for international students, offering standard, self-catered, and VIP options. The services extend to caregiving, airport transfers, and study tours. Over the years, Global Experience has expanded its reach to accommodate 120,000 students through a network of host families spanning Sydney and beyond. The organisation emphasises a distinctive approach, fostering a warm and personal culture. It attracts families and staff who align with the ethos of bridging gaps between students, families, and institutions.

NEAS commends Global Experience for its outstanding performance. Partnering with over 20 educational institutions and numerous education agents, the company facilitates suitable placements for students. A custom database, established over a decade ago, enables efficient access to placement and payment data, compliance reminders for hosts, and storage of stakeholder feedback. The company stays current with industry trends through active engagement with ISANA and participation in international education events. Global Experience prioritises clarity in communication, using plain English, logical headings, and graphical representations to simplify agreements and rules. The user-friendly website further enhances accessibility.

December 2023

Congratulations to Albright Institute Brisbane!

Albright Institute Brisbane is conveniently situated on Adelaide Street in the heart of Brisbane City, making it an accessible choice for prospective students. The Centre offers two shifts, catering to both morning and evening schedules. Approximately 50% of Albright Brisbane’s students transition into higher education pathways via Albright’s pathway agreements, which include partnerships with Torrens University, Southern Cross University, University of Southern Queensland, and Griffith University.

The Centre is committed to student success and runs weekly national ELICOS meetings, where the focus is on students and forecasting class requirements for the upcoming week. 

To enhance the student experience, Albright Institute Brisbane hosts an English club twice a month, fostering language proficiency and a sense of community. The Centre also organises pre-planned excursions, taking advantage of its proximity to various culturally enriching sites.

December 2023