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The end of the year is rushing upon us and for those of you who have been unable to attend a previous webinar about IELTS One Skill Retake, we’re squeezing a couple more in before 2024.

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12 December 2023, 2pm AEDT

14 December 2023, 11am AEDT

ACTION REQUIRED: Your organisation will need to let us know you want to receive and verify IELTS One Skill Retake results. Find out more at the webinar.

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About IELTS One Skill Retake

One Skill Retake allows test takers to retake one section of the IELTS test. This will give applicants who may not have performed to the best of their ability on test day another opportunity to meet an organisation’s language requirements without needing to retake a full IELTS test.

IELTS One Skill Retake is currently available for test takers in over 90 countries and will continue to be launched around the world where the IELTS test is available.

IELTS One Skill Retake is accepted by the immigration authorities in Australia and UK. A growing number of professional associations, universities and other education institutions globally also use IELTS One Skill Retake to attract the broadest range of high-quality applicants.

This webinar is for organisations that use IELTS results for admission and registration purposes.

 Information provided will include:

  • What IELTS One Skill Retake is
  • The benefits of IELTS One Skill Retake for test takers and organisations
  • An example of an IELTS One Skill Retake Test Report Form

December 2023

Myanmar English Language College Seeks Australian Foundation Partner


We are a quality English language college seeking to connect with a NEAS Member Centre to deliver a University Foundation Program in our Centre in Myanmar.

Who we are

STARFISH Education is the first NEAS Member Centre in Myanmar. Established in 2008, STARFISH Education has consistently demonstrated its commitment to enhancing the English language proficiency of Myanmar’s young learners.

Before the pandemic, STARFISH Education maintained four physical Centres in Yangon and Mandalay. These Centres were dedicated to offering English language Proficiency courses and Test Preparation Courses such as IELTS, TOEFL and SAT.

Over the past three years, STARFISH Education has made a significant transition to become a proficient online English language provider and now offers education in a hybrid virtual and in-person format.

Partnership request

STARFISH Education trains and educates numerous high school students, many of whom aspire to pursue studies abroad in English-speaking countries, including Australia, the UK, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Singapore.

In our commitment to prepare and acculturate students for overseas learning, we are in the initial phases of developing a University Foundation Program, designed to elevate both their English language proficiency and study skills.

Our goal is to assist students transition successfully to higher education overseas. With this in mind, we aim to commence our efforts in Australia and establish our inaugural pathway partnership with an Australian education provider.

Please connect with me

We would be thrilled to hear from you. For additional details on partnership opportunities, please feel free to contact me directly:

Mr Daniel Sang, CEO and Founder, STARFISH Education


T:  +959782006953 (Myanmar) | +66639394461 (Thailand)

Ever thought about endorsing your Products and Services?

Endorsing ELT (English Language Teaching) products and services with NEAS Australia can bring advantages and credibility to such offerings. NEAS already endorses a number of different high-quality products and services that benefit the English language teaching community. These include testing, to online courses, publishing and research services and technology and training.

Endorsing products or services with NEAS signifies that they have undergone a thorough evaluation and meet the high standards set by NEAS. NEAS endorsed products and services are assessed against quality area K of the NEAS quality assurance framework, which include the specific principles:

· K1: Development of the product or service is underpinned by substantial research

· K2: The product or service effectively fulfils its purpose 

· K3: Processes are in place to maintain the quality of the product or service 

· K4: The product or service demonstrates unique elements and innovation 

· K5: The product or service contributes to the advancement of education, specifically English language teaching and cultural development in the community.

Endorsed Products and Services are featured on the NEAS Products & Services webpage, receive the Endorsed Product & Service badge and become part of the NEAS quality ELT community.  The advantage for the organisation is that the badge can be shared and used for marketing  on the organisation’s websites, business cards and brochures. Brandishing the NEAS tick allows organisations and/or individuals to stand out from the crowd.

Once a centre has endorsed a single or multiple Products and Services, the centre will have access to professional development for all staff at NEAS Online which has over 150 courses Webinars and Masterclasses. Membership benefits also include promotional opportunities for advertorial, for space on the NEAS News subscription, and membership-priced tickets to the NEAS Management conference.

In short, endorsing ELT products and services with NEAS brings the benefits of quality assurance, industry recognition, competitive advantage, networking opportunities, and access to professional development and support, making it a valuable choice for any business seeking to establish credibility and expand their reach in the English language teaching market.

July 2023

NEAS Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (COPs) play a crucial role at NEAS Australia in fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and professional development among English language teaching (ELT) professionals. Some key reasons for their importance are:

1.     Expertise Development: COPs bring together individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. By sharing their experiences, resources, and innovative teaching techniques, members can enhance their skills and knowledge in ELT. This contributes to the overall professional development of educators and promotes excellence in teaching.

2.     Quality Assurance: NEAS Australia aims to uphold high standards in ELT. COPs provide a space for educators to discuss and align their practices with NEAS quality benchmarks. Through collective problem-solving and continuous improvement, community members can contribute to the refinement and enhancement of teaching methodologies, assessment practices, and program design.

3.     Networking and Collaboration: COPs facilitate networking and collaboration opportunities. Educators can connect with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and build partnerships. This collaborative environment allows for the creation of joint projects, research initiatives, and resource development, fostering innovation and advancing the field of ELT.

4.     Peer Support and Mentoring: COPs provide a supportive environment where educators can seek guidance, advice, and mentorship from their peers. This support network encourages professional growth, boosts morale, and helps educators navigate challenges in their teaching practice.

May 2023

NEAS Professional Development

NEAS PD programs are designed to provide ongoing training and support to ELT professionals, ensuring they stay updated with the latest methodologies, best practices, and advancements in the field. 

NEAS PD programs are developed in consultation with industry experts and offer a range of topics, including language teaching methodologies, assessment strategies, technology integration, and more. Participants can deepen their understanding of effective pedagogical approaches, exchange ideas with peers, and reflect on their teaching methods. NEAS PD caters for different levels of experience, allowing both novice and experienced ELT professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge, with the aim of improving student outcomes.

ELT professionals can also gain CPD points, which are a valued component of ongoing professional growth.

May 2023

NEAS QA Framework

The NEAS Quality Assurance (QA) Framework is a comprehensive system designed to ensure and enhance the quality of English Language Teaching (ELT) institutions, education agents, products and services and individuals. 

The NEAS QA Framework encompasses various elements, including curriculum design, teaching and learning practices, student support services, staff qualifications and professional development, student assessment procedures, and overall management and governance of ELT institutions. It sets out standards and benchmarks that institutions must meet to attain NEAS endorsement.

The framework involves a rigorous process of self-assessment, external evaluation, and ongoing monitoring. Institutions undergo regular QA activities to assess compliance with the NEAS standards and guidelines. The framework encourages continuous improvement and supports ELT providers in maintaining high-quality standards by offering feedback, guidance, and professional development opportunities.

NEAS endorsement signifies that an ELT institution, Education Agent or individual meets the required quality standards and provides assurance to students, agents, parents and other stakeholders. It promotes transparency, accountability, and best practices within the ELT sector, ultimately contributing to the overall quality of English language education in Australia and worldwide.

May 2023

Only 2 weeks to go!

It’s really getting exciting now – we only have fourteen days before it is the 2023 NEAS Management Conference week, and the NEAS team is beavering away behind the scenes to perfect the event details to make it your most enjoyable and fruitful conference experience yet. If you haven’t got your conference and Gala Dinner tickets yet, there are still a few left, so hurry and buy now!

So, what do we have lined up for you? 

As you know this year is different as the conference runs for three days with more than 70 presenters at two venues: UTS – 3 May and Doltone House – 4, 5 May. 

Day Two (4 May) features plenary speakers such as Ms Leigh Sales AM, Professor Tyrone Carlin, Dr Georgi Toma, Dr Choltis Dhrathiti and Mr Michael fay. But the international presence does not stop there! We are thrilled to share the news that we will have Councillor (Waskam) Emelda Davis from the City of Sydney Council formally opening the conference. Councillor Davis will be joined by five eminent colleagues, including High Commissioner Samson Vilvil Fare of the Vanuatu Government at the Gala Dinner on Thursday Evening. 

Day Three (5 May) will see a plethora of speakers, Communities of Practice and In Focus panel discussions – there will be three rooms open, running parallel programs and this smorgasbord of interesting topics provides something for everyone. To top it all off we are honoured to have His Excellency Vasyl Myroshnychenko wrap up our momentous conference with the Closing Plenary speech.

If you want more, then join the Day One extra, special, full-day Professional Academic Manager Training Workshop at UTS College, Ultimo, Sydney on Day One. This is targeted exclusively at new and aspiring Academic Managers and is worth 10 CPD points. There are just 25 places available, so if you are quick, you might just snaffle one of the last tickets!

Speaker Spotlight

Jason West is the Convenor of the COP Workshop: Leadership in ELT.

He is Director of Studies at UTS College where he leads and manages the delivery of the Academic English curriculum, for both face to face, and live online teaching modes. In addition Jason also supports Academic Managers across the transnational partner network, based in China (EIC, SILC), (South) Korea (IEN), Vietnam (ACET), Myanmar (AEC) and the UTS College Sri Lanka who all deliver the UTS College’s English curriculum. Jason is focused on high quality outcomes and standardisation of delivery regardless of location.

Sophie O’Keefe is a speaker in the COP Workshop: Leadership in ELT.

She is the PD Manager at English Australia and as such her role is to drive the development of professional standards for English Australia Member Colleges and the ELICOS sector. She manages a range of specific projects including the English Australia Conference; the English Australia Journal; the English Australia Action Research in ELICOS Program; English Australia Special Interest Groups (SIGs); English Australia Guides to Best Practice in ELICOS and the English Australia Continuing Professional Development Program.

March 2023

Professional Academic Manager Training Workshop


Day ONE of the 2023 NEAS Management Conference on 3 May is shaping up to be a day of interaction, lively debate and the sharing of QA tips and tricks for new and aspiring Academic Managers. This workshop is worth 10 CPD points and will be held at at UTS College, Lvl 13, 235 Jones St, Broadway, Sydney.

If you are new to academic management or aspiring to become involved in academic management, this is the workshop for you! There are only 25 places available and registrations are selling fast! You can secure your spot here.

In Session 1 Rima Ibrahim, Education Manager from NEAS Australia will be facilitating the workshop: ABCs of Academic Management – NEAS Guidelines for Academic Managers. 

In Session 2 Daniel Yuen, Operations Manager from NEAS Australia will be facilitating the workshop: What is the difference between Manager and Leader? 

In Session 3 Peetra Lechte, Communications Manager from NEAS Australia will be facilitating this workshop: Empowering and engaging with teachers to navigate a digital world as their Academic Manager. 

In Session 4 Patrick Pheasant, CEO from NEAS Australia will be facilitating this workshop:Teacher or Artist? 

All workshops will include interactive dialogue and brainstorming activities to stimulate discussion and ideas, while exchanging guiding principles and strategies.

March 2023

This Week’s Ukraine Workshop Series Presenter

This week we welcome Dr Oksana King to the Ukraine Workshop Series. She is an experienced TESOL professional who has been teaching English to migrants and international students in Australia for 20 years.  She has held positions of Curriculum Coordinator and Director of Studies at Monash University and Melbourne’s training organisations.  She currently teaches on the Adult Migrant English Program at Holmesglen Institute in Melbourne’s south-east. As a migrant from Ukraine herself, Oksana is active in the Ukrainian community and is the Principal of the Ukrainian Community School in Melbourne.

Her presentation The Australian ELT Teacher Experience with Ukrainian War Migrants draws on Australian ELT teachers’ experience of teaching recent migrants from Ukraine and provide hands-on language teaching strategies that are both educational and respectful of the learners’ lived war experiences in Ukraine. The presentation will demonstrate how language learned through the senses can be both instructive and therapeutic.

March 2023