NEAS QA Framework

The NEAS Quality Assurance (QA) Framework is a comprehensive system designed to ensure and enhance the quality of English Language Teaching (ELT) institutions, education agents, products and services and individuals. 

The NEAS QA Framework encompasses various elements, including curriculum design, teaching and learning practices, student support services, staff qualifications and professional development, student assessment procedures, and overall management and governance of ELT institutions. It sets out standards and benchmarks that institutions must meet to attain NEAS endorsement.

The framework involves a rigorous process of self-assessment, external evaluation, and ongoing monitoring. Institutions undergo regular QA activities to assess compliance with the NEAS standards and guidelines. The framework encourages continuous improvement and supports ELT providers in maintaining high-quality standards by offering feedback, guidance, and professional development opportunities.

NEAS endorsement signifies that an ELT institution, Education Agent or individual meets the required quality standards and provides assurance to students, agents, parents and other stakeholders. It promotes transparency, accountability, and best practices within the ELT sector, ultimately contributing to the overall quality of English language education in Australia and worldwide.

May 2023