Ailsa Lamont

On Friday 10 May: 11:50 – 12:25, Ailsa Lamont will be presenting on Greening ELT: Sustainability Practices, a Quality Revolution

Ailsa is a co-founder of the International Education Sustainability Group which provides climate-focused risk management, benchmarking and data for the international education sector. 

She is also Co-founder and was the foundation Chair of CANIE, the Climate Action Network for International Educators, a grassroots global network from 2019 to 2023. 

Her experience includes terms as international director and pro vice-chancellor international at three Australian universities, during which time she was responsible (at CQUniversity) for combining four ELICOS centres into a national operation which received commendations from NEAS for high quality. 


Congratulations to Password English Language Test on receiving its NEAS Quality Endorsement!

Congratulations to Password English Language Test on receiving its NEAS Quality Endorsement!

The Password English Language Test assesses English proficiency across listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. Widely used in academic and professional settings, it gauges an individual’s ability to communicate effectively in English. Components include multiple-choice questions, listening exercises, writing tasks, and oral interviews. Test scores indicate proficiency levels, spanning from beginner to advanced.

NEAS is pleased to assess and endorse the Password English Language Test in the category of Quality Products and Services (Area K). The Quality Principles of Area K focus on these features of the target Product and Service: its underlying research; its fulfilment of purpose; its processes for maintaining quality; its uniqueness and innovation; and its contribution to the ELT community. Detailed information on Area K of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework can be referenced here:

The Password English Language Test is a cost-effective tool used for assessment, counselling, screening, and placement within English Language Teaching (ELT) Centres. Developed with expertise from the Centre for Research in English Language Learning and Assessment (CRELLA) at the University of Bedford and in collaboration with various universities, it focuses on high-frequency grammar and vocabulary, beneficial for assessing lower proficiency levels down to A2 Level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This facilitates quick and effective student placement and course design for progression towards desired scores in high-stakes exams. Tailored for young adults, it incorporates communication patterns from popular textbooks and undergoes rigorous validation processes involving industry professionals. Continuous review and enhancement include feedback from leading ELT organisations and contributions to publications like EL Gazette, PIE News, and Independent Education Today.

February 2024

NEAS Congratulates TasTAFE on completing a successful quality review activity!

At TasTAFE, students in the Focus Group spoke highly of the positive learning experience, with their contentment extending to teachers, fellow students, and the program as a whole. Students praised the clarity of explanations, an easy-going teaching approach, and the creation of a collaborative learning environment.

The ELICOS department at TasTAFE has actively improved communication with VET departments , undertaking substantial measures to stay updated on the language skills essential for upcoming TAFE programs. This ensures alignment with evolving educational needs. These collaborative efforts have resulted in adjustments that have already positively influenced the goals of current students. 

In their pursuit of quality, TasTAFE has undertaken a successful project to update their curriculums in line with student needs. The updated curriculums integrate language skills, cultural understanding, and effective communication strategies to deliver a comprehensive learning experience. The focus on desired learning outcomes ensures that students receive high-quality education adhering to NEAS standards and reflecting TasTAFE’s dedication to providing top notch educational opportunities.

February 2024

Congratulations to Link House Group for achieving NEAS Endorsement in the Quality Education Agent category!

As an Australian-registered Education Consultant Agency, Link House Group began recruiting international students from its head office in Sydney in 2015. It also has an office in Medellín, Colombia.

NEAS assessed Link House Group’s application using Area J of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework, focussing on these important Quality Principles: the presence of an ethical framework underpinning the practices of the agency and its counsellors; provision of information to stakeholders that is ethical, accurate and consistent; use of governance structures that are effective and transparent; supporting a performance and development culture for staff; implementing systematic risk management processes; and routinely obtaining stakeholder feedback to inform the continuous improvement of services. More information on Area J can be referenced here:

NEAS uses a unique 360-degree stakeholder feedback model in its Quality Review processes, ensuring comprehensive input from partner providers and students. These interviews underscore the agency’s dedication to delivering professional, high-quality services to its stakeholders.

Student interviews highlighted the agency’s exceptional level of care and professionalism, particularly in their attentive approach to addressing student needs. Provider feedback echoed this sentiment, emphasising the agency staff’s consistent professionalism and quality throughout their longstanding business relationships. The overarching theme from these stakeholder interviews is the agency’s commitment to compliance with legal requirements and related processes.

February 2024

COP Homestay Symposium

We are thrilled to be announcing the upcoming Homestay Symposium on:

Providing Solutions in an Accommodation Crisis

This Homestay COP event is being held on Friday 22 March 2024 in Sydney, in partnership with industry stakeholders and practitioners and is supported by NSW Government and Study NSW. Sponsors for this symposium are IELTS, Edgewise  and Pearson

Australia has reached a historic milestone by establishing the world’s first-ever set of quality standards for international student homestay accommodation in Australia. This achievement is pivotal in ensuring a premium experience for international students. 

This symposium will be an engaging workshop that will delve into the theme of Providing Solutions in an Accommodation Crisis. Expert speakers will share insights, and a panel of specialists will discuss burning issues under the umbrella of this theme. 

This Homestay Symposium caters to homestay service providers, education providers, education agents, and professional staff supporting students in accommodation and welfare matters.

Date and Time: Friday 22 March 2024, 3-5pm (Sydney). 5-6pm: Networking drinks and refreshments.

Venue: 2/63 Dixon Street, Haymarket NSW 2000.

Register here.

February 2024

2024 Professional Development at NEAS is off to a Galloping Start!

The first NEAS PD was held on the Gold Coast in conjunction with Study Gold Coast and was a roaring success. Attendees enjoyed an afternoon of collaboration and investigation at this Communities of Practice: Leadership in ELT event, which explored the theme of Elevate & Collaborate: Nurturing Growth through Teacher Training and Collegiality in ELT.

There was a special focus on the NEAS requirements for teacher qualifications and tips on how to assess teacher qualifications.

This theme resonated with the current landscape of English Language Teaching (ELT), which is witnessing an influx of new teachers with limited in-class experience. It also explored effective teacher-training strategies; how to equip new teachers with skills and insights to navigate diverse classrooms effectively. By addressing the topic of collaboration, it acknowledged the importance of fostering a collegial work environment where essential support mechanisms are provided, and shared expertise can be easily circulated.  

Attendees expressed their enthusiasm and gratitude for this highly interactive and enjoyable afternoon and calls for more of the same have been heard. Watch this space!

February 2024

NEAS Management Conference 2024 

12 Weeks To Go!

This week marks the beginning of the 12-week countdown to the NEAS Management Conference with a difference, so let us outline what is in store.

In a more intimate setting at UTS and Aerial Function centre at UTS, seat numbers have been limited to allow for deep, investigative presentations, networking and conversations around the theme of how the ELT world is revolutionising by rethinking, reshaping and redefining. The program this year spans over two days: 9 & 10 May 2024. 

The first day: Thursday 9, comprises of the Academic Workshop at UTS, back by popular demand, following last year’s success. Academic Managers, aspiring Academic Managers, Directors of Study and other leaders will gather in an up-beat atmosphere, join multiple workshops, and share thoughts and insights. There will be four sets of four workshops running parallel throughout the day. A light lunch will be provided, and all participants are invited to join us for a drinks and networking at the Old Clare Hotel at the end of the day.

The Main Day: Friday 10, turns the dial to a more formal setting at Aerial UTS Function Centre. Thought leadership keynote speakers will present on topics that plunge deeper into the conference theme of Quality Revolution, Rethinking, Reshaping and Redefining Excellence in ELT.

Top of the bill we have welcome speeches from the Chair of the NEAS Board and our Premium Sponsor IELTS, followed by one of the most exciting leaders in education today: Opening Plenary Speaker Mr Louka Parry. Louka will be followed by three powerhouse Keynote Speakers who will share their remarkable observations of the changes, challenges and innovations in ELT and education in general. After a gourmet buffet lunch, served by Aerial at UTS, there will be three panel sessions focusing on Homestay, Education Agents and Mental Health and Wellbeing.

This day will leave you dizzy with new knowledge, and probably even more questions about the changing future of education and the ELT sector. 

You can check out the program for the Academic Manager Workshop and the Main Day here.

This week we feature Opening Plenary Speaker


As one of Australia’s top innovators Louka Parry speaks on futures, leadership, and transformation. He has worked with thousands of leaders and educators from diverse contexts across the world. These include the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the European Commission, as well as all Australian States and Territories.

Louka speaks five languages, holds two Masters degrees, completed executive studies at Harvard and a residency at the at Stanford University. As an education leader, Louka was promoted to Principal at only 27 years old and was named South Australian Inspirational Public Secondary Teacher of the Year.

Louka brings a range of deep strategic insights as a learning architect and as CEO and Founder of The Learning Future, in this age of rapid change, he is driven to transform learning structures, systems and societies that empower individuals to do their best work and maximise wellbeing. Louka is also passionate about exploring the connection between learning and the era of AI.

At NEAS we are thrilled to be bringing you to such a dynamic Opening Plenary Speaker! 

You can buy tickets here!

February 2024

New CEO Update February 2024

Adam Kilburn

Chief Executive Officer

T: +61 2 90559275

M: +61 411279927

Dear Valued Quality Member,

In my first few weeks at NEAS, I am reminded of what a privilege it is to work within the ELT sector. We’re a diverse group with an important unifying purpose. We support people through change. Our students progress in proficiency and articulate pathways. They find new ways to be, and they do this in the diversity of settings we provide, operating across continents, with the aid of partnerships, using new and different models. Our sector is vibrant, dynamic and people centred. There is just so much innovation and change out there! 

NEAS is an organisation I’ve come to know over my many years in the sector. Always (and still!) committed to quality, NEAS is in essence an organisation of and for its membership. Diverse this membership may be, but common to all is a shared motivation for improvement. This can be challenging, especially in the face of change which seems to keep accelerating.  To meet this challenge, our ELT communities matter. Indeed, they are fundamental to the broader education sector, especially as that sector defines itself internationally.

I plan to deliver the best for our membership first by articulating aspiration, then by finding shared points of interest; mobilising the power of our communities; and adding value in the spirit of getting better. NEAS will be the “go to” thought leader in quality and improvement for our sector and it will do so within an environment that I know will continue to evolve in ways we don’t yet know. Because quality isn’t about ticking boxes. That’s too static. Quality is a broader, richer, more complex, and energising concept operating in multiple dimensions from edtech and technology to micro-credentialling, from stand-alone ELICOS to integrated cross sector pathways, both public and private and across the globe

Let me learn with you.  I’ve already started getting out and about meeting people in English language centres and those in business that support education providers. My goal especially in these first few months will be to listen. I encourage you to contact me. Tell me what you think. What are your aspirations and how can NEAS help you realise them.

As always, we thank you for your loyalty and commitment to QA in ELT and remain at your service. 

February 2024

Australia Education Management Group (AEMG)

Australia Education Management Group (AEMG) is an established global facilitator for partner institutes in the areas of education, research, professional development and student services. As a registered company in Australia, AEMG is specifically focused on the promotion of international education and cross-cultural communication. Since its inception in 2001, the aim of the group has been to promote cultural diversity and educational exchange. AEMG has established cooperation between educational institutes and research centres in China, New Zealand, America and Europe. NEAS recently quality endorsed three centres, Northeast Forestry University (NFU), Ocean University of China (OUC) and Southwest University (SWU), with whom AEMG has established strong partnerships in the delivery of AEMG English language programs.

Congratulates Northeast Forestry University (NFU) on becoming Quality Endorsed with NEAS.

NFU is a public university in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China. It is affiliated with the Ministry of Education, and co-sponsored by the Ministry of Education, the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, and the Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Government. 

The English language programs are delivered at NFU by AEMG and constitute a significant portion of the delivery to students in their first year of study. AEMG delivers Academic Language Courses, Academic Research and Culture courses, a Direct Entry Program and an English for Specific Purposes program. Students move through Academic Language Courses, Academic Culture and Research Skills Intermediate and Direct Entry Programs.

The curriculum is centralised and quality-controlled by the Melbourne office of AEMG, and staff at NFU have the flexibility to customise the curriculum to align with the specific needs of their students. The staff members at NFU exhibit a clear comprehension of assessments, uphold academic integrity, and effectively integrate a range of skills into their teaching practices.

Students in the focus group expressed satisfaction with the program, stating, “This is the best education experience I have ever had.” Those interviewed spoke highly of the valuable opportunity to engage in lectures from New Zealand. Students described their teachers as “kind and helpful” and “always available.”

Congratulations to Southwest University (SWU) on achieving Quality Endorsement with NEAS.

SWU, a national public university in Chongqing, China, is affiliated with the Ministry of Education and co-sponsored by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and the City of Chongqing.

The English language programs at SWU, delivered by AEMG, constitute a significant portion of the overall delivery to first-year students. The program includes English language courses provided by Australian and New Zealand University partners and a portion is delivered in Chinese by SWU. Students progress through EAP1, EAP2, EAP3, Academic Culture and Research Skills Intermediate, and Direct Entry Programs.

All academic managers at SWU possess relevant qualifications and management experience. Teacher qualifications and experience align with the classes they teach. The university is well-staffed, and management demonstrates an excellent understanding of teachers’ needs.

Management actively participates in joint meetings with all partners, including AEMG, the Australian and New Zealand University partners, and other branch universities in China, which contributes to the continual development of the English language delivery.

Students expressed satisfaction with their learning experience, appreciating access to tutorials with teachers and a custom-designed Learning Management System that facilitates learning consolidation and extension.

Congratulations to Ocean University on achieving Quality Endorsed status with NEAS. 

OUC is a national public research university located in Qingdao, Shandong, China. It is affiliated with the Ministry of Education of China. The university is part of Project 985, Project 211, and the Double First-Class University Plan. 

The English language programs are delivered at OUC by AEMG and the delivery of English language programs includes courses delivered by Australian University partners. The program comprises Academic Language Courses, an Academic Research and Culture course, and a Direct Entry Program. Students progress through Academic Language Courses 1 and 2, Academic Culture and Research Skills Intermediate, and Direct Entry Programs.

Students interviewed spoke highly of the opportunity to participate in lectures from Australia, noting that the lessons are practical and contribute to improving their “English for daily life.” 

Teachers reported a collegial and supportive environment.  Staff were satisfied with the comprehensive professional development program including mentoring, observations, ongoing performance assessment and feedback. 

January 2024

Congratulations to All Saints International Centre on completing a successful quality review activity for 2023!

The Centre conducted a comprehensive Self Assessment, considering a range of Quality Principles, and has proposed practical actions for continuous improvement in the upcoming months. Self Assessments serve as reflective activities, enabling ELT centres to evaluate their performance against the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework, fostering understanding, and facilitating improvements. 

All Saints International Centre presented a thorough self-reflection on current practices. The Centre has demonstrated aptitude in presenting well-considered plans for its continuous improvement, focusing on targeted Quality Principles in Areas A: Teaching, Learning, and Assessment; B: The Student Experience; E: Promotion and Student Recruitment; F: Welfare of Students Aged Under 18 Years; and G: Strategy, Risk, and Governance.

January 2024