Congratulations to Envoy!

The Envoy English language test was developed to offer accurate and reliable language proficiency predictions across four key skills, along with detailed scoring, all within an educational context. Its flexible design allows students to take the test on demand from any location. Tailored with teachers in mind, Envoy aids in assessing student proficiency through its modular structure, providing results within two hours. Envoy caters to both Academic and General English needs and functions as a diagnostic tool and placement test for students aged 16 and above. Clients can customise the test by selecting specific skill combinations according to their requirements.

NEAS is pleased to assess and endorse Envoy in the category of Quality Products and Services (Area K). The Quality Principles of Area K focus on these features of the target Product and Service: its underlying research; its fulfilment of purpose; its processes for maintaining quality; its uniqueness and innovation; and its contribution to the ELT community. Detailed information on Area K of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework can be referenced here:

NEAS commends the Envoy test for its adept integration of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and the British Council EAQUALS Core Inventory, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of skills in real-life scenarios. Rigorous security measures and human checks are central to test administration. Developed by specialists in applied linguistics and assessment, Envoy stays current through active engagement with customers, continuous market research, and feedback from test-takers. Operating under the IDP banner grants access to valuable student expectation data. The unique Envoy AI Rater evaluates extended, open-ended responses, aiming to construct a detailed profile of authentic English proficiency while maintaining content neutrality in scoring models.

May 2024