Congratulations to Hoa Sen University!

Congratulations to Hoa Sen University on its successful completion of a Quality Assurance Management Meeting, which confirms the centre’s continued Quality Endorsement. A structured Management Meeting was conducted as an additional engagement point for NEAS to understand the centre and its priorities better. Management Meetings are integral to the ongoing Quality Review cycle and complement other regular Quality Assurance activities. The Management Meeting covered key areas of the NEAS Quality Framework (Areas A to D) as well as areas of significance for the centre. For further information about the Quality Assurance Framework, please refer to this section of the NEAS website:

Hoa Sen University continues to deliver high-quality English language programs across multiple campuses in Ho Chi Minh City. Following the 2023 Self-Assessment activity, Hoa Sen University has demonstrated significant progress in addressing the three Quality Principles focused on: A1 – Course design supporting quality learning outcomes; A2 – Ensuring teachers possess appropriate training and experience for course delivery and assessment; and A4 – Optimising course delivery, assessment, and teaching approaches to enhance student outcomes.

The university has implemented a six-month staffing plan, with Level Heads holding regular meetings to address teaching staff concerns and ensure consistent moderation of teacher delivery and assessment. An assessment review process has been established to ensure alignment with learning outcomes and validation standards, overseen by the Quality Assurance Department. This process has led to the introduction of a broader range of assessment methods, including projects and recorded presentations, introduced by Level Heads who continue to monitor alongside the Director of English Language Programs.

May 2024