Congratulations to Vietnam USA Society English Centres (VUS) for endorsing nine new centres!

Vietnam USA Society English Centres (VUS) is a leading institution for English Language Teaching in Vietnam, annually enrolling approximately 250,000 students across the country. Primarily situated in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) and Hanoi, VUS began its NEAS membership in 2017, starting with 15 centres, 14 in HCMC and 1 in Hanoi. Presently, the number of centres has expanded to 43. A recent Quality Assurance activity was conducted to confirm NEAS Quality Endorsement for nine new centres: Buon Ma Thuot Branch; Kon Tum Branch – Kon Tum Province; Pleiku Branch; Quy Nhon Branch; Nha Trang Branch; An Hung Branch; Linh Dam Branch; Pham Van Dong Branch; and Van Khe Branch – Ha Noi.

Congratulations to VUS for successfully completing the NEAS Quality Endorsement Meeting. This exercise included structured meetings and focus group discussions with management, students, teachers, and professional staff. Using anonymised Quality Principles Surveys helped pinpoint areas of focus for the Quality Review process. For more information on the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework, please refer to this section of the NEAS website:

Students expressed satisfaction with the course design and its quality outcomes, as evidenced by unanimous agreement in the online surveys regarding the well-designed nature of the courses at VUS. All teachers hold appropriate qualifications, typically a bachelor’s degree with ELT components or additional TESOL qualifications. The teaching staff draw on extensive experience. Course delivery, attendance, and assessment records are meticulously maintained online in V-Hub, providing stakeholders, including parents, easy access to progress information. Student feedback consistently highlights satisfaction with course delivery, assessment methods, and teaching approaches.

VUS prioritises the welfare of students under 18, implementing robust arrangements including the provision of Teacher Assistants and additional classroom support for younger students. A child protection Code of Conduct is integrated into the employment contracts of all VUS employees. Security is paramount at VUS campuses, with onsite security guards ensuring a safe environment at all times.

May 2024