Congratulations to Australia Education Management Group (AEMG)!

Established in 2001, the Australia Education Management Group (AEMG) promotes international education and cross-cultural exchange by facilitating partnerships between education providers and research centres in China, Australia, New Zealand, the US, and Europe. AEMG engaged the services of NEAS Assist to review the benchmarking of its Academic Language and Study Skills 1 and 2 courses (ALS1 and ALS2) against the IELTS public band descriptors.

NEAS Assist, the consultancy arm of NEAS, offers expert, tailored assistance to further enhance the quality of ELT centres. AEMG provided comprehensive curriculum, assessment information, and evidence for the review. The resulting NEAS benchmarking report outlines the methodology applied and evidence examined, providing advice for quality improvement, and specifying the conditions for the report’s conclusions. Students successfully completing the ALS1 or ALS2 courses demonstrate English proficiency equivalent to the specified standards, with the report being valid for a period of two years.

May 2024