Congratulations to Catch-up Education!

Congratulations to Catch-up Education for the successful completion of its 2024 Quality Review initiative. Founded in Sydney in 2016, Catch-up Education is an Australian-registered education agency that primarily recruits international students from France, French overseas collectivities, and other regions such as Mauritius, Fiji, Tahiti and New Caledonia. The agency facilitates study opportunities in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, the USA, and Japan, with a particular emphasis on ELICOS and Higher Education courses in Australia. In addition to recruitment services, Catch-up Education offers comprehensive support services, including online courses, internships, demi/au-pair placements, airport transfers, and initial accommodation arrangements. The agency has established partnership agreements with NEAS members and holds certifications from ISEAA and ICEF, underscoring its dedication to providing quality education and student support.

NEAS conducted its assessment of Catch-up Education’s operations and services using Area J of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework, focusing on these important Quality Principles: the presence of an ethical framework underpinning the practices of the agency and its counsellors; provision of information to stakeholders that is ethical, accurate and consistent; use of governance structures that are effective and transparent; supporting a performance and development culture for staff; implementing systematic risk management processes; and routinely obtaining stakeholder feedback to inform the continuous improvement of services. More information on Area J can be referenced here:

NEAS employs a 360-degree stakeholder feedback model in its review procedures. Interviews with students and providers identified the agency’s professionalism and reliability. Students praised Catch-up Education for its adherence to legal requirements and processes, expressing satisfaction with the support they received. Their feedback highlighted a sense of being well-cared for in a professional yet friendly manner, with comments such as “He gave me a good balance and took away all the stress I’ve got, like all the administration,” and “He has become a friend and I visit him when I can,” indicating a deep level of trust and rapport. Facebook reviews and comments further validated these sentiments, with the agency receiving a commendable 4.8-star rating from 18 reviews. Telephone interviews revealed that all clients were highly satisfied with how Catch-up Education understood and responded to their individual needs, goals, and preferences. Education providers echoed this sentiment, recognising Catch-up Education’s comprehensive support and recounting instances where Sylvain had gone above and beyond to assist students in need, earning him praise as someone who “tends to provide the full packet of support” and who “scooped [students] from trouble.”

May 2024