Congratulations to Native English College!

NEAS congratulates Native English College on becoming the latest quality endorsed member. Since opening its doors in January, Native English College has welcomed students both onshore and offshore, benefiting from an active marketing department and strong relationships with agents. The college fosters a culture of friendliness, professionalism, and familial support. Open communication is a hallmark of its culture, further enhanced by excursions and other extracurricular activities.

NEAS uses a 360-degree stakeholder feedback approach in its quality endorsement process, collating and analysing input from stakeholders. During recent focus group sessions at Native English College, students expressed satisfaction with the course design and outcomes, finding them suitable for their pathways. Feedback from NEAS student surveys was overwhelmingly positive, with nearly 100% of students praising the course delivery, assessment, and teaching approaches.

The supportive culture at Native English College was also emphasised, with one respondent commenting, ‘It is a very nurturing environment, both for teachers and students.’ Excursions and other extracurricular activities further enhance the student experience by providing opportunities for students to enjoy each other’s company, communicate in English, and be supervised by a teacher.

May 2024