Quality Revolution: Rethinking, Reshaping, and Redefining Excellence in ELT

This theme challenges the traditional notions of quality assurance in English Language Teaching (ELT), management, and leadership, urging participants to envision and drive a paradigm shift in how we perceive and ensure excellence in English language education.

The theme encourages a deep dive into innovative approaches, disruptive strategies, and transformative frameworks that redefine quality assurance practices. It aims to inspire provocative discussions, ignite change-driven thinking, and propel participants towards reimagining and reshaping the future of ELT quality assurance.

Focus Questions:

  • How can we redefine and measure excellence in ELT beyond traditional quality assurance methods, taking into account innovative approaches and revolutionary strategies?

  • What role does leadership play in driving the Quality Revolution in ELT, and how can leaders inspire change-driven thinking among educators and institutions?

  • What transformative frameworks and best practices can be explored to reshape the future of ELT quality assurance, ensuring it remains relevant in an evolving educational landscape?

NEAS is excited to invite professionals and experts in the ELT field to express their interest in presenting at the NEAS 2024 Management Conference. As we focus on the theme and we welcome three distinct types of presentations: Academic Manager Training Workshops, Main Plenary Speaker sessions, and Panel Discussions.

Conference Day 1, 9 May 2024, is dedicated to the Academic Manager Workshop, speakers are invited to select from a range of topics, offering valuable insights for ELT management.

On Day 2, May 10, 2024, Plenary Speakers are invited to submit abstracts for their sessions, and Panelists are invited to choose the panel topic they wish to participate in, thereby contributing to thought-provoking discussions and enriching our exploration of the evolving landscape of ELT excellence

Please find the Call for Abstracts Application form here.

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Call for Abstracts: NEAS 2024 Management Conference Presenters

NEAS invites professionals and experts in the English Language Teaching (ELT) field to express their interest in presenting at the NEAS 2024 Management Conference. 

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