Everyday Ethics in ELICOS

Everyday Ethics in ELICOS

Date: Friday, 05 May 2023

Time: 14:30 - 15:05


Presenter: Mr Paul Williams

English Language Teachers do a lot more in the classroom than just instruct their students about how they can improve their writing, increase their fluency, and understand other English language speakers. Our profession has adapted to many changes in methodology, approaches and more recently mediums for teaching online, hybrid or blended classes. Teachers and managers are required to develop an eclectic skillset to respond to a myriad of everyday issues from supporting students’ mental health, balancing the needs of teachers and students, and ensuring the reliability and validity of assessments. This presentation views these everyday issues through the lens of ethical decision-making principles. Our approach to making tough ethical decisions often depends on whether we focus more on the result (utilitarianism) or moral values (deontology). A range of scenarios will be explored to highlight the subtle differences our personal judgement and values have on the way we perceive challenges, communicate with colleagues, and respond to students in our language centres. Participants in this plenary will be encouraged to reflect on their own experiences and consider the factors that impact on their decision-making processes within the context of the English Language Teaching Profession.


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