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Student Tracking and Curriculum Enhancement

Student Tracking and Curriculum Enhancement

Date: Thursday, 09 May 2024

Time: 14:00 - 15:00

Room D

Presenter: Dona Paranawithana

Presenter: Trancy Vo

Improving ELICOS curriculums by identifying academic issues experienced by students who have progressed from an ELICOS program into tertiary programs.

Effectively preparing ESL students for the challenges of higher education is a shared objective among educators today. This paper centres on the improvement of ELICOS curriculums by identifying and addressing academic challenges encountered by students who have transitioned from ELICOS programs to tertiary education. The research seeks to improve ELICOS courses for a smoother transition and academic success for international students. The study employs a mixed-methods approach involving surveys, interviews and an analysis of academic performance data. This comprehensive methodology is employed to gain a deep understanding of the difficulties that ELICOS graduates face in tertiary education. The valuable insights from the findings have given significant input into rethinking, reshaping and redefining ELICOS courses. The research suggests customising ELICOS courses with academic skill-building and cultural training to help students better prepare for higher education.


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