Change Management: Leading Transformation of Teacher Observations

Change Management: Leading Transformation of Teacher Observations

Date: Thursday, 09 May 2024

Time: 10:00 - 11:00

Room A

Presenter: May Barbree

Presenter: June Lee

Traditional evaluative observations often fall short in driving meaningful change, focusing on isolated lessons rather than overall teacher development, resulting in the feeling that observations are a box-ticking exercise for both teachers and managers. This presentation explores change management strategies for leading transformation of the teacher observation program in the School of English and University Pathways, RMIT Vietnam. It addresses the need for change in formal observations and introduces a new observation program designed to be a springboard for teacher-led professional development, combining evaluative observations with a suite of developmental options, fostering a holistic approach to teacher growth.

This presentation will present insights into leading educational transformation in the context of teacher observations. Key stages of the change management strategy are explored, including effective communication, comprehensive training, early teacher involvement, and phased implementation. The importance of stakeholder engagement is discussed, with input from teachers, managers, and students shaping the program’s development. Challenges faced during the implementation phase are addressed, along with successful strategies employed to overcome them.

Reflecting on lessons learned, the session identifies successful aspects and areas for improvement in future change management initiatives, and outlines future directions for the observation program.


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