The Building of ELT as a Profession

The Building of ELT as a Profession

Date: Friday, 05 May 2023

Time: 13:50 - 14:25


Presenter: Mr Lucas Chiusoli

Presenter: Ms Sandra Pitronaci

When we think about ELT as a profession, there seems to be a general belief that the career trajectory of a teacher and the growth and development opportunities that come with it are relatively limited, and that there is little opportunity for evolution beyond the classroom. We believe it is well within our scope as leaders and managers to empower and enable the transformation of the skills, beliefs and passions of our teams into concrete behaviours, structures, roles and projects that can have long-lasting, positive impact on people and on the sector as a whole.

In this workshop, we will share how we can reshape our leadership structures, build our team cohesion, nurture passions and niche skills, and sustain the future of the profession, all the while positively impacting the overall student and staff experience and satisfaction levels. It is our belief that in a matrix-like industry, where connections are strong, experiences are complex, and teams are in constant flux, we can deliberately and effectively weave a robust, sector-wide fabric of mentorship, cross-pollination, support and influence in order to reinforce the building of ELT as a profession in Australia.


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