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Eddie Woo

Eddie Woo

Mathematics Teacher, Cherrybrook Technology High School


Academic Integrity in ELT: Navigating Challenges and Ensuring Quality

Friday, Keynote: 11:15:00 - 11:50:00


Eddie Woo teaches mathematics at Cherrybrook Technology High School. His Youtube channel, Wootube, has more than 1.8 million subscribers and 160 million views of his everyday classroom lessons. Within the NSW Department of Education, he leads the Mathematics Growth Team, a statewide program of instructional leaders focused on engaging and evidence-based teaching practices. He is a Professor of Practice at the University of Sydney, working with preservice teachers in the Sydney School of Education & Social Work. In 2018, he was named Australia’s Local Hero in the Australian of the Year Awards and listed as one of the Top 10 teachers in the world by the Global Teacher Prize. He is an internationally published author, TED speaker, and TV host of ABC’s Teenage Boss and Channel 10’s Ultimate Classroom.

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