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Youssef Ehab

Youssef Ehab

Director, Study Vision

Study Vision is an endorsed NEAS Quality Premium Product.


Panel 1: Homestay

Friday, Panel: 13:45:00 - 14:20:00


Youssef Ehab is a Director of Study Vision, a well-established accommodation provider with extensive experience in assisting students and guests find their ideal place to stay. Together with wife and partner, Marina Wan, Youssef co-founded Study Vision in 1997.

Youssef has played a pivotal role in expanding the business on a national scale. He oversees client agreements with host families, universities, colleges, and agents. Youssef is also responsible for ensuring full compliance of the business operations with all government regulations. His unwavering commitment is to advance Study Vision’s mission and contribute to the growth of the Homestay Industry.

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