Australian Institute of Language (AIL)

NEAS congratulates the Australian Institute of Language (AIL) for becoming our most recent Quality Endorsed Member! A Registered Training Organisation (RTO) delivering a range of VET and English language courses in the heart of Melbourne, AIL is preparing itself for a year of strong enrolment growth. The majority of AIL students are currently from Greater China and Malaysia, and plans are underway to expand its marketing presence across wider areas of Asia, as well as Europe and South America. At present, the delivery mode is online only, with off-campus students joining a synchronous class via video link. As pandemic restrictions ease, classes will resume to being 100% face-to-face. AIL fosters a culture of friendliness and professionalism with a sharp focus on students at its core. There is a strong sense of community among students and teachers, and as students return to campus, this will be enhanced by excursions and extracurricular activities. The wellbeing of both students and teachers is maintained with the provision of a qualified staff member who serves as Welfare Officer.

Over the past months, NEAS worked closely with AIL to conduct a comprehensive desk audit of its delivery and operations. Integral to NEAS Endorsement has been its distinctive 360-degree stakeholder-driven feedback model, which is informed by input from students, teachers and professional staff. Feedback from anonymised student surveys concerning teachers and their approach was overwhelmingly positive, with the majority agreeing or strongly agreeing with the high level of course delivery, assessment and teaching approaches. When asked about course delivery, one student commented, “I did most of mine online, but it was well-prepared”, while another said, “they are experienced teachers and I feel like I’ve been taken care of really well”. Students expressed that they would return to AIL if they should need further English language tuition and that they would definitely recommend AIL to other learners. There is a strong sense that students are well cared for by teachers, professional staff and management.