The 2021 NEAS Management Conference was held 6-7 May,
livestreamed from Doltone House in Sydney.

All conference content is now available for viewing.

If you attended the conference, you can access the recordings from the NEAS Management Conference Online Platform (check your email for your unique access link).

The recordings are also available for viewing via the NEAS Online Portal.

Planning for the 2022 event is underway and details will be announced shortly.

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IELTS have developed IELTS One Skill Retake which allows test takers to reattempt one of the four skills from each complete IELTS test: Listening, Reading, Writing, or Speaking.

IELTS One Skill Retake gives your applicants 60 days from the full IELTS test to meet your English language requirements without needing to retake a complete IELTS test and without compromising our gold-standard test quality.

Phone: +61 478 304 551

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ReadyTeacher envisions a future where the international education industry experiences a paradigm shift towards a sustainable and collaborative approach. Our vision is to be at the forefront of this transformation, contributing to a more inclusive, accessible and innovative recruitment ecosystem.What we offerOur primary goal at ReadyTeacher is to modernise the international education sector by providing a platform that connects quality teachers with esteemed institutions delivering the following course types:– English language (ELICOS)– Certificate and Diploma (VET)– Digital skillsReadyTeacher streamlines the recruitment process for education managers, offering Emergency Teachers (ETs) and short-term instant hires, thus providing a faster and more efficient alternative to traditional methods like, through our Employee Trial Period, we are committed to reducing casualisation in the industry by promoting direct employment with our member colleges. By functioning as a recruitment funnel and instant shortlist with interview scheduling, ReadyTeacher strives to inspire commitment, passion, and relationship-building among teachers.

Phone: 0402420422

Allianz Care Australia

Our passion to assist people was born when our founder experienced first-hand the effort required to bring his injured son safely home from overseas. This experience motivated him to start his own medical assistance company that was dedicated to helping people in need. Our company and brand has evolved over the years as we have grown:

  • We began in 1983 as a medical assistance company called Worldcare
  • In 2001, we joined the Allianz Group, under the name Mondial Assistance
  • In 2012 we rebranded to Allianz Global Assistance
  • In 2020, we transitioned to our global brand Allianz Care

In recent years, we have grown to become one of the largest providers of health insurance for international students, workers and visitors to AustraliaWe believe in prevention over cure, care over claims and making the complex simple for everyone. Together with our partners, we help international students, visitors and workers navigate the Australian health system, making it easy to get help when and where you need it.

Our Overseas Visitor Health Cover and  Overseas Student Health Cover helps meet visa conditions for 482485600 and student visas. Our products and services are accessible online, over the phone, via health and safety apps and face to face – providing support in case you get sick or have an accident while you are in Australia, so you can enjoy your time here with confidence.

Phone: + 61 435 224 314


For over 70 years, Educational Testing Service (ETS) has been the world’s leading not-for-profit education research and test development organisation and is recognised by over 11,000 institutions, organisations and governments worldwide.

Phone: +61 401 283 239


Pearson is the world’s leading learning company, with 40,000 employees in more than 70 countries working to help people of all ages to make measurable progress in their lives through learning.

In Australia Pearson provides:

  • PTE Academic: the world’s leading computer-based test of English for international students and migrants needing to prove their proficiency in English. It is approved by the Department of Home Affairs for all immigration and student visas and by all universities and colleges for admission purposes.
  • English language teaching: We provide learning materials, technologies and assessment tools to teachers and students.

Phone: 1300 473 277


Additional contact details:

Phone: +30 210 3729119

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GRG Overview
Established in Sydney and with a rich history spanning 15 years, GRG is a fully integrated agency collective that operates with a vast network of professionals, partners, suppliers, and specialised contractors on both national and international fronts.

Core Values and Expertise
At the heart of GRG lies the foundational principle of trust, cementing enduring relationships with partners as the cornerstone of its operations. With a strong emphasis on international expertise, GRG has consistently delivered exceptional value to education partners for more than a decade. This commitment to excellence has propelled GRG to be recognised as a trusted marketing partner, particularly within the education sector.

Phone: 0416028383


As NEAS’s video engagement partner, Kintell is a tech company that empowers organisations to quickly produce professional-grade video content featuring any individual worldwide.

Our innovative remote scriptless filming approach is different from other existing video production methods. Additionally, our all-in-one video coaching and mentoring solutions foster meaningful and on-demand connections for insight sharing within networks.

Kintell is all about facilitating seamless video-based engagement, enabling organisations to connect their members and captivate their audience with a modern turn-key solution.



Password English Language Testing

Password tests provide our partner universities and colleges with a combination of high quality and easily accessible testing, operated under their own control and brand.

All our tests are delivered online, formally aligned to the CEFR and academically designed and managed by the world-leading Centre for Research in English Language Learning and Assessment (CRELLA). In Australia, Password tests are used primarily for admissions and arrivals testing for ELICOS, pathway and university programs.

Phone: 0402420422


Hello from the team at Bookery!
We’re here to help you navigate the always evolving world of English teaching resources.

The right resources for your school
Does this come in an eBook? Does it have pronunciation exercises? Will it integrate with my LMS? How does the presentation tool work? Can I review samples? How much does it cost? Bring us your questions – we’ll support you with the answers.

Course books / eBooks / Reference
We cover the lot! General English, English for Academic Purposes (EAP), Exams and Exam Prep, Business English, English Skills and Teacher Development. Let us find the right title for you.

Digital Programs
World leading independent learning platform from Clarity English – award-winning GE & IELTS preparation programs perfect for the classroom or supporting independent learning.

Online English Placement Testing
English testing for placement, formative and summative testing with Dynamic Placement Test. Quick to set up, easy to run — and it gives results in just 30 minutes. DPT takes the hard work out of determining each test taker’s CEFR level.

Chat with the Bookery crew!
We’d love to hear from you! Contact the friendly team at Bookery.
(03) 8417 9500

Phone: +61 409 864 423

Cambridge University Press & Assessment

Cambridge University Press is driven by world-class research and a profound commitment to delivering educational value for the benefit of learners, teachers, educational institutions, employers and society as a whole and continues to lead the way in the development of new materials for teachers and students across a range of platforms

Cambridge Assessment English is a not-for-profit department of the University of Cambridge. We provide the world’s leading range of fit-for-purpose English language qualifications. Our expertise, gathered over 100 years of language learning and assessment, has led us to working with more than 20,000 educational institutions and local and regional governments around the world.

We offer a range of assessments designed to meet the needs of learners of all abilities. All our exams are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Cambridge English exams are recognised by over 20,000 universities, employers and governments around the world. Our C1 Advanced (CAE) exam is accepted by the Australian Government for all visa categories. In New Zealand, the B2 First (FCE) exam is accepted by Immigration New Zealand for all visa categories that require an English test. Our English language qualifications can open doors to higher education, improve employment opportunities, and because they are globally recognised, can increase your students’ choices for study or work.

Our English teaching qualifications such as CELTA, CELT-P, CELT-S and TKT are also recognised around the world as the international quality standard. We have qualifications and courses for new and experienced teachers alike.

Cambridge Assessment English also has online tests such as the Cambridge English Placement Test, and Linguaskill. Linguaskill is a quick and convenient online test to help organisations check the English levels of individuals and groups of candidates. It tests all four language skills: speaking, writing, reading and listening.

Phone: +61 3 86711400


With over 500 million users, Duolingo is the world’s most popular way to learn languages and the most downloaded education app of all time. Founded in 2011 by computer science Professor Luis Von Ahn, our mission is to develop the best education in the world and make it universally accessible.

Aligned with the mission of making education more accessible, Duolingo launched the Duolingo English Test (DET) in 2016. The DET is an alternative to traditional high-stake testing — through a Duolingo-style experience: convenient, fast, and extremely affordable. Using AI and multiple rounds of remote proctoring, we enable students to take an English test online, on-demand, anywhere in the world.


Guided E-Learning

Guided e-Learning provides online blended learning solutions to EFL schools and IELTS test preparation. Our school platform, GELnet, combines detailed data analytics and content from Oxford University Press to deliver blended learning mapped to a school’s syllabus. Our GEL IELTS prep system offers comprehensive IELTS prep packages used by test centres and schools.

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7735 2538

Macquarie University, Department of Linguistics

The Department of Linguistics at Macquarie University explores new frontiers in language learning and teaching, how language enables people to get things done in all the various social, professional and academic spheres of life, understanding human speech production and reception, language processing, and language acquisition.

In Applied Linguistics and TESOL, we have an internationally recognised team of academic staff who conduct research into the multitude of ways that language is used in different social, professional and academic domains.

Our research is directly linked to the subjects that we teach in the Applied Linguistics and TESOL programs. This ensures that students are engaged in cutting-edge learning at the frontiers of knowledge. Our research and teaching expertise enables us to be highly effective, supportive research supervisors for students undertaking Master of Research and Doctor of Philosophy programs.

Macquarie’s Applied Linguistics and TESOL course work and research degrees are internationally recognised. We have graduates in many countries of the world, many in key positions in education, language education, and a multitude of other professional and academic domains.

Phone: +61 2 9850 9603


The Occupational English Test (OET) assesses the language proficiency of healthcare professionals seeking to register and practise in an English-speaking environment. It helps regulators, employers and educators select healthcare professionals with the right level of English proficiency to deliver safe and high-quality care, by optimising communication with patients, carers and colleagues.

Underpinned by Cambridge English and partnering with the Australian Research Council and University of Melbourne, OET has featured prominently in research literature relating to language testing in specific-purpose contexts.

OET comprises four sub-tests (writing, speaking, reading and listening) and is available monthly in 40 countries. It assesses the English language skills of 12 different health professions, from nursing and medicine to dentistry and optometry.

OET has developed a Preparation Provider Programme (PPP) to give OET preparation providers the knowledge and tools needed to run high quality OET preparation courses. It is designed for education institutions and teachers currently preparing students for OET, or those interested in starting a new course.

Preparation providers who undertake the Programme are supported fully throughout the process and are listed on the OET website upon successful completion.

Those providers who successfully complete additional online training are awarded Premium Provider status and receive a range of benefits, including a new library of sample materials, use of the OET Premium Provider logo, and access to a toolkit of marketing materials.

Phone: +61 3 8658 3963

The English Language School (TELS)

Phone: 02 9167 3960

TPL Education

TPL Education has two offices based in Bangkok, Thailand and Melbourne. We have a team of highly experienced PEIR consultants and managers who are knowledgeable about the Australian educational system and courses. We assist international students with the admission and visa application process. TPL Education has been successful in assisting hundreds of international students in their educational pursuits in Australia last year.

We also have a strong foundation and the necessary expertise to help international students pursue their educational goals in Australia. Our consultant team are graduates from top institutions such as RMIT, University of Tasmania, Swinburne University and Trinity College, which make TPL a reliable and knowledgeable educational agent. That provides the best services to students who are enrolling in courses that suit students’ future goals

Phone: +61 491 676 058

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University of Sydney Centre for English Teaching

Why choose us?

With specialised programs and highly qualified English teachers, we deliver innovative, high quality English language programs in a supportive environment, and maintain excellence in teaching.

Each year, we welcome around 3,500 students from around the world to learn English at CET. We develop and prepare English language proficiency for undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs, or career and migration pathways.

Our program leaders, curriculum designers and teaching professionals are innovators in the field of English learning and research in Australia. All of our courses are taught by highly qualified instructors who have intensive experience both in Australia and internationally in instructing English speaking, writing, reading and listening skills.