Diego Torres

Diego Torres

Director of Studies, La Lingua Language

La Lingua Language is a NEAS Quality Endorsed Centre.


Cultivating Continuous Improvement in ELICOS

Thursday, Session 2: 11:00:00 - 12:00:00


Diego Torres is a language education specialist with experience in TESOL, team management, and eLearning. He currently serves as the Director of Studies at La Lingua Language School in Sydney.

Diego is passionate about providing personalised and meaningful learning experiences for ESL students. With a focus on individual needs and interests, he designs engaging and interactive course materials that foster a love of learning and drive student success. Whether it is through the use of cutting-edge technology or proven ESL teaching methods, Diego strives to create an environment that encourages critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. He is dedicated to helping his students achieve their full potential and reach their educational goals.

Contact Diego Torres

Email: diegoagtorres@outlook.com

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