Quality Centre Endorsement

NEAS provides quality assurance services and support through its unique Quality Endorsement model to over 200 members. NEAS’ Quality Endorsement is grounded in the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework, the standards that providers are guided by in setting their quality goals.

Feel confident that your organisation meets quality goals by applying for NEAS Quality Endorsement.

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Endorsed centres display the NEAS badge proudly on their website. Find Quality Endorsed centres here.

More than 200 members across Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East are endorsed by NEAS.

The purpose of the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework is to:

  • Establish and uphold high standards within the ELT industry
  • Support ELT Centres in demonstrating quality in their programs and services
  • Provide guidance to ELT Centres in their continuous improvement processes
  • Promote recognition of quality ELT Centres
  • Establish a cluster of like-minded, quality-focused stakeholders in the ELT Community

The NEAS QA Framework comprises of fourteen Quality Areas.

  1. Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  2. The Student Experience
  3. Resources and Facilities
  4. Administration, Management and Staffing
  5. Promotion and Student Recruitment
  6. Welfare of Students Aged Under 18 Years
  7. Strategy, Risk and Governance
  8. Online Delivery
  9. ELT Qualifications
  10. Products and Services
  11. Education Agents
  12. ELT Professionals
  13. Transnational Delivery
  14. Foundation Programs


  • How long does it take to become Endorsed?

    NEAS Quality Endorsement should take anywhere between 1-6 months to achieve. It is best to discuss your Centre’s circumstances with NEAS prior to applying to set realistic milestones and receive sufficient support.

  • Does NEAS conduct face-to-face Quality Review Visits?

    Quality Reviews are conducted virtually. Centres may choose to request a face-to-face visit as a substitute or supplementary to a Virtual Quality Review, and this may be offered by NEAS under a cost-recovery model and pending current circumstances.

  • Can my Centre choose when to have our Quality Review?

    All Centres due to undergo a Quality Review will receive advice about their scheduled review date at the beginning of each financial year. Alternative dates may be considered for exceptional circumstances.

  • How does NEAS conduct focus groups?

    Focus groups are facilitated virtually. Consenting Participants are selected in advance by the centre. For the student focus group, a total of 6 participants is sufficient. The student focus group should be as diverse as possible. The Assessor may request that students be interviewed in pairs. For staff focus groups, a total of 6-10 participants is preferred.

  • What feedback will I receive from NEAS after my Quality Review?

    Centres will receive results of their student and staff pre-visit surveys along with a detailed report of quality practice and any areas for improvement against NEAS Quality Principles assessed.

  • Can I fail a Quality Review?

    The NEAS Quality Review is not a pass/fail assessment but rather an opportunity to identify areas where the Centre is performing well and areas where improvement is needed. NEAS may set time-based follow up actions for some issues to be resolved.

  • How much does becoming Endorsed by NEAS cost?

    See the Fee Schedule for more information

  • Pending Centres

    Quality Endorsement is granted and maintained through NEAS’s 360 degree stakeholder-driven feedback model, which is informed by input from students, teachers and professional staff.

    With the disruptions to international travel and its associated impact on student mobility and teacher employment, a number of new applicant members have successfully undergone NEAS review, pending a concluding endorsement meeting involving students and staff.

    In other circumstances, NEAS Pending status is also applied to members that have temporarily ceased operations, with their registration in hibernation, due to the impact of COVID-19. These centres are currently not delivering training and are not accepting student enrolments or fees (or both).

    For more information on NEAS Pending status, please contact: admin@neas.org.au.

NEAS is the global leader in Quality Assurance in ELT