Community Endorsements

NEAS provides quality assurance services and support through its unique Quality Endorsement model to over 200 centres. NEAS’ Quality Endorsement is grounded in the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework, the standards that providers are guided by in setting their quality goals.

Community Endorsements stem from the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework, building on the standards of J,K,L to provide stakeholder driven feedback in the English Language Teaching Community. A Community Endorsement will distinguish quality driven stakeholders in the industry. It gives the ELT community clarification and guidance of quality assured products and services, Agents and ELT professionals.

To get started on applying for a community endorsement you will need to apply to be listed first. Click the button below to begin the process as a quality listing.

Community Endorsements display the NEAS badge proudly on their website.

ELT Professional

Join us and become endorsed to showcase your Endorsement badge to over 5000 stakeholders a month


  • What is the difference between applying for a quality listing and joining as a community endorsement?

    Community Endorsements stem from Quality Listings. They are the next part of the journey after a stakeholder is listed on the NEAS website. Endorsement is required for many of the benefits NEAS offers to its members.

  • What is the difference between Quality Endorsement of Centres and endorsing my product/ service?

    Quality Centres are the heart of NEAS QA Endorsement. Endorsement of a centre looks at every aspect of the organisation while endorsement of a product/service is specific. Product/Service endorsement also applies to a wider part of the industry as different categories of products and services can be endorsed.

  • Why should I become an Endorsed ELT professional?

    Endorsed ELT professionals are showcased due to their Associate Membership and understanding of the ELT industry through NEAS Professional Development. They receive badging that they can use for for their resume and social media, to network and receive opportunities.

  • Can I use the badge to advertise?

    Only once endorsed can you use the NEAS Endorsed Badge. To be recognised as quality you must go through our endorsement process to be affiliated with our standard and our brand.

  • How much does it cost?

    See the Fee Schedule for more information

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