Jason West

Jason West

University of Technology Sydney


Enhancing Collaboration With Your Future Students via Transnational Education

Friday, : 11:25:00 - 12:05:00


Jason West is the Director of Studies at UTS College, the college pathway provider of English language courses, for students heading to the University of Technology Sydney. He has more than 13 years’ experience, teaching and leading ESL programs and teams. Prior to joining UTS Insearch, Jason was previously the Head of English at SILC (Shanghai Institute of Language and Commerce) a JV between UTS and Shanghai University.

He has more than 10 years’ experience teaching TESOL courses to predominantly Chinese students in Shanghai, and more generally to international students in both Shanghai and Sydney. He has presented at several international conferences on ESL related topics. Jason is passionate about developing teams, to help our students build their English language skills for success at university and as global citizens.

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