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Envoy is a Bronze Sponsor of the NEAS Management Conference.

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Developed with teachers in mind, Envoy is your digital teaching companion helping teachers to accurately assess their students’ English language proficiency. Designed for use within education settings, Envoy supports students at every stage throughout their English language journey. It can be used for diagnostic purposes for entry to a language learning program, to check progress as part of English language learning or to assess overall proficiency at the completion of learning.

Created by linguists and powered by AI, the test is adaptive providing a more personalised and engaging testing experience for your students. Envoy is flexible in design enabling organisations to use it as a single or multiple skills test depending on their requirements. Results with detailed feedback are delivered within two hours and aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Envoy provides a true indication of a student’s ability to use English in real-life settings, enabling teachers to adapt lesson plans and support students as they progress through their English language voyage.

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