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NEAS is a not-for-profit charity registered with the Australian Charity and Not-for- profit Commission (ACNC).

We advance education and cultural development in the community by providing quality assurance services for everyone in the English Language Teaching community in Australia and overseas.

Amongst other things, NEAS:

  • Advances education, and cultural development in the community by offering awards to individuals and organisations for recognition of their commitment to quality in English Language Teaching;
  • Establishes and conducts an autonomous industry-based self-regulatory Quality Endorsement system for English Language Teaching Centres, ensuring that organisations have influence in how they are self-governed with regards to quality assurance in every matter;
  • Provides advice to appropriate governmental and regulatory authorities on all matters related to English Language Teaching
  • Supports the achievement of quality outcomes for English Language Teaching globally through professional development, benchmarking and research activities;
  • Advances global Quality Assurance in English Language Teaching by benchmarking and research activities with other international quality assurance agencies;
  • Empowers knowledge partnerships with ELT communities by supporting English language teachers and Academic Managers in their career development.

English Language Teachers, Academic managers and professionals need to be given the opportunity to develop and grow in their profession. NEAS supports professionalisation of the English Language Teaching Community by creating awards, scholarships, mentorships and research projects.

You can support our mission by becoming a Corporate Donor. All donors will be acknowledged for their support to the English Language Teaching Community at the Annual NEAS Management conference in Sydney in May each year and listed on our website. Major Corporate Donors ($10,000 or more) will receive an award at the annual conference.

Corporate Donation


Can help pay for benchmarking that supports raising the professionalisation of the English Language Teaching Community.


Can help pay for research that supports raising the professionalisation of the English Language Teaching Community.


Establishes an ongoing annual award in your organisation’s name for
acknowledgement of a key achievement for an English language teacher, professional staff or Academic Manager in the English Language Community.

Please note, donations to NEAS are currently not tax deductable.

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