2024 NEAS Professional Development Schedule

2024 NEAS Professional Development Schedule

Please see below for the list of professional development offerings in 2024. There is a culmination of offerings including webinars, workshops, face to face events and online material. There is something for everyone!

You may also view recordings of historic PD events such as webinars, workshops and masterclasses via NEAS Online.

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Date / TimeTitle / TopicFacilitatorRegister / Access
Workshop F2F Gold Coast30 Jan 2024 15:000- 17:00 GCCommunities of Practice: Leadership in ELT

This COP event will explore the theme “Elevate & Collaborate: Nurturing Growth through Teacher Training and Collegiality in ELT“, with a special focus on NEAS requirements for teacher qualifications and tips on assessing teacher qualifications.
This theme resonates with the current landscape of English Language Teaching (ELT), which is witnessing an influx of new teachers with limited in-class experience. It is imperative to elevate teacher-training in order to maintain quality delivery of ELT. The theme of this COP will explore effective teacher-training strategies. “Elevate” underscores the need to equip new teachers with skills and insights to navigate diverse classrooms effectively. “Collaborate” acknowledges the importance of fostering a collegial work environment where collaboration can thrive, providing essential support mechanisms and shared expertise.  

Rima Ibrahim
Workshop F2F Sydney
Haymarket HQ
22 Mar 2024 15:00-18:00 SYDCommunities of Practice: Homestay
This COP is for homestay service providers, NEAS Centres, and industry stakeholders. The purpose of this COP is to support homestay service providers while fostering a secure platform for collaboration. Participants share best practices, address common issues, and engage in professional development opportunities, enhancing the overall quality of homestay experiences for international students. This event will include presentations and a panel discussion session from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm and a networking event from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
Daniel YuenNEAS Australia
18 April 2024 15:30-16:30TBA
9 &10 May 2024 SYDNEAS Australia Management Conference
Webinar Online16 May 2024 15:30-16:30Unlocking the Wild Wisdom of Nature: Lessons for Managers from the Animal Kingdom

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, managers are constantly seeking innovative approaches to lead, adapt, and thrive. While conventional wisdom has its place, the natural world offers a wealth of extraordinary insights that can transform the way managers approach leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making.
From the unwavering memory of elephants to the multi-faceted vision of dragonfly eyes, and the precise decision-making of jumping spiders, the presentation will delve into the exceptional wisdom of the animal kingdom. Learn how to harness the agility of squirrel planning and the strength of wolves’ pack mentality to excel in the corporate wilderness.
Whether you are a seasoned manager or an emerging leader, “Unlocking the Wild Wisdom of Nature” promises to revolutionise your management approach and help you adapt, survive, and thrive in your career.
Dr Snezhana Chernova
TAFE Queensland
Webinar Online20 June 2024
Webinar Online18 July 2024 15:30-16:30TBA
26 July 2024
14:30-17:00 BNE
Communities of Practice: High School Preparation

This COP is for ELT professionals who would like to develop their knowledge and practices in school preparation programs. It provides an overview of the key features of school preparation programs and provides participants with practical tasks to apply to their centres.
Topics of discussion in this area include welfare and pastoral support for students and transitioning to receiving (mainstream) school education. NEAS endorses a number of high schools as Quality Centres.
Convenor: David Ferguson
Webinar Online15 August 2024
23 Aug 2024 14:30-17:00 SYDCommunities of Practice: ELT Qualifications

This COP is for ELT professionals who would like to explore further study options and learn more about ELT qualifications. This COP PD provides an overview of the key features of ELT qualifications and provides participants with practical tasks to guide their choices for further ELT studies. NEAS endorses a number of ELT Qualification providers across a variety of areas.
Webinar Online26 September 15:30-16:30TBA
4 Oct 2024 14:30-17:00 ADLCommunities of Practice: Arts Based Pedagogy in ELT
This COP is for teaching professionals who would like to embed the arts and drama into their teaching repertoire. It introduces the benefits of alternative teaching methods in the ELT classroom and provides participants with a supportive structure to begin their journey into the world of the arts in ELT. Topics of discussion in this COP include the power of drama in teaching, reflective self-assessment and professional development opportunities.
Convenor: Andrea Pugh
Workshop Online 22 Oct 2024
15:00-17:00 SYD
11:00-13:00 IND
Indonesia Workshop Series

Theme: English for Healthcare Professionals
The Indonesia Workshop Series is an initiative of NEAS Australia designed to address the English language needs of nurses and healthcare professionals in Indonesia.
This workshop series aims to deepen industry links between Australia and Indonesia as well as enhance English language proficiency and communication skills for Indonesian healthcare professionals. Ultimately, this workshop series aims to help improve patient care, facilitate international collaborations, and promote professional development within the Indonesian healthcare sector.

TBARegistration not yet open
Webinar F2FMelbourne14
Nov 2024 14:30-17:00 MEL
Communities of Practice: Research in Quality Assurance in ELT

This COP is for ELT professionals who would like to learn more about research in Quality Assurance. This COP provides an overview of the benefits of engaging in research and provides participants with practical tasks to encourage and support engagement in research. Topics in this area include the continuum of research and the role of Quality Assurance. The NEAS Endorsed Master Practitioner badge is awarded to industry professionals who undertake an area of research of their own specialist interest.
Convenor: Professor Thomas Roche
Webinar Online12 December 2024 15:30-16:30TBA