Agent Quality Listing

Education Agents can apply for a free 90-day listing on the NEAS website.

The following information is required for a listing: Agency logo, number of counsellors and number of partner centres in Australia.

Once your listing has been activated, it can be checked and updated here.

Education Agents who complete the NEAS Quality Endorsement process, receive the Endorsed Education Agent badge and are featured on the NEAS Education Agents webpage.

Download the Brochure (PDF)

Online Application


  • What is Endorsement?

    NEAS provides quality assurance services and support through its unique Quality Endorsement model to ELT Centres, TESOL Centres, Education Agents, Products & Services and ELT Professionals. NEAS Quality Endorsement is grounded in the NEAS Quality Assurance Framework, the standards that providers are guided by in setting their quality goals.
  • How much does Endorsement cost?

    $1,020 per annum + GST